"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Wednesday 27 March 2013

Nothing is the way it should be

A plea this morning to add paragraph breaks caused me to read the last blog. It is not the way I wrote it. Things have not been great for me lately. My computer has locked me out of my blog. I'm using an i-pad . What I have learned about using a Hewlett Packard and Windows, doesn't work with an Apple i-pad. I've been sick for a month. I'm still feeling sorry for myself. If perseverance wasn't my strongest characteristic I think I might just throw in the towel. Goodbye cruel world. I know there's a way to put all those lines back into paragraphs. I just don't know what it is and there's no-on here right now to help me out. Grand-daughter Stephanie read the post. She said it was hard to read because the ideas jumped about but she didn't mention it had all run in to-gether in a single long paragraph. I think she would have recognized it wasn't meant to be like that and corrected it. Which makes me wonder when and how it happened. Like right now. When I started this post, the print was miniscule. I know there's a way to change it. I don't know where to find it. Along the way, something came up at the right side of the page and the print is the perfect size. But the lines are running off the right hand side of the page. I don't know how it happened. And I feel it might revert to tiny print any moment. I think there are gremlins that hide in an i-pad. Not necessarily in every i-pad. Just this one. I think their plan is to drive me mad. I'm going to publish this post now and see what happens that shouldn't.

Monday 25 March 2013

Monday morning... Odds and Sods

A purple crocus blooms at my door. Cardinals in my garden are no longer hiding in the cedar hedge Black-capped chickadees have bent to the ground the last stems that stood throughout the winter. Temperature hasn't changed much but birds and plants know what's what. I am finally on the mend from a weird kind of flu that resisted all efforts to hasten its departure. Blog postings normally occupy my day. T.V.news and features have helped to while away the hours. Some things I've noticed. Prime Minister Stephen Harper appears to be having one of those professional image makeovers. Last week, he and Mrs Harper helped elementary school students have a conversation with Chris Hadfield,Canadian Commander of the space station. To-day, the prominent couple will welcome a giant pandas couple on their arrival from China on five year loan to Toronto zoo. No doubt the pandas will appreciate the attention. We'll await with bated breath the next warm and fuzzy occasion planned for our edification. The new Pontiff was chosen. Seems like a nice man. Cardinals have been engaged explaining to the media what changes the world can expect and what not. It got me thinking. About the wisdom of immature girls starting birth control pills for use throughout their re-productive lives. About fetus aborted because of Down's syndrome. About third trimester abortions. I thought about why women want to be priests. I wrote a post about the appearance of two Lakeshore Mayors appearing before the committee of inquiry into cancellation of two gas-fired hydro generating plants after construction had begun. I referred to one as Burlington Burton Turns out he was probably the Mayor of Oakville. That made me decide to check out what the Ontario Legislature Channel has to offer. I'm watching it now. OMG. it's tedious. The few members present keep shifting about to fill the seats behind speakers to look like everybody is on the job. I have the sound turned off. My grand-daughter Stephanie is going through her basket of seeds to decide which to start,ready to set out when the weather gets warm. I think we will have to plan some raised boxes. One of my readers doesn't understand why I'm not writing about a jazz festival in Aurora that may not be,instead of of the cancellation of the hydro generating plants. Well, we all have our priorities. If jazz festivals are felt to be a critical need in the community, by all means my commenter should certainly write a post on the subject. I am content to leave the field clear. Nothing in my experience entices me to engage.

