"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Tuesday 31 October 2017


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One of the reasons these things can be done is because there is plenty of money to go around. If the money is there it only requires imagination to co-mingle receipts, cook a deal, or simply have invoices altered to fit the right category.
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I have a different perspective of how things should be because my experience is different.

The town had a population of 7,500 when I was elected. Before then, elections were held every twelve months. Issues stayed fresh. Secrets were few.

Council's agenda included the correspondence and accounts payable.

Cheques were co-signed by the Mayor and Clerk-Treasurer. Later it was Mayor and Treasurer.

Principle being, one individual alone was not responsible for funds disbursed.

The budget struck was the first to reach a million dollars. Mayor Clarence Davis made a solemn pronouncement.

Once I asked why we were buying mosquito repellent for the works department. Angus McGregor, Works Superintendent, had a brusque way with him.

There were no microphones or video cameras and we rose to address the Chair. Council meetings were well re-hashed later in Ray's Cafe, predecessor to Moon Garden.

When I came back to Council, early this century, correspondence and accounts payable were no longer part of the Business Agenda. Cheques were not signed by either Mayor or Treasurer. The budget was closer to sixty than fifty million, and Councillors remained seated when addressing the Chair. A small thing but some dignity was lost. Not that we didn't have at each other with gusto in debate. Time limits to speak were never heard of and buttons to shut someone up would have been ill-regarded.

Accounts and correspondence were on file in the councillors' room.

The massive administrative structure was like a Berlin Wall. A Mayor insufficiently mindful of Council authority meant council had none.

At the same time, a council without sense of the value of working together behind the Mayor's leadership, also undermined authority.

In a new and different circumstance, capable professional staff were replaced, the Mayor exercised powers of omnipotent plenipotentiary and evil transpired.

In his role of Mayor, I am critical of Mayor Dawe. I do not challenge his personal integrity.

When staff spending authority is increased, it's generally because prices have increased.

None of which is to suggest hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on legal fees for purely political purposes was permissible use of public funds. It certainly is not and never should have happened. The authority to collect taxes does not extend to using the funds to protect any person's political posterior.

The law never intended it that way.

Monday 30 October 2017


I am double- tasking. 

Listening to news of criminal charges and a guilty plea related to the American election and the lecher in the White House and writing a post. 

I recall  Richard Nixon's solemn statement on TV __-"The American People have a right to know their President is not a crook"

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Americans now know Richard Nixon was a crook. He was lying in his teeth while staring  intently into the camera.

Years later ,the swindling, lying, lecher currentlyin the White House  is doing the same--- only onTwitter instead of TV.

In Washington,Ottawa ,Aurora and Toronto, much is about what people choose to believe.
Honesty can not be taken for granted in any sector of society. 

Last week, the talk was about a " salacious dossier" compiled on the Republican candidate____initiated by Republicans____picked up and partly paid for by Democrats. 

How payment was made caught my attention.Lawyers working for the campaign paid the retired
British spy who compiled the dossier,then invoiced the Democrats. Does this soundlike political
 intrigue and master spy fiction. It even has essential components of sex and a dark secret no-one wants to talk about.

I digress. It's hard not to. Back to the point. 

Private resources were use to pay for research engaged for political purpose.

In Aurora,  a public relations firm was hired by lawyer John Mascarin to manage the fallout from the Integrity Commissioner's decision in 2007. Mascarinpaid the fee then invoiced the town for  the expenditure.

Public funds financed an attempted political cover-up. 

As  a Councillor,I knew nothing of the contract expenditure until Mascarin's files were subpoenaed 
during the litigation. 

The cover-up was not authorised by Council. Nor could it have been. 

Town Treasurer ,like the Clerk, is a Statutary Office. It carries legal authority and responsibility for ensuring only legitimate payments are made from town treasury. 

Annual audits are required by law for the same purpose and intent. 

