"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Wednesday 30 September 2009


The story unfurls.

A comment reveals John MacIntyre of Aurora is a descendant of the family Petch.

He is a local historian. Much of the town's history I know came from snippets he contributed as a boy to the Aurora Banner. He never ran out of highly comical anecdotes about the town fathers.

John and a friend wrote tandem letters to the Auroran some months ago. They jointly took me to task for not showing sufficient reverence towards the Petch house.

John apparently sees no difference between people and property.

John's friend went so far as to suggest, I had outlived my usefulness and I should remove myself from the scene. . I spent several days after battling the temptation to draw attention to his contribution to the community. I had never heard tell of the fellow.

Apparently old buildings are more worthy of respect than people.

John is certainly aware of the Petch cabin. I would go so far as to guess , his is the main force behind the pressure to spend taxpayers' money on its preservation.

I suspect John is something of an elitist when it comes to artifacts he is keen to preserve.

I have wondered why there was never an outcry to preserve the town park from the encroachment of modern times. The modest little homes on Metcalf, Larmont and Mosely were never front and foremost.

Yet with their neighbours on the other side of Yonge, the people who occupied them were the very heart of old Aurora.


We had another zany episode last night,a continuation of Tuesday previous.

We talked about the Petch House and decided to spend yet another $5.k on an airy-fairy quest for "detailed"information about restoring a cabin which has sat mouldering and crumbling , gathering dead carcases and other nasty stuff and rain and snow for the past six years, perched on concrete blocks on the east side of Leslie just south of Wellington in the Town of Aurora.

It is regularly referred to as a "log house" .

It is not .

It is a clap-board house .Nearest thing to a log are boards cut from it . Clap board cladding has long since disappeared.

It is referred to as the "oldest' house in Aurora.

It is not

Aurora's historical boundaries are almost three concessions distant.

The house was built in 1844.

Aurora began as the Village of Machell's Corners. Established in 1854, It did not appear out of the mist. Homes, taverns, hostelries and other buildings were undoubtedly there before to justify it becoming a unit of governance.

The most remarkable aspect of the Petch house is that it's still in one piece... but not for long and only as long nobody lays a finger on it.

Its size has been estimated as two floors of equal dimension.

That's not right.

Attics in old houses have rafters ending about two feet from the floor.It's called a knee wall.

A floor can't be identified as living space if all you can do is kneel on it.

Dormer windows can have sills at floor level.

Stairs in such a building are little more than a ladder leaning against a wall.

Reference to design in this context is utterly nonsensical.

For practical purpose, can the building be restored and maintain authenticity?

Not according to Heritage Trust of Ontario They don't want it.

Can it be brought to Code?

Can it be insured?

No answers there.

It's not a log house.

It's not part of Aurora's history.

It is crumbling as we speak

Can one seriously contemplate spending almost half a million public dollars on a few hundred square feet of space you don't own. you don't know its true condition, you don't know if it can be brought to code and you don't know if it can be insured ?

You can if you are followers of the Mormac regime and think spending hundreds of thousands of tax dollars on a rotting relic of no significance in Aurora's history will guarantee support in the next election.

Monday 28 September 2009

Another Convention Ignored

There is an elaborate process for appointments to committees. First vacancies are advertised. Then applications,complete with background and experience are received.

Staff prepare a report of names and full applications are attached.They do not recommend but usually the most impressive application is first on the list.

It's an elaborate farce.

Several residents have commented on a negative experience with the process.

I am reminded of yet another practice of conventional wisdom cast aside by this particular council.

In the past,without unanimous support, a name will not be put forward.

The principle is simple. No volunteer should be disrespected by a negative vote.

In a recent appointment, several exceptional candidates were listed and one who offered no qualification.

Confidence was complete and clear and borne out by an immediate recommendation.

The selection is made behind closed doors to protect privacy. I observed past practice and noted my inability to support this candidate over others.

A bellicose accusation of "bullying" immediately ensued.

The person with the least credentials but with a history of salubrious service to a particular politician was selected.

From time to time, Councillor MacEachern publicly refers to "those who don't attend closed meetings"

Depending on the agenda, it is frequently pointless to do so.

Saturday 26 September 2009

His Honor the Mayor of Toronto

David Miller has declared he will not seek re-election.

I felt it would happen.

