"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Thursday, 3 December 2015


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Not much we can do about it. I am pretty sure that the subject cannot return to the table for re-consideration for some definite period, We wrote our letters. made our pitches & some got their way, I 

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No we are getting it at the Cenotaph. There is no "peace park". Do you  think this is 1968

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"The quintessential product of modernity."

The phrase was heard on TVO last night though  not in the concept of politics, it  serves
to describe our Aurora experience. 

Self-interest....self indulgence.....self-obsession....Self-aggrandizement..... Entitlement .....greed....greed...greed.....self...self..self.

Everything except self-respect. 

Everybody looking out for himself. 

Rampant Double -speak. 

Donald Trump,  world-wide epitome of an  abysmal level of public narrative with Ben Carson
a close second .....at least for a while. 

Another Churchill quote was cited recently:

"The U.S. always does the right thing. But only after they have exhausted every other alternative."

The last time anything similar was observed in Western history, Europe's  "quintessential product of modernity " was  Nazism and Adolph Hitler. a Corporal of the German army of the First World War. 

Among other horrid mementoes, the Nazi salute....Zeig Heil...was adopted. 

The Aurora War Memorial was governed from its inception, in the 20's until the mid 90's by a Board representing three municipalities; Aurora, King and Whitchurch. It was deliberately separated from politics. Planning and fund-raising took place in the years following the war.

Board  members became elderly. the property was lovingly maintained by Norm Weller ,the town's parks department and the Board eventually asked the town to accept the trust and responsibility. Board funds were turned over as well. 

The property is dedicated site specific. The use cannot be changed. Dedication is registered against title of the property. Jacqueline  Stewart has already provided that direction to Council. 

By any modern measurement, an amendment is required for a change in use. 

Display of  a military vehicle is not the same purpose as a Memorial Garden for the Fallen. 

An amendment is in order. The change subject to an O.M.B. appeal. 

Throughout Canadian Legion history, political discussion has been absolutely prohibited in Legion halls. 

The  principle being, the job of the armed services is to serve without question, whatever party has governing authority. 

For Colonel Kirk Corkery to advance his personal objective in uniform at Aurora  Council, no less than twice, shows an appalling lack of any sense of what's right and proper. 

What do we have here .. Junta ...Canadian style. 

Or the quintessential product of modernity....ignorance...arrogance....self-obsession...entitlement.

Is he resident of our town? Does he live here? Is he anybody' s neighbour? 

In what capacity, does he argue a different use for Aurora's Garden of Remembrance? 

Is nothing sacred?  


Anonymous said...

The Colonel was sneaky. He said that the military could not get involved in politics. And THEN points to the two men
with him, citing their qualifications. He also threw in a snide remark about there being " few " objectors who might
not even have attended the services at the Cenotaph. Now how would he know about the number of objectors or about their activities ? A politician for sure.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of the man but he could well be a resident. Still, one gets the feeling he was called in to get that
" sculpture " oked. Sort of like when someone from the Region attends a Council meeting when one of their
initiatives is under discussion.

Anonymous said...

The Colonel, with his two accompanists dressed for the part, reminded me of an ad for peanut butter or The Bay.

A blatant appeal to the rather hollow emotions of council members.

What's "right and proper" somehow no longer matters in "our town."

Anonymous said...

They do swing when the wind blows, don't they ?

Anonymous said...

Who decides what is "right and proper," 16:55? You?

Simply put, you just hold a different opinion than the current, local representatives of the military. Mind you, I don't think it should be placed there, either.

p.s. I'm sure your grandfather will understand.

Anonymous said...

Wasn;t he a work of art ? Referring to himself as being from the past while hanging on tightly to the younger ones.
I would bet they had definite instructions for the evening, Likely wished they were having a drink somewhere else.

Veterans Grandson said...


To say someone else's Grandfather will understand is so unacceptable also.

Anonymous said...

I loved the churchill quote about the US. I sure hope he is right and they will stop bashing each other in the head,

Anonymous said...

Is it any less acceptable than purporting to speak for a deceased grandfather about this issue?:

"My Grandfather is rolling in his grave, over a light armoured vehicle being displayed by the cenotaph.

Sorry Grandfather, I though they had come to their senses."

Anonymous said...

21:37 - Don't know if my Grandfather would understand. He's dead. Died in one of those death machines in WW2. My father didn't get a chance to know him as he was 2 at the time. He's going to get a chance to remember that every time he drives by this abomination. Thank you Town of Aurora Council.

Anonymous said...


When you are quoting someone, it is ethical to present whom you are referencing.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry, 14:36 the Ethics Commissioner. I was quoting 16:55 (from another social media source).