So....the relevant inquiry is, how was that fee paid from town funds. The expenditure was 
not  authorized  by Council. 

John Mascarin is a municipal lawyer. He was first introduced to Aurora Council by Bob Panizza ,
Town clerk. The two worked together in the Town of Markham, one on his way up, the other on 
his way. 

Are public funds still being so carelessly disbursed ?  

If the answer is no... and it should be and likely is...what checks and balances. would stop it now
 that didn't stop it then? How many hundreds of thousands of dollars flowed from town coffers for 
Inappropriate purpose ? 

How can we be sure it won't ever happen again?

Saturday 28 October 2017


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The article I read about it referenced you. 
Posted by Anonymous to  Our Town and Its Business at 28 October 2017 at 21:38

Brock Weir wrote the article. Brock is a royalist and unlikely to forget detail. I mentioned it because the women councillors were so intent on making sure Paul got credit for the playground.

I never thought of Paul attached to Mormac's regime and I don't attach credit to spending $359,673. for a specialized  playground. 

My grand-daughter argues readers will immediately assume lack of empathy for the disabled. 

She could be right. They may assume. 

I assume my blog readers like details and thoughtful debate. I provide lots AND repeat it for emphasis.  And..of course...agro for some because I tell stuff that would never be known otherwise. 

That's why we see the occasional methane flare.

In my judgement ,the playground is really about culpable  ignorance and shameful exploitation. 

It's not a solitary example. It is multifaceted yet typical .

By 2003, Accessibility Committees had been legislated by the Province. Statutary indicates legal authority. Similarly, a municipal clerk is a Statutary Official. The Clerk is appointed by Bylaw to 
exercise legal function.. He is sworn into office just as a Mayor and Council.

Part of the responsibility,is keeping council informed and acting within provincial lawand interpretation.

 Municipal lawyers hate it when I talk like that. Such is the purview of their profession ...ain't nobody else gettin' in on their act. 

In Aurora, since Morris was Mayor, the clerk's authority has been whittled away. The clerk keeps 
being made subject to the authority of others. Morris started it . Dawe has kept it on the downward 

Dawe never knew ,didn't learn and it suits him fine that way. Multiple re-organizations and turn-
overs have effectively neutered the role of clerk.The Province evinces no concern.

Except at the beginning, when the clerk was still doing the job required, successive citizen appointees to the Accessibility Committee have never understood their authority. TheTown's web site describes the Committee as Advisory.

It is not.

Unless the Act has been amended since passage, the committee still has legal authority. 

Same as Committee of Adjustment and Library Board. The first makes decisions.The second operates the library. 
On my search for playground cost, I noticed at  tail end of minutes."nothing in the report is authorised until approved by Council"   

 It's true of Advisory Committees. It's not true of the Accessibility Committee. 

The committee is to identify obstacles that impede disabled from living full and productive lives.Also to hold regular sessions to educate public service employees and elected representatives about needs and common errors.  

Committee members must be disabled to bring knowledge and experience of obstacles to the table.

Staff support ,competent in the field , is required for guidance and implementation. 

Problems are widespread and varied. Time is needed to improve the situation.The Committee 
Is charged with identifying priorities and setting an annual budget. Once the budget is authorised by Council ,responsibility for the program rests with the committee. 

It has not been easy passage. Committee membership is inconsistent.There are term limits. That 
Does not lead to knowledge, experience,confidence or competence.The committee is currently requesting permission to hold meetings without attendance in winter conditions.  

The Playground for the disabled illustrates Council's and Committees lack of awareness or denial of separate duty and responsibilities.

It is their role to establish priorities and follow through with the program. 

The playground was never established by the  committee as a priority.

No budget was recommended  by the committee to Council.

The Committee was not in charge of the project..

No work was done to determine need or desire ?

 Numbers of  disabled children living in Aurora?

 Where do they live? 

Where would the best location be for such a facility?

 Were parents consulted ? 

Were altenate sources of funding explored? 