Sunday 24 March 2013

First Period played

First period over. Players identified on the ice by the media were were the Mayors of Burlington and Mississauga. The two municipalities successfully persuaded the Province in the previous election to shut down two to shut down two coal burning plants because of negative health effects. The Province kept the commitment, shut down the plants and replaced them with natural gas. Within four years, the coal burning plants were shut down, new plants were designed,specifications prepared,bids called, contracts awarded and construction was well under way. The Honorable Dalton McGuinty kept his commitment. Or so he thought. Scuttlebutt has it Ontario Hydro,were left out of the loop. As was apparently the Honorable Chris Bentley, Minister of Energy, who has since fallen upon his sword. Word is Mr.McGuinty took control and guided theOntario Power Authority to the correct and prompt decisions. Nothing it seems,was too good for Burlington Burton, the Mayor of the beautiful city by the lake and Hazel,the Mighty Icon,Mayor of Mississauga. All should have been well. Alas it was not. Despite hundreds of millions of public resources already committed, contracts signed and construction underway; opposition apparently continued in Burlington and Mississauga backed by the twin cities' councils. On the eve of the election, faced with the threat of losing two seats and the government, the Honorable Dalton Mc Guinty lost his nerve and cancelled the contracts. Not a politician in Ontario who heard of it could have failed to comprehend the enormity of that error in judgement. Since then, we have watched unfold the weaving and dodging to avoid the accounting. denial of the true cost; shut-down of the legislature; resignation of the Premier; leadership conference and a new Premier who claimed to know nothing of the matter. New documents were discovered. An initial figure of $40 million for cancellations was acknowledged perhaps not to be correct. Figures of $828 million were indicated by outside experts. Still figures the government must knows best have not been released. A committee of inquiry has been appointed. Appearing before the committee,the big guns in the government's arsenal, the two Mayors of the twin Cities of Burlington and Mississauga. Mayor Burton informed the committee, gas fired generating plants were not good for the health and well being of the people of his community. However much the cancellation cost, he inferred, was not too much from that perspective. Mayor McCallion appeared the day after and informed the committee, the people in her city AND the Council were opposed to gas-fired generating plants. Mayor McCallion went further and scolded opposition members of the committee for "playing games". They should be getting on with the government's business, she said, instead of concerning themselves about who made the decision and how it was made. The decision that involved wasting upwards of a billion dollars of public funds. And quite possibly will be the record of the McGuinty stewardship of public trust. The game is not over yet. Neither Burlington Burton nor Hurricane Hazel scored any points in the first period.

Thursday 21 March 2013

Formulas are the great equalizers

The story continues.Yesterday the chairman of OGLA,Paul Godfrey, attended on the Premier in her office.When he left he told the press OGLA would  create a formula that would apply equally to all cities.

The Premier had already made a statement to the house that all cities world be dealt with equally
Under the same rules.

Obviously some face saving was going on.

Paul Godfrey is a veteran of municipal politics.He started in the sixties as a Councillor in North York.
I believe he served as Chairman of Metro Council for a time

It's unlikely figures announced for Toronto to receive on location of a casino were calculated without the benefit of a formula

It's even less likely the formula  would not be based on a potential market for a casino.

Ottawa could not possibly compete with the GTA in terms of market . They simply do not have the numbers nor the variety of means of access.

Ottawa is a beautiful city .Apparently they have agreed to host a casino.

They certainly need the revenue. The city is shabby. As is Toronto.

There's a reason for that. But it's another story.

In response  to a comment yesterday about a tunnel. I only know about subway tunnel. A bridge to the island  was the project mentioned here.


I see the committee of inquiry into the cancellation of the generating plants is shedding light on the situation. The

The  Mayor of Burlington has testified how bad those generating plants would have been for the health of Burlington residents.

Too bad the Mayor of Burlington isn't accountable for the cancellation.

The Ontario Power Authority is said to be responsible for choosing the sites.

I've heard Ontario Hydro was muscled out and the Honourable Dalton McGuinty was very much involved in the decision.

We know the Minister of Energy ,Chris Bentley resigned his post and left politics altogether. With nothing else being said, I think that helps to obscure the  picture.

And I think ,,since the legislature was prorogued  and McGuinty resigned. There has been a desperate attempt to rescue him from a predicament.

I don't think any politician can waste 828 million dollars of public resources for a strictly political reason and expect to escape unscathed...whether in or out of office.

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Toronto the beautiful

If you think about it ,Toronto has everything to offer a casino resort.

Major league sports ,theatres, concert halls ,  beautiful hotels,   Ontario Art Gallery, Museum, Planeterium, Science Centre.

Beautiful  beaches, Lake Ontario fishing linked to  the Great Lakes.

Union Station is part of an underground complex linking conference centers, shopping centres, hotels and the business sector.

Infrastructure is there  for a ferry service to many destinations.  Ocean going ships  come down the  St.Laurence Seaway to Toronto.

Trains come and go from Montreal  to New York  and points beyond.

The. island airport is a going concern. Plans for a bridge, cancelled in the Miller years, could be reviewed again.

Ontario went from  being the economic  engine for Canada  to being a have-not Province,thanks to
Brian Mulroney's Free Trade Agreement.