David Miller,politically, himself alone, carried the weight and stress of an entire hot summer of a strike by garbage workers. They held the city hostage.

The responsibility wasn't shared by his all-powerful executive committee or any other member of Council.

Some members added to the burden with criticism of his handling of the problem, while sharing none of the responsibility for solving it.

Family time for the Millers must have been minimal. They would have witnessed the toll at first-hand.

It was a crisis. The resolution was not good. But it was the best it could be.

At the end of it , before time or reflection could evolve, and because they could, the media took a poll to determine the Mayor's popularity.

His ratings fell from 69% to 29%. Not surprising in the time span.

I felt it.

Imagine how he felt it. How his wife and young children felt it.

Such is the reality of politics.

Mel Lastman would have called in the army and been hailed as a hero.

North York's garbage collection was contracted out.

As is York Region's.

The service is satisfactory. Complaints are minimal. We have never had a strike.

Had he been inclined, David Miller could have gone the Lastman route. He too would have been cheered.

But his base support is organized labour.

He knows how quickly they can turn. Bob Rae's experience with public service unions is still current to any student of politics.

Which brings me to my contention, the City of Toronto, as it is, a contrivance and a legacy of the Mike Harris Conservative regime in Ontario , is politically an ungovernable entity.

I also contend ,what we have in Aurora is worth any fight it takes, to protect it from the Philistines.

Thursday 24 September 2009

Factually Correct

At the last council meeting when the "inner circle of power" made individual declarations of virtue and righteousness, Councillor MacEachern referred to the" 57 committee meetings she attends"

She spoke of a volunteer she holds in high regard being " accused of mis-appropriating funds"

If public utterances were being "investigated" that night by a lawyer retained at public expense, these and other comments could have been specifically identified as "factually incorrect"

At the same meeting, the Mayor submitted a "memorandum" informing council she had appointed Councilllors MacEachern, Gallo and Gaertner as representatives on the 2C
planning study for an Official Plan Amendment for the lands east of The Magna Rec Centre.

The memorandum noted they were being appointed because they "volunteered"

The implication being they were the only ones to "volunteer"

That too was a specific example of a factually incorrect statement .

In my hearing others volunteered ...myself among them.

But there's more to the story:

Protocol for appointments is to ask Councillors their preference.. The Mayor confers with the Clerk . The work load is weighed and shared evenly. Stated preferences are considered and accommodated as far as possible. A Report to Council is submitted at a public meeting. It is open for discussion. And decided by Council.

Some committees are more sought after than others. They provide more exposure and contact with voters.The number and importance of committees and chairmanships look good on campaign literature.

Councillors do have the right to argue their cause . Council has the authority to approve.

In the Mormac regime, that's not how it happens. Committee appointments are dispersed like plums by the Mayor within "the inner circle of power".

When former Councillor Grace Marsh resigned, Councillor Collins Mrakas requested to replace her on the Joint Council Fire Committee.

Newly -appointed Councillor Gallo got the spot.

When The Arts and Culture Centre Committee was formed ,Councillor McRoberts expressed a particular interest. Councillor McRoberts is the only Councillor with Aurora roots.

He didn't say that. I did.

Gaertner and Granger were appointed.

When the Wells Street school committee was struck, Councillors McRoberts and Collins Mrakas expressed interest as members of the Town's Heritage Committee.

Councillor Gallo was appointed.

Councillors McRoberts, Collins Mrakas and myself expressed interest in participating on the steering committee for the 2c planning study.

Councillors MacEachern, Gallo and Gaertner have been appointed by Mayoralty Decree.

There are other examples.

I think the picture is clear.

Tuesday 22 September 2009

The Road is a Ribbon

Richardson Drive re-construction project is almost complete. All that's needed now are driveways and lovely green sod. It has never looked more beautiful.

There now ... I have revealed my bias. I favour neat and tidy and curves and slopes. I don't think it's safe for children to share roadways with heavy traffic. I remember repeat requests for sidewalks on Richardson Drive. The answer was always the same. Local Improvement. It meant if they wanted it, homeowners had to pay extra tax to cover the cost.

The current project includes Richardson, Webster,Patrick,Hutchinson and Lee Gate. About two hundred homes in all. The cost ? $2.7 million. Works out to the unit same price as the contract for Knowles Crescent.

More than three times the number of homes . Many more driveway inclines .