My grand-daughter may be right. Asking questions might be seen as a lack of empathy for the 
disabled. Might even be ruled out of order in a debate.

On the other hand, it may be seen as the ground work for a sound decision based on facts and efficient use of resources. 

use a mobility device. I know of problems needing attention.  

Tyler Barker. Is Chairman of the Accessibility Committee. He is  a young,determined with strong

At the official opening of the playground, he said had there been such a facility he would have been "pestering his parents to take him there" as a child. 

In that sentence,Tyler told everything . Pestering is theoperative verb. 

I have raised children. I don't have to imagine how great the demands for a disabled child.I am veryproud of my grandson Adam but I know how much of his parent's,his family's and his community's resources were needed for Adam to live a near normal existence. They had to make their way and they still are. 

I don't know how useful a specialized playground in a remote location might fit with an already demanding existence.  I have a sense of what they may think of it.

I keep meaning to drive up to see the new facility and go regularly and spend enough time to 
determine how well it's used by the disabled.

I just never seem to get around to it. 


I'm not a monarchist. In 2013 , I suggested Council,re-name a park for the Queen's Jubilee out of respect for the Queen's commitment to her job. She's a tiny wee woman with phenomenal endurance. 

I followed behind her on the Mall after the last Monarch's Birthday Trooping of the Colour before I left the UK.

She had been several hours high on the horse,sidesaddle ,one hand held rigid at her side,
the other holding reigns at a precise level. The horse, Winston, was a chestnut giant. The Queen's hair,curled under her black cockade hat was exactly the shade of the horse. Not until she came close to the palace gates,did her shoulders sag in exhaustion. My heart went out to her. 

When I proposed the tribute in Aurora ,half a century later, in far away Ontario,I had little else in mind.
 It seemed harmless enough. 

Civic Square is visible to the carriage trade and pedestrian traffic and surrounded by tall condominiums lwith predominantly adult residents. 

Queen Mary's Rose Garden in Regent's Park in London was close to where I lived and took 
my toddler to the swings. It's a special place, enjoyed by many.

Aurora Horticulture Society might take on care and nurture of the roses. 

I turned to Councillors Gaertner and Humfryes for support. It was a girl thing ...the  Queen'n all.
They seemed agreeable. 

Councillor Pirri suggested an accessibility playground. It was Councillor Gallo's neighbourhood and he pointed out the park provided a non-regulation soccer field for little guys.

Then It became an issue for the clique. 

Another odd thing happened.I was entering the elevator. A friend, I thought, followed.She commented  gratuitously, the idea to re-name the park wasn't mine In the first place. I turned to look into,her eyes
for humour. There was none . 

Politics is a strange gig. People can hate you ...you don't know why ...so you don't take it personally. But someone you think friendly, is suddenly unexpectedly hostile,defences are down, the wound is opened, and a bit of the trust you had  left, evaporates . It doesn't come back. Cynicism creeps closer. 

At the opening ,Councillor Humfryes made sure Councillor Pirri received his due. 


I avoid reading minutes of Council Meetings. They provide bare bones record of decision "without note or comment" . Once the majority decides, it's a decision of Council. Who voted for or against is neither here nor there, unless there's a request for the vote to be recorded. 

Before writing, I had to search for the price tag of the playground in Queen's Jubilee Park. 
Staff reported an estimate of $370 thousand when it was  proposed in 2013. 

The contract award in May 2016 was  $359,763. Change orders would not be reflected at 
the time.  

I needed the figures because news coverage of the opening did not reveal the price. .In fact, it 
seemed the Mayor wanted to keep it a secret. 

 " There were a wee bit of funds expended " he said . "But it was well worth it" he said.

If he really thought so,why avoid saying ? 

I know why and he does too. 

The average cost of a well designed  playground is $75,000. Five playgrounds could have been 
built for the price of that one. 

Properly designed, a playground offers challenge to every age and level of ability. It's the purpose
of a playground. 