Many of the beautiful amenities built in the Province's. heyday are suffering from lack of funds for maintenance.


Parks are being closed instead of new ones being developed to provide the people with an amenity which has been Ontario's heritage.

According yesterday's headlines the province is going after unpaid traffic fines. They can throw
Away billions on cancelled contracts,  E-health and L'range

And now the Premier thinks she  should take over management of the Ontario  Gaming and Lottery

Ten thousand $60,000.jobs could be available with the casino resort. Ten thousand university  and college graduates could be in a position to re-pay their student loans. The province's economy could receive a substantial boost and Kathleen Wynn's main priority is calming down the Mayor of Ottawa.

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Games Of Chance

I am learning a new skill.  With i-pad and keyboard. Bear with me .I am doing it out of necessity.

 Latest figures from an “outside expert” of cancellation cost of gas-fired hydro generating plants
are 828 million dollars.

That sound likely.

The figure could be easily contradicted or affirmed by the government responsible . The contract was 
signed by The Honorable Dalton MacGuinty the same who  cancelled the contracts.

The Honorable Kathleen Wynn has been Premier long enough to  know the answer. 

Yet it is not forthcoming.

Yesterday a headline notes the government acknowledges the initial figure given of $40 million may not have been correct. 

The stickhandling on this one will be interesting to watch.
On Saturday, Premier Wynn, jumped  in with both feet to quell a quarelsome   yelp from the Mayor of Ottawa.

A spokesperson from the Ontario Liquor and Games and Lottery Board had announced the funds thhat would be available if Toronto was to approve  a casino resort at the waterfront.

As well it would mean ten thousand jobs and a hundred million dollars  annual revenue  to the city.

Like a leprechaun guarding the pot of gold, the Premier immediately  assured all and sundry no city would receive more than another.


To those of us who live within Toronto's orbit , it seems  a number of differences exist betwen the cities.

Population for a start. The GTA has a market of millions.

Lake Ontario waterfront  is well-served by  air ,train.expressways and even by ferry across the lake.Millions are needed to extend subway and light rail transit.

Ten thousand graduated job  applicants ,with student debt to pay , would be  readily sourced from  within the  area.

Toronto and Ottawa are not  the same.

Is Toronto the economic hub of Ontario? Or is it Ottawa?

Should a Premier of Ontario not know these facts?

The Premier's speedy intervention raises the question of authority.
The Ontario Gaming and Lottery Commission is governing authority in matters of Gaming and Lotteries.

They function at arm's length from the political body.

The commitment of lucrative aspects of a casino in Toronto was clearly made by a person with authority to do so.

His intent was clearly to inform public opinion in the city.
Ten thousand jobs with a pay average of $60,000 would certainly present as a positive to most people

Thursday 14 March 2013

Did anybody read the book?

Excerpts from a Globe and Mail story.on  rigged contracts awarded to friends and associates by the Canada School of Public Service

 "The findings drew the ire of Treasury Board Minister Tony Clement, to whom the school reports. 'We find the conduct described in this report is unacceptable,' Mr. Clement said in a statement. 'The government will be seeking appropriate sanctions against those responsible.'"
So   Hallellujah .. the public can now  expect that  people responsible for awarding  government contracts to their friends or  associates, will be  charged like the criminals they are.

"A federal watchdog is blowing the whistle again on a series of cooked contracts at a school that teaches public servants about ethics and values.

Frank Brunetta, the procurement ombudsman, said Tuesday he found more evidence that the Canada School of Public Service rigged its contracts to make sure they went to favoured suppliers"


When the government's procurement ombudsman says  something is  true , there would appear to be  good and sufficient grounds to believe it to be so.   

It's his job.

We have here an institution known as the Canada School of Public Service  which answers to Mr. Clements, The Honourable Stephen Harper's  Treasury Board Cabinet Minister..

Since it  was investigated by Mr. Brunetta ,we know it  must be  a government operation. Government has the right to investigate only it's own operations.

It's a quaint  idea we borrowed from Sweden when the Honorable Bill Davis was in charge of Ontario's affairs. 

Sweden has a different culture. When they talk about integrity, there are no shades of grey.  

Isn't it interesting that when  the Procurement Ombudsman  finds corruption.....