There have been no ridiculous threats of law suits against the town. No frenzied appeals for Mayor Morris and MacEachern to rush to the rescue. No fat cheques to be distributed to five homeowners from the town treasury in time for Christmas.

One driveway on Knowles Crescent is still not paved. Grit and gravel washes onto the road and down into the new storm sewer. Ultimately and undoubtedly not to good effect.

At least seven feet at the end of every driveway is town property. The town takes responsibility for that section.

Driveways are required to be paved in new subdivisions . Storm sewers need to be kept clear to serve their purpose.

Courtesy of Council, against staff advice, the town handed over taxpayers' money for that driveway on Knowles Crescent to be paid.

It isn't.


Saturday 19 September 2009

People are Asking

Why has The Auroran been served with the Notice of Intent.

It has to do with the law of libel.

I cannot speak with the authority of legal counsel.

But I can say Ron Wallace is a good friend . My reputation is safe in his hands.

Friday 18 September 2009

Heather's Note - The Website is Down

Evelyn's main website at www.evelynbuck.com is temporarily offline. We're sorry for any inconvenience. You can still reach the blog at www.evelynmbuck.blogspot.com


Rules for Orderly and Civil Debate.

They have been in place since the first British House of Commons in which Oliver Cromwell. figured prominently.

Over the centuries, there have been amendments but the principle remains the same. The right of each member to be heard is enshrined.

Civility is essential The rules have withstood the test. No organisation attempts to function without them. Lacking respect and consistent application, rules can be perverted and corrupted.

Mayhem ensues. As it did on Tuesday. People often ask how I endure. Well I do . But not always with equanimity.

It was not the first time the obstruction has been used. But it was a perfect example and for a change, I was not the target.

Councillor McRoberts properly filed notice of intent of two motions. They were listed as business to be decided. The Agenda was circulated. The public were apprised. The Agenda was approved by resolution.

When a Councillor is recognised by the chair, he is entitled to speak without interruption which has the effect of putting the speaker off his stride. It causes extreme irritation and is quite likely to cause an uncivil reaction. Ergo ... the rule.

When a point of order is raised, the speaker must stop speaking and take his seat until the point has been stated .

(Parliamentary rules also call for the member to rise and address the chair when speaking).

The point of order shall be stated clearly and succinctly. The member raising the point shall take his seat.

The chair shall rule either to accept or reject the point raised.

The chair's ruling may be challenged.

The chair shall put the challenge to a vote.

On Tuesday, MacEachern interrupted McRoberts as soon as he started to speak .She argued the
motion was a re-consideration of a previous motion and could not be considered at this time

The Chair accepted the point . The ruling was challenged and supported by the usual majority.

Responsibility for compiling the items of business to be dealt with rests with the Director of Corporate Services.

If the motion was a re-consideration, it was the responsibility of the Clerk not to place it on the agenda and advise the councillor accordingly.

That is not what happened. The motion was properly before the council .

Councillor McRoberts had prepared himself well. He knew the rules. .

No matter .

With Morris in the chair and MacEachern at her elbow, rules or no rules, nothing is permitted to happen or not to happen save and except it comes from the " inner circle of power"

I looked up the word "Oligarchy" in the dictionary this morning. It says; " a government in which a small group exercises control for corrupt or selfish purposes"

I think that just about captures the essence.

Without a single shot being fired, rights have been sucked right out from under us.

Update on Litigation Fund

With true scrupulosity of an amateur, I attempted to create a process to ensure everyone contributing to the litigation fund knows there is ample oversight and the money will be used only for the purpose intended.

For good and solid reasons , various requirements for political neutrality take precedence and the original plan is not in place.

There is a bank account. I won't mention the name now in case something else unexpected happens. Now only Grace and myself will be signers. Donations can come to us whichever way contributors find most convenient. We will acknowledge them so you know they've been safely received.

Thanks again for the overwhelming expressions of support.

Thursday 17 September 2009

Leaders of My Time. Politicians All

Winston Spencer Churchill

Franklin Roosevelt

Mahatma Gandhi

Golda Meier

Pope John the Twenty-third

John F.Kennedy

Martin Luther King

Nelson Mandela

Mother Theresa

Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Mikhail Gorbachev

Each had a clear vision of their objective with ability to inspire others to see it as they did.

They had focus .

They were in the right place at the right time. The world is a better place because of them.

