"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What!! What!!!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "An Exchange...Civil..,I don't think so":

Wow....I wonder if Mr Broughton appreciates the fact that he emailed you about a topic and you have in turn replied and published the reply in a public forum like this. I wonder if he expected the public wrist slap for bad manners.

It would be different if he published his email first but I think unless you have received his approval to post this email conversation, you have violated the confidentiality of email.
People wonder why there is so much anonymous postings.


Mr Broughton's initial e-mail was sent to all Councillors. He received the response I posted here. He responded  as noted and further circulated his response to anyone who might be interested to see how clever he is.

Mr. Broughton isn't much interested in privacy.

Councillors have received hundreds of e-mails in response to the rally to battle cry from the Chairman of the Culture Centre Board.

An e-mail list has obviously been utilized.

Members are falling over themselves and each other to provide assurance of their art appreciation.

E-mails have been received from all over the Province from people who don't know their ankle  from a hole in the ground about the background of this issue and pay not a cent contribution to our tax burden

They have no idea  and little interest in  how the Culture Board  squeezed the Town's  Historical Society and the museum from the facility they nurtured for years, spent thousands of hours doing the hard dirty work preparing for the beautiful renovation and  the specialist architect design they paid a quarter of a million for, only to find themselves locked out by a Johny- Come- Lately- Board eager to claim  for themselves whatever credit there is for providing the  Town with a cultural facility.

What a bloody insult.

Representatives of art groups all over the province  lecturing down their patrician noses at the  art philistines on Aurora Council, expected to crumple like  wicked witches of the east from the brunt of their  withering scorn.Which is exactly the objective of the likes of Peter Broughton and friends on the Culture Centre Board.

So sure are they of the virtue and righteousness of their cause, they have alerted the Toronto media to the battle they intend to enjoin at Aurora Council tonight.

 I must admit, Broughton Peter  is the only one who  has demonstrated a total lack of couth.

Write me an e-mail. Phone me. The communication will remain between us and us alone.

Direct  a crude and abusive e-mail at  me and circulate it to  all and sundry  then  stand back and  take whatever the consequences might come from that.

A slap on the wrist was not my intention.

I take no prisoners.


Anonymous said...

We are going to have to revert to Historical Building, Heritage Building, Museum, Church Street School. Anything but calling that place the Cultural Centre. there is nothing Cultured about its sitting tenants and their supporters.

Anonymous said...

Their next plan is to Occupy Stratford and demand that only certain approved plays be produced. This met with approval as the lack of a decent hotel in Aurora is causing inconvenience for those who might be unfit to drive back to their own towns after Tuesday's late meeting. Stratford Hotels are considered to be of acceptable standards.

Anonymous said...

If there is going to be a huge turnout this evening you might want to get the By-Law Enforcement officers on the job handing out parking infraction notices and thus generate a bit of income for the town.

Anonymous said...

This is really sad. It makes the entire larger artistic community look like a bunch of addled idiots allowing themselves to be used by a passel of greedy opportunists. Surely there must be some with the sense to read the Warren Mar report and do just a tad of research before going ballistic.
Everything is available on line. There is no excuse for such ignorance. Shame on the lot of you for being led down the garden path.

Anonymous said...

Evelyn - Whenever and however the meeting concludes, thank you for a glorious time! Aurora wouldn't be the same without you and your remarkable determination to do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

E Still too early to call this match but we in the trenches believe we make up for quantity by having quality. Also staying power. Well done by the White Hats. Not out of it yet..

Anonymous said...

In a civil society we require laws or rules to permit us to lead our lives in peace and harmony.

This is particularly so in a democracy.

In order to accept this condition we must be prepared to act in a responsible and rational manner.

This has not been the case during the last few weeks in this town we call Aurora.

Strident emotion has reared its ugly head, and even though the cause is very small and insignificant to the totality of our lives, its appearance has been a cause of concern.

When people fail to use the reason that distinguishes us from all other species, we become more alike to them, and in the doing start to lose the very purpose of our lives.

