"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Challenge Is Required...By More than One.

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Stop with the G.D. Park!! They did it, they did it again, they did it again. More than one council has allowed it. No one in authority has challenged it. No one with authority will challenge it because of the s**t storm it would generate for their personal political goals


The comment  is right and not right at the same time It is a fundamental  but  incomplete view of politics.
I have been challenging consistently.  Even now, in my own blog,  without acknowledgement but not without support.
From comments here  and elsewhere, it seems  a substantial  body of  opinion  is scandalized by the deportment  of the St Kitts Cabal..
It happens that way. Obnoxious  and outrageous  aggressors  force  themselves to  attention of the general public with bold, assertive and insulting statements. 
Nobody does  it to them. They do it to themselves.
Meek and mild  disproportionate reaction from  the governing body is brought into perspective in contrast.
The issue becomes  full-blown controversy.
Actually, This one has taken years to arrive at  this stage.
Since  a fund-raiser  by a town sub-committee,for a July1st Parade,  produced neither funds nor  accounting of same in 2009.
Disgruntlement no longer simmers ,waiting for the cook to take it off  the fire. Like jam, it has reached  full boil, foaming  over the jelly pan, making a big mess all over the stove.
The question now  is how has public outrage  been expressed  to Council?
Will they be the last to know?  
Will this snail's pace reacting Council act without a shove?
Is  the indignation being felt where it can make a difference ?
How much will  it take for this Council to understand, no matter how much they cater to  St Kitts et al , they will  never  curry favour. That place is taken.
It's all about cold, calculated exploitation.
Instead, Council  loses with  people who elected them to put these things right.
Politics has many actors.
When it finally comes to a gell,  public opinion is the principal.  The warning knell to a final decision.
So don't be waiting for the  neophytes to interpret the notes;
Take a hammer to the bell.
Knock them out of their socks. 
Mix metaphors galore and do whatever it takes. 


Anonymous said...

There is something called The Darwin Awards. It appears to honour that who self-inflict damage on themselves to the extent that they remove themselves from the scene, usually from the gene pool. The latest candidate is a Big-Foot hoaxer who was pretending to be that thing when he was hit by 2 cars on a Montana Highway. [ LiveScience.com ]. Over the years I have watched with amazement as St. Kitts continues to place her family's business at risk. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Surely Council can establish a policy that would deal with this type of situation, especially since it has had the experience of the past several years from which to draw.

The Town Park is public property and Council has the option to make it available for specific activities under clear terms and conditions.

1. Access to public lavatories must remain open and available to all.

2. Fencing of a significant portion of the park should not be permitted.

3. If there is to be a beer garden, it is only this limited area where fencing should be
permitted. LCBO or other provincial authority so dictates.

4. The event should sell tickets throughout the town at various retail outlets and
publicize the event and the charitable nature of a part of the gross proceeds.

5. Anyone should be able to attend the event with preferred seating reserved for
ticket holders.

6. Event managers and publicists should understand that the town is doing them a
big favour in permitting use of a part of the park and attendant bandshell, for a fee.

7. Accordingly they should act in a manner that acknowledges what the town provides, and
stop the confrontation and hostility that seems their modus operandi.

8. If they are unable to behave in a civilized manner that is the mark of the successful business
entrepreneur the town should not permit the event on any of its properties.

Anonymous said...

I thought that truck colour and various opinions on Morris and her legal niceties had been the subjects. By fussing about people talking about the Park, the person complaining has ensured that it happens. Dumb.

Anonymous said...

A clear case of displaced anger. It is Christopher who has the current post on park usage. It's a zinger !

Anonymous said...

"A clear case of displaced anger. It is Christopher who has the current post on park usage. It's a zinger !"

Yeah but you have to offer Christopher your first born in order to post a comment about it. It's too much work.

Anonymous said...

1:21 PM I know. Christopher has no idea how ignorant some of us are with computers. After 2 'classes' at the Library in moving stuff around, I just got on with it. For literally years, I would read Christopher's work & click on the ' like ' button. It would pop up & ask my address. I'd wonder why he cared where I lived & ignore the thing. Who knew that the machine had a damn address ?

Christopher Watts said...

In response to Anon 1:21 and 3:53 as to their comments reagrding the overwhelming effort and details requried to comment on my presonal blog, which has nothing to do with this thread, I will re-iterate what I posted previously here:


As outlined in that post there are multiple options available to those that wish to comment on my blog.

None of these options are complicated, take a considerable amount of time nor require giving up your first born.

1.) You can share and comment on the post in Facebook using the
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2.) You can retweet the post on twitter, this would require a twitter account which has its own registration process

If you don't have or wish to use these popular social media channels, which obvioulsy there is an issue to some on Evelyn's blog as I commented previously here: http://christopherwatts.posterous.com/all-trolls-are-created-equal

Alternatively, there is always option 3.) register with Posterous.

Interestingly enough there is no pop-up requring address, just email, username and password as the screengrabs in this guide show here:

The process is straight forward and could be completed in under 2 minutes.

Unlike Clr. Buck's Blogger platform there is no "anonymous" option, and perhaps that lies at the hart of the issue with these commentors. If not than they should be able to chose an option above.

It's a stretch to believe that I care where people live, or that I am somehow involved with harvesting account details.

Posterous is a service, as is Blogger, WordPress and the rest.
I'm not involved in the registration process, I don't manage Posterous accounts Posterous does.