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Last Night's Meeting

Was extraordinary. The five constant adherents to the Mayor's doctrine, responded in turn to the Decision of The Integrity Commissioner. Then the Mayor took centre stage.

A passionate declaration of devotion to town and staff. and a pitiful lament for the unfairness of current circumstances was delivered.

A Cease and Desist Order against Defamation was held aloft to indicate why Her Worship could not explain the dismissal of the Integrity Commissioner after his dismissal of their complaint .

The Mayor cited a list of discussion dates between herself, the town solicitor and the Commissioner, to support her contention his dismissal from office took place prior to his dismissal of the complaint.

In his report, on the other hand, the Commissioner cites evidence of "political interference" with the authority provided under Provincial Regulations and the Code of Conduct.

The Code was frequently referenced throughout the evening.

It was Councillor McRoberts who made the point that Provincial Regulations take precedence over municipal bylaws in his motion for a Transparency and Accountability Committee to be created.

His logic failed to resonate with the points of order interruption technique and faulty rulings used regularly to sabotage the efforts of anyone not belonging to the "inner circle of power"on the Council.

The resolution that passed bore no resemblance to the original. Additional work is referred to staff.

The Town Solicitor has been compelled to shoulder responsibilities of Acting Director of Corporate Services as well as his own.

The Chief Administrative Officer is doubling as Acting Deputy Clerk.

It may be assumed the situation is fraught with potential for mistakes. Yet , without a Director of Corporate Services or a Deputy Clerk on hand , there is no option.

Council should not be creating extra work during this crisis.

Monday 14 September 2009

Rib Fest

It was like the June Street Sale. The venue was totally transformed. Normally the park is a quiet green basin. Commercial buildings on Yonge Street back on to it. North and south sides have road frontage and the western edge abuts backyards of homes.

On Friday night it was like "Brigadoon", the musical featuring a Scottish village that appears out of the mist for twenty-four hours every hundred years.

The crowd was enormous. A colourful structure accommodating all the different rib vendors, rose high into the indigo blue and cyclamen pink sky of the setting sun. Toe-tapping, hand clapping music entertained us. The Ferris Wheel was a gigantic star in the background.

Every picnic table had family and friends crowded around . People cheerfully lined up to be served. The Bloomin Onion had be shared. It was amazing.

Many carried food off home to enjoy. Friends from other places were recognised and cheerfully greeted..

Shelley Ware , our town's special events co-ordinator organised this event .

Kudos to Shelley.

Parks department staff were busy scooping garbage bags as they filled making sure there were no spill -overs. People carried their empty food containers to the receptacles and that was good to see.

Many citizens came forward:

"You don't know me Mrs. Buck. But I want you to know I am behind you one hundred per cent."

There were tears when one said; " We are so proud of you Evelyn"

In any community , there is room for differences of opinion. It has to be.

Taking legal action is daunting . It will take time for the issue to be decided.

Knowing there is understanding and support in the community makes all the difference.

Saturday 12 September 2009

Here's what I have learned

I can't tell you much. The task has been assigned to Kevin MacDonald. I must say nothing to hinder him.

There are time limits for things to happen.

From council experience, I know once there is a hint of litigation by the town or against, council members are required to refrain from making any comments whatsoever

The corporation "must be saved harmless". It is the sworn duty of corporation officials.

A process known as "Examination for discovery"takes place. It involves examination of all documents submitted in support of the argument.

I think there must be agreement or acceptance at that point. Like choosing weapons in a duel.

Then the documents become a matter of public record.

Obviously sufficient time must be allowed.

The parties were served on September 8th, 2009.

Apart from what is already known, no outline of the argument will be public until after the examination for discovery.

The Evelyn Buck Litigation Account

Has been established. It turned out to be complicated and took several phone calls and visits but finally we have an account

It's at the Bank of Nova Scotia in the Canadian Tire Shopping Centre.

We are not a charitable organisation. So it can't be that kind of an account. It's not personal. So it can't be that. It 's a business account...kind of.

The important thing is it must be seen for what it is; a fund established for a specific purpose and used for no other.

It must have three names on the account. Two signatures must be on cheques. None of which can be mine or my uncle's.Which is fortunate because I no longer have an uncle. Not here, nor anywhere.

I asked the bank manager about a name for the account. he said; "You can call it anything as long as it doesn't offend people."

I told him someone had suggested "Justice for Evelyn" .