They climb,they hang ,they shift on ropes and  bars on Jungle Jims.They wind through openings and spin on round -abouts as fast as they can.

They push on swings,higher and higher and dig holes and build castles in sand.

Strength and ability are tested to the limits. Good,sound equipment lets them do that. 

And they learn.

Children don't play. 

They practise intensely, over and over and learn and tease each other to see how far they can go. 

"Last through the gate, is Mammy's Big Tumshy" they shout and run as fast as they can, not to be last.
But if they are, they'll do it again next time somebody shouts and have a chance to even the score. 

How would separating children accomplish the goal;  young ones from older;slower from the faster; weak from  stronger;  able from the differently abled. 

Don't all need to test themselves to the same measure? If the end can't be the exactly the same,should the challenge be reduced ? 


The only piece of playground equipment featured in the news was a gigantic swing for a wheel chair. 
It wasn't for a child. It was for a wheelchair. 

How does a child in a wheelchair learn to push himself higher and learn about movement?

He doesn't. No more than the wheelchair.

There is more to this story...much more. More than could be presented in ten debate minutes allocated 
to a Councillor, according to Dawe.

And...I will tell...all of it. 

Thursday 26 October 2017


By way of argument, little was offered to support Council's decision this week to reduce their number from eight to six.No tally of long hours spent trying to cope with the crushing burden of  work load.

Councillor Humfryes moved the motion and spoke of "powerful evidence of forward thinking " 
without interpretation of the gobbledegook. She hopes it leads to a ward system and  a 
stronger council in eight years, when she can be more accountable to her area. 

Councillor Humfryes has full- time employment elsewhere and a lengthy commute which makes it 
hard to get to meetings in time. 

Council Pirri said he favoured change but wanted to understand why others had changed their minds
since the last election. 

Mayor Dawe was absent, providing neither leadership nor a position on the issue.   

Councillor Abel was not quoted . Nor Councillor Mrakas .

Councillors Thom saw no reason for change....to be or not to be. 

Councillor Gaertner it seems was similarly afflicted. 

Nothing was said of potential improvement, better financial control or wiser decision-making with 
fewer bodies at the table. 

Councillor Thompson spoke of reading in the Harvard Business Review that above the number seven,
efficiency is reduced by 10% witheach addition.

It's  an interesting equation. Watching our elected body perform, how might one determine which 
two members consistently contributes 10% ,more or less,to efficiency ? Are they at the bottom,the 
top, evenly spread or randomly spot on? 

In any election, are runners -up the obvious deadwood among candidates? Or simply the winners of fewer votes. 

Was the momentous decision in 2013 ,to proceed with a $26 million JOC construction project made by the wisest contingent ? Or simply the majority? A vacancy had reduced council to 8 members but council chose to fill it for 3 months without business, for a single item to be executed. Look how efficient that turned out to be. 

In the new term, the Mayor and Councillor Abel were assigned financial oversight of  the project. A 
floor and the green roof  were among items left off to meet the budget.

Is a financial audit needed  to reveal what went wrong? Or may we consider the point in the
Harvard Business Review proven?  

Would $6 million dollars have been less likely spent on a redundant park in Mavrinac with two fewer 
Lords-a- leaping, pandering politicians on Council? 

Or would the principle of safety in numbers still prevail?

So many questions, so few answers ! 

$1 million are spent annually on "culture " while a competition swimming pool was closed for weeks with commensurate loss of revenue, for  half the liner to be cleaned because  not enough funds were provided  to clean the other half? 

Who does stuff like that? Or more to the point,who did?

Does the entire community really prefer candidates who seek to serve only the selfish minority? 

Or does the 10% less efficiency rule apply to every extra person who votes ?

I have received a questionnaire from the Province for the purpose of jury service. Question 5 asks if I have any physical or mental disability that would prevent me from serving as a juror? 

