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Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Best Laid Plans gang aft agley

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "See How Blind Mice Run":

Has anyone been in the building on Scanlon. I was invited to a meeting a few years ago about my sewer back up. Sitting in the supervisors office with four buckets catching the rain from outside. Do we expect people to work like that? The building is falling apart. Kudos to council for taking the leap on the developers dollar.

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 29 August 2014 20:18


'Tis the season for examining  entrails and reading signs and portents.

Something is fishy about the comment above. It requires in depth analysis. 

A meeting in a supervisor's office about  a sewer back-up would contribute little to solve the problem. 

 A works crew sent to the site with picks and shovels would be a better option. And more likely.

To be at a meeting when the Supervisor was encircled by buckets catching rain falling
al around him  seems equally odd.

A connection between sewer back-up and rain falling in Scanlon Court can probably be dismissed. 

An invitation not an off-site meeting with the Supervisor could be telling.

Nah..that's less logical than logical. Unless the Supervisor wanted  to be seen working indoors with raindrops falling on his head.

That's not sensible either. Why would he not just budget for  a new roof ? 

Or ,if there was  no peer empathy for his plight, invite the Mayor to visit on a rainy day. 

Or, if the Mayor refused,  invite a sympathetic Councillor.

It never happened in that sequential order.

The solution had to wait until the parks department could be turfed out of ideal town-owned property to solve a problem for the Department of National Defence.

Then a site across the ravine from the Town Hall was purchased and two floors of office space are being built with no need publicly identified  or  established, known only to a few but not acknowledged until the time is right.

Like ....after the election. 

It could be managed with an administration and a Council majority working quietly secretively,hand-in-hand, cards kept close to vests,moving this piece and that, until all comes together and the paying public are effectively bamboozled.

It seems though  with  contrived comments planted like the one above, they may  yet not be quite


Anonymous said...

It is election time. Not a time to be making last minute decisions. I am hoping the next council will consider having a few more meetings during the summer months so that there is no need for packed agendas or even the hint of nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Call the commenter a liar PLUS invoke a conspiracy theory - today's Daily Double!

Anonymous said...

You state:

"Then a site across the ravine from the Town Hall was purchased and two floors of office space are being built with no need publicly identified or established, known only to a few but not acknowledged until the time is right.

Like....after the election."

Is this a public building or a private one?

It is beyond my capacity to understand the stupidest, most ignorant acts of all levels of government, something I have been forced to master or risk going mad and doing physical damage to person or persons unknown and/or to public or private property.

So are you at liberty to reveal how this apparent building came to exist, who authorized it from a planning standpoint, how is it being financed, whether public or private, and what and/or who will be the end user?

This sounds like a fairy tale.

Anonymous said...

I would be more interested in hearing about properties not in use being sold, rented or put to use by the community. There is inventory that does not generate any or adequate income for the town. The failure to do zip with the properties around the old Library is striking.

Anonymous said...

I realize that the the Auroran polls can be incorrect and even manipulated but they currently reflect a very mixed opinion of the Joint-Ops. My machine shows a 58% approval.

Anonymous said...

Some pricey items seemed to be dropped from the project during the last meeting. That was a good thing but council probably could have reduced the project requirements even more. Buttcon is not in the charity or not for profit business.

Anonymous said...

12:29- I'll go even further than that!...I think that the parks and work dept. wanted a new and bigger building than the Hydro building. I think that when the Rangers were looking for a larger building to house themselves in...Town staff waved their hands and said..."We have one for you"! And voila!...Parks and Works are now in desperate need to find a new building themselves. To better serve the Town of course!