"His office cannot levy fines or other penalties for bad behaviour, only requiring that an action plan be drawn up"

Obviously he can't file criminal charges either.

We may however take comfort:

 "The findings drew the ire of Treasury Board Minister Tony Clement, to whom the school reports. 

'We find the conduct described in this report is unacceptable,' Mr. Clement said in a statement. 'The government will be seeking appropriate sanctions against those responsible."

It  brings back memories of the Ottawa inquiry into the sponsorship scandals of the Jean Chretien regime.

Some politicians went to jail I think.

The Honourable  Jean Chretien, former Prime Minister  was a witness at the inquiry and got up the nose of the Justice.

Who in turn, in high dudgeon, after it was all over ,wrote a book about the affair 

Never heard it was a runaway best seller. 

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Much Ado About Nada

The scuttlebutt out of Toronto sank to  new depths at the week-end.
Sarah Thompson got more attention from the  media that she did as a mayoralty candidate. 

I watched various all-candidate round-tables during the election. Tried to re-call any kind of impression ..

Nada.. nil... zilch or zero. 

The media huffed and puffed and blew hard for the flame to catch 

It  came to life slightly when the Mayor said on his radio program .the lady wasn't playing with a full deck.
She responded  he was high on something. She wasn't sure what She had googled the symptoms  but couldn't pin it down exactly

Cocaine had apparently been referenced  on breakfast television.
Well that was electric.  Reporters were desperately trying  for a repeat it but they couldn't  make her say it again. 

It was quite the scene on national television. 

Like a cat  with a mouse 

But eventually the mouse  had to be let go with head still in place.
"Inappropriate touching" was  the allegation.

The Mayor was accused.  The  accuser had no  evidence. The story had no legs .

But  desperatio to make it walk was pitiful  to behold.

And futile. 



Mayor admits son's company would benefit: court documents

On the record. Court records show that mayor conceded during cross-examination that she knew from early on she would have to declare a conflict when it came to her son's project. File photo
Related Stories
MISSISSAUGA —Mayor Hazel McCallion conceded during cross-examination in her conflict of interest case that her son's company would have potentially benefited from bylaw amendments she introduced at Peel Region Council and later voted on, according to new court documents.
Excerpts from the mayor's lengthy cross-examination earlier this year were made public for the first time in a factum filed in Brampton court last  Wednesday (March 6) by her accuser, Elias Hazineh, 60, a longtime Mississauga resident.
In the factum, which outlines Hazineh's case against the longtime mayor, it states McCallion, while being cross-examined by Hazineh's lawyer, Thomas Richardson, agrees that her son's company, World Class Developments, would be one of the projects to potentially benefit from the bylaw amendment, “if they were in the City’s system.”
But McCallion later states that she didn't know when WCD was in the system and she didn't make inquiries to that effect, the factum states.
The mayor also conceded during cross-examination that she knew from early on she would have to declare a conflict when it came to her son's project, according to the factum.
McCallion states in her cross-examination that she "knew from day one" that her son was involved.
"And whether it was a real estate or whatever it was, it makes no difference with a Conflict of Interest Act, you declare it,” the mayor said.
Back in January, McCallion, along with Hazineh and others involved in the conflict case, underwent intense cross-examination from lawyers on both sides over the affidavits they filed.
The transcripts from those cross-examinations will be heavily relied upon when Hazineh's application accusing the mayor of conflict of interest is heard April 8-19.
Hazineh, who filed the conflict of interest charge in late 2011, says in his factum the mayor either knew or "should have known" about Peter McCallion's ownership interest in WCD, the company looking to build a four-star hotel in the City Centre, and the fact he would save a good deal of money if the bylaw was changed.
"Actual knowledge that a matter voted on will affect a member's pecuniary interest is not required where the interest actually exists and the respondent's lack of knowledge amounts to willful blindness," Hazineh says in his submission.
McCallion has maintained that, while she knew of WCD and that her son was a part of the project back in 2007, she didn't know the now-defunct company actually had filed a site plan application when she voted on the bylaw amendments at Peel Region Council.
Hazineh's factum suggests McCallion had to have known more about her son's role.
McCallion is in Florida. Her lawyer, Freya Kristjanson, wouldn't comment last Thursday (March 7) on Hazineh's factum, but did say her client would also be filing a submission with the court soon.
In her affidavit, filed last November, the mayor says she wasn't in conflict of interest when she voted on Region of Peel bylaw amendments that stood to save her son's company as much as $11 million in development fees.
McCallion voted in favour of new development charges while allowing companies such as her son's to pay the old fees.
McCallion, 92, acknowledges she introduced amendments and voted on the 2007 Development Charges Bylaw, but denies being in conflict.
"I believed, and continue to believe, that the bylaw itself was a bylaw of general application such that all individuals in Peel are affected, and would be affected for a period of approximately five years," she said.
The News reported last year the development charges bylaw applied to more than 80 projects in Mississauga, not just the one involving Peter McCallion's company, according to William McDowell, commission counsel at the Mississauga judicial inquiry.
However, Hazineh's lawyer disputes that number, saying the bylaw would have applied to only 18 projects.
Hazineh and his lawyer also dispute the mayor's contention that the bylaw she voted on was one of "general application" and affected the public as a whole, not just her son's project.
McCallion declared a conflict of interest when the WCD project came on the City Council agenda on April 23, 2008.
Hazineh's application seeks an order that McCallion be removed from both her City of Mississauga and Region of Peel seats if found guilty.
None of the allegations have been proven in court.