He promptly replied; " that might offend people"

Momentarily I reflected; "what does he mean by that "

I cannot sign cheques but I can make deposits. Contributors cannot directly deposit to the bank account.

Grace Marsh, Ken Banks and myself and whoever else in the loop will funnel cheques through.

Grace is in charge of the cheque book .She will be guiding me in whatever I need to know. Grace knows all about financial stuff.

If or when we find a convenient location for donations to be dropped off, I will post it.

I've never done anything like this before. I'm not sure anyone has. If it wasn't for Grace, I would be feeling awkward.

I have no idea how long things will take to conclude. Nor what the cost will be. If funds are left over, they will be donated to a worthy cause.

Ken is busy all the time supporting wherever support is needed. Ken told us how, with the help of Staples, a thousand back to school kits have been made up and distributed where there is a need.That's a lot of work. And a lot of help.

I very much appreciate all the strong support already indicated whether with resources or encouragement.

Together, we will take our town back.

Friday 11 September 2009

Factually Correct

At another "Special" Meeting of Council on Tuesday , three Bylaws were passed. Christopher Cooper, Town solicitor, was appointed Acting Clerk of the Municipality. Former Clerk, Lucille King , after thirty years in municipal service, "retired" nine months into a five year contract with the Town of Aurora, having given three weeks notice.

The Town's previous Clerk, Bob Panizza. gave the town nine months notice of his intention to retire. His purpose was to provide sufficient time to recruit a replacement and have a person
in the job with sufficient time to absorb the corporate culture and operating affairs of the town. .

Mr. Garbe. Chief Administrator and Ms Boychuk,were also appointed to act as Deputy Clerks.

The Clerk's office is pivotal to the municipal operation. Everything swirls around it. That the job can be accomplished on a shared basis by the town solicitor even for a short period is not conceivable

There are no alternatives. There are no other resources.

The town solicitor's office was vacant for almost a year before it was filled. Some candidates withdrew from the competition The legal department functioned for a year with the help of external legal services.

Mr. Gutteridge submitted his resignation the day Mr. Garbe started in the office of Chief Administrative Officer. Immediately following his introduction to Mr. Garbe a one-sided exchange took place apparently with the Mayor. Mr Gutteridge's resignation immediately followed.

Mr. Gutteridge gave three months notice. He stayed until the budget was completed.

No recruitment took place. Instead Mr.Garbe announce Mr. Dan Elliot's appointment on a twelve month interim contract.

A couple on months ago, I made a request to Mr. Cooper to receive the legal costs for the two and a half years of the term. I was politely informed I would receive them. Would I mind if Mr.Cooper spoke to Mr Garbe first. No, I said. But I would mind if I did not receive the figures.

A few days later, I was again informed the figures were forthcoming , but they would take a couple of days to put to-gether. I knew that was not so. But my intent was to receive information. not create confrontation. I let it pass.

Next there was a presentation of an interim finance report in a council meeting. Councillors expressed great appreciation and the Treasurer was highly commended. Before the report was received, a resolution by Councillor Wilson seconded by Councillor MacEachern directed the Treasurer on a method of reporting legal expenditures.

Subsequently. I received an e-mail from Mr. Cooper. In view of the resolution passed by Council he would be unable to provide figures for legal costs as requested.

At Tuesday's General Committee Meeting, on a motion to receive the recent decision of the Integrity Commissioner, Councillor Wilson noted people were asking questions about legal costs. He stated he accepted the Director's decision and the question of cost should be answered.

The Mayor was authorised by resolution to write her own statement, "to clarify" matters surrounding the Integrity Comissioner's decision.

The mayor is not known for writing independent statements. A solicitor is often involved.

The resolution will be ratified at Tuesday's Council meeting. Maybe Councillor Wilson's intention for costs to be shown will be included.

I don't know if I dreamed it last night or heard it in the melee of information coming at me yesterday, but I believe George Rust D'Eye has been appointed Integrity Commissioner to the City of Hamilton.

Mr. Rust D'Eye is the solicitor who provided a Code of Conduct solution to Auora Council
in 2007 for the problem of a never-attempted-to-be- proven leak of information from an in-camera meeting three months after the decision was made and long after it should have been reported out in public..

That's the one when we refused to sell land we had for sale to the Region to establish the Regional Police Headquarters in Aurora. They offered the appraised value of the land. I told you about that already.

