"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Play's The Thing

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Fie! Fie! Perfidious Foe":

In recent days the Centre has vanished as a topic of conversation.
Let's see if we can do the same with the Jazz Festival.
Ideally we could continue in this vein and ignore Ballard, Gaertner and Gallo.


Church Street School  Museum has not vanished. A Council majority  has made a decision.They hope it will resolve the problem with the agreement.  I am not hopeful because I don't think we should have a agreement. I don't think I am alone. Nevertheless
we will wait and see and talk about whatever we hear about  if we hear about it.

We've only just resumed talk about  St Kitts' activities. They  seem to be an issue with many people. They haven't gone away. But somebody wants us to stop already.


If we lived in a village, the chat would be in the  square, the common,  at the well or the water pump.It would be fast and furious and it would last as long as it lasted.

We are human. Gossip is  natural discourse.  In this blog,we gossip about town corporate affairs and to an extent, the  personalities involved. 

We don't talk about whose wife is living dangerously with her best friend's husband. We don't even know it. Although,because we are human and inclined to be foolish and easily bored,  it's entirely possible it might be.  In more than one instance.

 How big a mess can  we make of things  when  left to our collective devices.

Relax. I don't know anything. I'm not hinting at anything. I'm talking in general terms about how easily people can and do screw up their own and other people's  lives without even thinking about it. They do it all the time.
 I think  our collective foolishness is the crucible of interest and hilarity and it constantly confounds us. How big a mess can we make  even in the fish bowl of politics.

My correspondent thinks we should ignore Councillors Gaertner, Gallo and Ballard. Why would we do  that? They are key. They provide the grist for this mill.

Without  them, the grain would not be ground.

There would be no contrast.

A painting does not come to life without contrast.


Anonymous said...

"If we lived in a village, the chat would be in the square, the common, at the well or the water pump"

Of course it would ... if we lived in a 19th-century village.

Anonymous said...

MG I know you don't want to visit Ballard's Blog but it takes reading to believe what he is saying about Mayor Dawe and the Culture Centre. Is he completely nuts?

Anonymous said...

I really like your comment on contrast. How true. This is why I love to see what you post. Makes me smile.

Something Fishy in Aurora said...

Very nice comments by Ballard (aka RealAuroraGuy) in the York region article....



I am appalled at the actions of the rubes who live in Aurora. How shameful. If I was part of the St. Kitts organization, I would pack up my festival and move it to another town. Right away. Don't wait another minute. Aurora just isn't good enough to host this life-enriching event. To the St. Kitts' and Ms. Morton-Leonard, I say if you want help moving this festival, you just say the word. I'm certain there will be a line up of hundreds at your door to help get this festival out of Aurora and off to another town that would appreciate all the wonderful, selfless work that you do. That would show Aurora!


Anonymous said...


I don't agree with you. One must first clean the mouse shit out of the wheat before grinding it. This is something that has been done for millennia and we should not take a step back.

With a town our size there will always be mice, even rats, making their contributions to our grain, so getting rid of some of these rodents will not put an end to their shit production.

I would direct you and your readers to two blog postings by Chris Ballard. The first is dated March 27 and headed Update: Aurora Cultural Centre; the second is dated April 6 and headed Not how a Mayor should act.

Both are filled with Ballard's personal opinions, preferences and complete distortions. He concludes the first as follows" It is extremely unfortunate that political payback continues to rear its ugly head at Town Council as current councillors work to destroy the accomplishments of the past Council. It's even more unfortunate that the Centre could be shuttered because of it."

The major accomplishment of the last Council's leader was to find herself embroiled in three lawsuits simultaneously, the first brought by herself for defamation that a judge ultimately ruled had not occurred, which action she eventually discontinued, the second where she herself is named as one of 6 parties to defamation and abuse of office - the other 5 being councillors and the third a suit against her claiming conflict of interest. This is indeed a legacy that should cause one to hang their head in shame.

It is Ballard that should be shuttered. There has never been any intent on the part of any member of Council to close the Centre. This is Ballard's bizarre misinterpretation of the facts.

But, since he is completely delusional, it is hardly fair to refer to him as a liar and hypocrite.

The second of his blogs on the mayor's actions is simply a continuation of the man demonstrating his complete ignorance and I do not intend to waste any more of my time listing his ongoing and consistent shortcomings. They are all there for those brave enough to access his blog. A stiff drink first might be appropriate

Anonymous said...

To something fishy, I would have to agree with RealAuroraGuy. I'm also certain there would be a line up of hundreds at their door to help get this festival out of Aurora!

Anonymous said...

Ms. St. Kitts threatened last lear to move her festival to Richmond Hill.
She was warming up to them last year. I can't understand why they want to make the festival 4 days, if funding is so critical. It makes no sense. Mr. Ballards words and actions vs our mayor, staff and council are very disturbing. He is not a positive presence in our town.

Anonymous said...

"...words and actions vs our mayor, staff and council are very disturbing. He is not a positive presence in our town."

Reminds me of someone else, an "odd bedfellow" of his.

Anonymous said...

2:32 PM
Don't expect them to go. It's like hoping to hear the movers are wherever Morris lives. Doesn't happen. They need Aurora even though Aurora does not need them.
Don't know why no one has mentioned it but Morris was a no-show in court today. Pity Party Coming Right Up.