Tuesday 12 March 2013

All Eyes on Rome

The week-end was down time. Really Really Down. 

The seasonal blight  assailed me once again. With a vengeance..

Yesterday I wrote a post. 

Clicked on publish.

 It didn't. 

I clicked on Save.

 It chewed and swallowed. 

I said; what the heck and surrendered to the omens. 

Maybe someone from Newmarket will ask me for  a reference.

I decided to absorb the news instead.

We are well represented in Rome. Pater Mansbridge is there for C.B.C. CTV had Lisa LaFlamme  on a roof overlooking  St. Peter's Square last night. 

They're doing their best to whip up excitement for  the process
The media  talk about the  problems the Church is facing and how a new Pope will have to deal with them.

I don't know why they think so. The last several  didn't. 

They've had Italians, a Pole and a German. 

Cardinals don't become Cardinals unless they know how to toe the line. 

That fellow in Scotland  had to cancel his plans to go at the last minute. He is accused of inappropriate behaviour with priests. 

We don't know  what is meant  by " inappropriate behaviour"

Does it mean he's gay ?  

The Queen just signed a proclamation yesterday on behalf of the Commonwealth,  recognizing  rights of gay people.

 The Scottish Cardinal is a citizen of the Commonwealth.

In some countries represented by Cardinals at the conclave, homosexuality is a criminal act.

I have the impression the Old Testament didn't think much of celibacy either.It wasn't part of early Christian tradition,.

The Judeo part of  Judeo-Christianreligion had laws on just about everything. Spilling seed upon the ground was definitely frowned upon. 

But they managed to make the change to celibacy, itheory at least. Kind of like a Code of Conduct. 

The Scottish Cardinal's rights were recognised by the Queen a couple of  days after  it was decided he would not be welcome in Rome.  He scuttled off into hiding somewhere.

 Probably Ireland.

Women in small groups in weird costumes are striding about St Peter's Square carrying signs declaring  this to  be the last conclave to  exclude women.

Yeah right!!!  

A puff  of pink smoke will be sent up  in protest when the new Pope is chosen.  Well whoop -di -doo

The eyes of  the world will be  fixed on the Cistene Chapel  Chimney

Maybe they won't find anyone who wants the job.

Now that would be newsworthy. 

Fat chance              

Friday 8 March 2013

Always the victim

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Pull the covers over your head.":


The title reminds me of an episode.

A Council meeting . All present around the table. 

The only dialogue  is between the former Mayor and Councillor Mac Eachern, sitting side by side at the head of the table 
chatting happily together oblivious to all . 

It went on and on ....and on. 

As if  no-one else was  in the room. 

It wasn't unusual . But it was longer than usual.

I had  my jacket in my hand ready  to leave. There wasn't much point in being there.

But I waited.

Finally, in sheer hopelessness I slid back and  down in my chair and pulled  the  jacket up over my head.

There wa laughter. 

Several minutes later, the Mayor asked  ;" Is Councillor Buck alright?" 

I looked out from the side of my jacket and said; "I'm fine"

Then  came the  outrage at my lack of respect for Council. .

The Mayor never made the connection  between her own  behaviour and  reaction of others. .      