Mr. Rust D'Eye recommended the solution because it provides for penalties to be imposed on elected representatives. The Mayor has several times indicated Mr. Rust D'Eye helped to write the Code of Conduct.

Thursday 10 September 2009

It's a New Day

I learned the craft of politics over many years. By trial and error and from people who knew more than I did. It has been an abiding passion and appreciation for the opportunity to act as spokesperson

Politics is about the right of people to be heard. I do it passing fair. I meet my own expectations.

I don't need a lawyer to tell me how to do it.

Law is the same field but a different level... A separate discipline... I choose the word advisedly. Politics is not a discipline. By it's nature it must be free.

I know enough about law to know that what I don't know is sufficient to require guidance and accept direction.

I trust my instincts.

When a decision stares me in the face, I know it's right .

Legal action is necessary in our situation. We may be first to travel along this path.

It will be a learning experience I intend to share. There will be an opportunity to help and that will be set up before the week-end.

Chris Sorley was called. Chris served on Council for a single term. He made a strong impression. I was disappointed when he decided not to run a second time

But Chris practices family law . He recommended Kevin MacDonald " a damned good litigation lawyer". The comment has been repeated several times since.

So Young Kevin is our man.

There have been several satisfying conversations already. He is a step ahead of me all the time. I like that.

In time, I will have a better sense of what I can say and what not.

For now, bear with me.

But make no mistake.

We are serious .

We will see it through .


Wednesday 9 September 2009

The Mad Hatters Tea Party

Politics never is like a Sunday School Picnic .The Boston Tea Party wasn't either. But the 2007-10 term of Aurora Council has been like the Mad Hatter's Tea Party from Alice and Wonderland. The nonsensical overwhelms the sensible. Lurking elements from previous Councils became prevalent in this one. Real malice took a seat at the table.

I have consulted a solicitor and accepted his advice. Ms Morris and her five constant supporters have been served with Notice of My Intent to Take Legal Action against them.

This first step was not taken lightly. Nor for myself alone. Many people have been harmed during this term by the last body of authority a reasonable person might expect.. Town resources have been expended wantonly for no good purpose. People are frustrated and outraged by disrespect accorded to them.

There needs to be accountability. There must be consequences.

We are a small community. If things can't be done right here,they can't be done right anywhere.

That, I do not accept.

Monday 7 September 2009

My First Fight on Council

A resident with status obtained a residential building permit. The property was on Yonge Street.
The fee for connecting town services was several times more for residential than industrial. When it came time to connect to services, he asked for the lesser rate for industrial.

The request came to Council. Everybody was agreeable except myself. The applicant was a congenial individual and had contributed to the community. But I argued against the lower fee.The property is either residential or industrial. It can't be both. The residential fee was the right one.

The debate was public and the merits of my argument stood the test.

Afterwards a veteran Councillor commented ,in my hearing, "She doesn't have a nickel so she's jealous of someone who does"

My social status or perceived lack thereof was regularly commented on then too. It's what unintelligent people do because they have nothing else to offer.

It was an early lesson in what to expect when I took a position contrary to the majority.

I was undeterred.

The term of office was two years. The position of Reeve became vacant. Two veterans declared themselves. They knocked on doors early in my neighbourhood. The word came back that they were advising residents not to vote for me again.

I decided if I had to fight them, it might as well be for the office they were contending. I became the last Reeve of Aurora with more votes than the two of them combined.

Readers often ask how I stand up to the constant barrage of disrespect

It's not hard. It's part and parcel of politics though not usually so shameless. It illustrates a desperate dearth of understanding of how the average voter feels about their right to select a council.

I am never alone. The people who cast their vote in my favour in the last election are with me always..

And Blog is my friend and supporter.

Being able to fill in bits and pieces which would otherwise never become known is a great source of comfort and satisfaction. Of course it infuriates the Mormac team and their supporters. More so because the info I provide cannot be refuted. I never put words into their mouths. They never fail to oblige me.

Even a custom-designed Code of Conduct with the "penalties" they so crave has not served their purpose .

I have kind of an old-fashioned opinion about " acceptable" conduct for elected officials.. If a mature adult needs to consult a manual for good behaviour, he certainly does not merit a vote based on trust or judgement.


As for accountability ... that's what elections are about. But four years between them is too damned long.