It was not pleasant to be present in a pit of vipers, but that was how it seemed.

It is unfortunate that this same emotional pitch does not manifest itself when we are called upon to elect those who would represent us.

It is likewise unfortunate that those who we elect pay no heed to the responsibilities with which we have endowed them.

Anonymous said...

How did we manage to elect such a group of gutless wimps? We might just as well forget about trying to use the courts to get the legal fees back from Morris. This lot will just fritter it away to the Culture vultures. Better they not get their hands on it.

Anonymous said...

Good Grief. It's Back to the Past with a block of fiscally irresponsible votes versus three sane ones. Removing the termination part eliminated any possibility of sincere negotiations on behalf of the ACC. Lots of luck dealing with them now.

Anonymous said...

The question about how Council might react to a hostile crowd has been answered. They rolled over for an invasion of outsiders, most of who had never seen the Culture Center, never-mind been in it. I know because they asked directions. They were not the people who voted for Council in the last election. Most of them stayed home to avoid the confusion and trusted those we had elected to stand their ground.
First the budget, now this stupidity. Warren Mar provided the tools. Council declined to use them. Shame on the 3 of whom I expected more. And shame on me for being so trusting.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if I have this right. Thompson is the one who wanted a finance committee to work to get budget numbers down. Humphreys was on TV saying she would watch big ticket items and Dawe was blown out of the water by that gang over his secret meetings. And all three voted against terminating the agreement ?
David Heard is right. Sometimes it does feel like we live in Oz.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should have yelled and flooded them with e-mail too instead of letting them do thier job,
surely theyknow Aurora people by now. What do I tell people I told it would be oK ?

Resident said...

What the heck happened? Isn't this outcome very similar to the motion to defer that was defeated earlier on in the evening.

You've gotta love politics. A well written motion is put on the table, it's hotly debated. Somebody suggests an amendment that cuts the legs out from under it and the original movers all vote against it - yet it passes

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

MorMac strikes again!!!!!

Time to sell your houses and move.

Flying Monkey said...

I stayed right to the very end and walked out in a daze.

I passed a Strawman in the parking lot and I asked him what he was up to.

He said he was listening inside because he was thinking of running in the next election.

I asked what his platform was.

He replied he did not have
a platform.

"I hang on a post,I do not need a platform" he stammered.

He will get in for sure I thought.

I then saw a shinning man sitting on the curb.

He was crying and starting to rust.I asked him what was wrong and he stated he thought he could not run in the next election because he did not have a heart.

No heart,you are in for sure I thought.

The last person out of the Town Hall was a Lion.

No he was not from the Lions Club in Town;it was of the furry variety.

I spoke to him about the vote and he said he voted in favor of the last motion.

"Oh my goodness" I repied back at the golden beast.

"You do not have your courage yet do you"

He looked at me and hung his head and then I noticed the Mayors chain.

"I was thinking you would do what is right for all in the community".

He looked down and stated it was that Kansas girl that caused the problem.

The one with the red hair, he stated.

I walked away and wondered how I would explain this to the Lollypop Kids in town.

The ones who voted this bunch in.

Oh well....we are not in Aurora anymore Toto.

Anonymous said...

Just watch, They'll put Garbe and maybe Ballard on that board and say it's al under control. So nothing will change - theyre both in the place all the time anyhow.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 29 February, 2012 2:30 PM

"What do I tell people I told it would be oK ?"

IT IS OKAY. The sun came up. you are on the top side of the dirt. Don't get so bent out of shape.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought Peter Broughton was self-destructive. What was Mayor Dawe thinking? Was he thinking at all?
This all seems to stem from him ignoring Mar's admonition about consorting with people trying to avoid a negotiation. Others must have explained dealing with hostile crowds. It's not space science. It was discussed on Evelyn's Blog for Pete sake.

Anonymous said...

Evelyn, You OK ? We re blathering on here to give you some space but can shut the F... up if you prefer?