Thursday 7 March 2013

Not a pretty sight.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Pull the covers over your head.":

What's your take on the defections from the Lucid Group? It's now looking more like a one man band.


I watched the first presentation on television. I thought it was pretty slick. But that's about what I expect from a promotion.

I watched the second presentation. It seemed to be gathering steam. 

I became aware  of the dirt-digging and  mud -slinging .You know the stuff indulged in by people of  self-professed high moral standard such as  expected of a person elected to public office.  

 The last  scuttle-butt   had  something to do with support payments not made. ..

I thought...is that my business ?  Does it having anything to do with a professional production of  a week-end  entertainment in a town park

Is someone stealing from the town? Or practicing extortion?

I don't think so.

Then I received a copy of an  e-mail  sent to the Mayor's office with  names of those  who  no longer  wished to be associated. with 
the production company. 

It's not likely to bring  support payments any closer to being made. 

Is that my business ? I don't think so. 

But I  think I  just witnessed a human  skewered  for no   reason than that he  unwarily projected  into the orbit of a small ugly planet spewing out virulent noxious fumes and gases       

Pull the covers over your head.

Communication from Ontario Municipal Association. 

 Citizens across Ontario are increasing their scrutiny of councils and individual members of Councils' behaviour. Couple this with a shift in personal obligations under the Safe Drinking Water Act it's time to focus on your personal responsibilities as a Councillor. AMO presents the Personal Responsibilities workshop that will look to answer questions that include, but are not limited to:
  • Can I ask the municipal solicitor a personal question?
  • Who can I ask for advice from?
  • Can council force someone off of council?
  • What does it mean to be a reasonably prudent person?
  • Does my municipality need a code of conduct?
  • How do I know I have a pecuniary interest?
  • What legislative protections do I have?
  • What are my personal responsibilities as a Councillor?
  • The above workshops are taking place in March and April 2013. They cost $400. plus  HST.  They are being held  in March and April.  By that time, Councils in Ontario will have been in office almost thirty months with eighteen months to go.
  • The Safe Drinking Water Act is the bogey man. 
  • Former Premier Mike Harris did away with The Ontario Water Resources Commission. It provided 
  • badly needed support to small hard-up municipalities to keep their drinking water safe. 
  • In Walkerton,a Council hired a totally inadequate individual  for the job. 
  • People died. The poor sad fool went to jail.
  • In response , the Province passed legislation that makes every elected Councillor responsible for the safety of the drinking water.
  • They did not restore e function of the Ontario Water Resources Commission/ 
  • In Toronto , a thirteen million dollar public inquiry revealed thoroughly reprehensible, if not criminal, conduct in  purchase of computers millions of dollars over budget.  
  • Sex . bribery and corruption were involved.
  • Nobody went to jail. The Province passed legistation allowing municipalities to write  Codes of Conduct, complete with penalties providing an Integrity Commissioner is retained. 
  • So who in an AMO workshop is going to advise Councillors whether their municipality needs to have a Code of Conduct ?
  • How many nincompoops  were elected in the last municipal election  needing  a bunch of  redundant municipal servants to  give them that advice?
  • And by the way, where do all the superior individuals come from to fill the ranks of Integrity Commissioners with impeccable judgement and unimpeachable integrity? 
  • Who provides the warranty
  • The job is advertised. Remuneration changes hands Who's to say the Integrity Commissioner isn't making  decisions that will allow him to please those who need to be pleased for him to keep the job?
  • Everything we understand  tells us he will do exactly that. If he doesn't, he will undoubtedly be stripped of authority lickety-split. 
  • There's a new comment about what's not  being taught in school.
  • Check the proficiency of language in the questions posed above . It reads like  English may not be well taught  either
  • Toronto District School Board's  Director of Education was plagiarizing other people's work while holding  a job that likely  paid him in four figures

  • He was cheating. 
  • Guelph University carried out a study a few years ago that established 53% of students cheat to obtain their degree.
  • Faculties know about it but it suits them to  turn a blind eye. 
  • Significant academic instruction is being withheld or made optional.   Sports and music are  extra-curricular so teachers can withold that too if the union orders them to do so. 
  • But if enough municipalities can be persuaded to sending-bat Councillors to workshops at $400. a pop plus tax , everything will  turn out just  fine.