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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Just giving you the facts,Man

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Best Laid Plans gang aft agley":

Wow...I didn't expect to be called a liar councillor buck..this is the first time I've visited your blog and I posted a harmless comment about why I think a new building is warranted and it's said my comment is fishy...I came to the works yard to speak to the supervisor after receiving a bill in the mail from the town for the emergency works when my sewer backed up. He took me to his office to show me the camera footage to prove to me that the issue was not on the town side. Nothing fishy about it. Maybe you should ask Mr ------if he had buckets in his office catching water from the leaky roof and then perhaps apologize...

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 30 August 2014 23:45


You were not called a liar. I don't know who YOU  are. You did not convince me. I was not persuaded Parts of  your story  did not add up. Details in your second comment were not in the first.

I have removed the name of the works foreman from your comment. Staff do not like their names bandied about on the web..If it comes through anyway, I will have to remove the comment.

 I  am providing you a second opportunity to clarify your remarks.

Your initial support of need for new accommodation was redundant. There has never been disagreement about need to replace the facility.

Your reference to "developers' money" being used to a pay for the facility is also facile.You have been misled.

Part of the  cost will be paid by revenue obtained from development charges. Part will be financed by debenture debt.

Method  of payment is not a serious concern for me. I believe cost should be spread over the years  benefit is received. I do not support the theory I should pay higher to keep taxes lower for the next  several generations of  property owners.

Neither do I believe buyers of new homes   of should pay ninety per cent of new facilities.

Old home purchasers do not pay development charges

The Mayor says it is the price of admission to live in Aurora.  I don't agree.  I am not calling him a liar. I  just don't understand how or if he thinks

In the initial comment,you sent kudos to Council for the decision  to replace  facilities and paying with developers money. You reduced the issue to need and ready source of funding.

You may have been persuaded to that simplistic view.

I may not be able  to convince you the project has been grossly mis-handled at excessive cost to taxpayers.

But I cannot allow your lack of understanding to influence others.

The building is being constructed on a curve on the heavily travelled  Yonge Street Bypass.  It requires two  roads to the site costing hundreds of thousands of dollars extra.
A million dollars more  to remediate the site including architect fees.

An extra floor of office space at another million dollars plus architect fees with no use identified.

Highest level of energy conservation is provided  regardless of cost.But we miight get an award from the Mof E. Don't know whose office Ella that will hang on.

Trees  and grass are to be  planted on the roof of the building ,plus an expensive irrigation system for maintenance.

A shelter for vehicles  and storage for heritage salvage are not included in the project.Both would have served a better purpose than an empty floor of office space or trees,grass and irrigation on a roof.

The current site has been sold privately. It should have been offered  to the highest bidder but that. did not happen.But that was the decision.

Now my friend, I may not have convinced you. But you cannot claim you were  not fully informed of the facts of the matter.

I will not expect you to call me a liar either. An apology would not mean much either.


Anonymous said...

Well, you handled that one with tact, Evelyn. I would have been much more colourful.
Having said that & read the second comment, I still find the incident puzzling. Sure doesn't sound like a first time visitor to the blog to me. The first time I discovered this place, I spend a few days checking it out before venturing a toe in the water.
And then I checked back immediately to see if my comment had been used.
So To Whoever You Are:
Welcome to the blog but I think you might have told a whopper.

Anonymous said...

First visit ? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Why is this person in such a tizzy ? No one has suggested that the present arrangement was not out-dated. No one accuser the commenter of lying. The discussion was about the cost of the project and if it was excessive.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone advise ? Please.
A raccoon has decided to use our side-door step for its washroom. I dumped a pail of water out there. In the past I once drove to the PO to get my mail while a bird nested in our mail-box but I need that door.

Anonymous said...

Thought it was just us. We have one who climbs the wall & uses the little balcony. Javex seems to work.

Anonymous said...

Raccoons eat just about anything, including frogs.

One of the latest gourmet dishes uses the legs of bull frogs. They can be sautéed or fried with a variety of herbs or spices. Apparently similar to chicken but with a touch of... I have never eaten this so can't describe more.

Apparently bull frogs are becoming a menace in certain parts of North America. They also will eat just about anything: ducklings, small turtles, garter snakes - just a small sampling of what these omnivores consume.

They are now being hunted to preserve the natural ecology.

Don't know if there is a bounty yet.