It's an interesting question. How many people would  recognize or acknowledge  lack of judgement or common sense within themselves? Is that mental instability? Or sagacity and omniscience? 

Is that question asked of Judges being considered for political appointment to the bench ? 

Likely not. 

And yet ?


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A LESSON LEARNED ?????????": 

Not a bad idea. However, the writing of such a document would be too one-sided to be considered accurate.  

Posted by Anonymous to  Our Town and Its Business at 26 October 2017 at 07:45

The idea does not appeal though not because of slant. Most recorded history reflects bias of the author.  Why would anyone want to write it , if there was no special interest in doing so. 

I've  enjoyed being part of Aurora's history. Particularly because it was a time of change. I don't 
think it would interest anyone except people involved. Most of whom have moved on.  

The change ,which was so dramatic, was not successful. Quite ruinous in fact,in my opinion. 

People like to read  positive reflectlions. It's a comfort. That's understandable. There's a limit to  an average person's control in their  lives. They prefer to think that which they don't control is better managed. 

Take this week's news of Council for example. My friend Tom Mrakas posted on Wednesday  a motion passed with a vote of 7-1 with the Mayor absent. 

It was to change the name of "Tree lighting ceremony to "Christmas tree lighting ceremony."

He noted,Councillor Kim moved and Councillor Pirrie voted against the motion. He didn't say why. He didn't have to. An immediate flurry of congratulatory comments were posted. 

Great excitement.But again, nobody said why. 

My question is, if a tree lit at Christmas isn't a Christmas Tree ,what in God's name is it ? 

Who is arguing ?  

That tree wasn't always there y'know. 

Town hall staff formed a little fund- raising group; soup and sandwich Tuesdays. They took turns making soup and sandwiches at home, brought them into the cafeteria and enjoying them together. 
It created family. Mayor Tim Jones joined them and enjoyed their affection. 

Grace Marsh told me the Christmas tree was the first project with the funds. 

It was only 5 or 6 feet tall then. Now it's majestic, a beautiful thing and a fine festive evening for 
children and families. 

But soup and sandwich Tuesdays ended. Councillor  Gaertner asked in Council,  how much 
staff time was spent on fund-raising. The Councillor was always willing to stooge for the other two

The cartoon of three witches with Bette Middler in the middle always makes me smile. 

Soon United Way  was town fund-raising operandi .For years, Aurora employees had resisted pressure to have salary deductions for United Way.  With my support, I might add. 

The new CAO was in charge of United Way in his previous position at the Region. Seemed he craved  the same fame in Aurora. 

Breaking up the family was also in line with the Mayor's intention of making staff  feel less secure as well as  punish them for liking Tim Jones. 

Petty and mean ? Yes indeed. 

No historical drama perhaps. 

Nor the stuff of Shakespeare . 

Just the mould and decay that makes mortar crumble and the house fall down. 

Tuesday 24 October 2017


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A LESSON LEARNED ?????????": 

A couple of those greenhorns learned enough to grease the skids for the electoral demise of the most experienced member of council. Your professions of sagacity and omniscience didn't save you from being kicked to the curb. 

Posted by Anonymous to  Our Town and Its Business at 24 October 2017 at 21:30


Wow ...sagacity and omniscience.  I've never used such words to describe myself or needed to 
 to be anything but comfortable in my own skin. 

Honesty is a rare and risky commodity in politics, respected by many ,feared and hated by the rest
but within reach of most. It has been my standard. 

The anonymous comment is a perfect expression of fear and hate. I published it to illustrate Aurora is  an average community. No better, no worse. 

In my litigation examination for discovery, I was asked byThe Banner lawyer to acknowledge my outstanding reputation in politics. I said no and was asked why not? " Because," I said," that's not for me to say "

My experience with the legal system has been interesting and informative and came some time after meeting with George Rust D'Eye. 

We'd met earlier for the 2003 council orientation. He was booked by staff to give a talk about Conflict of Interest, severe penalties and need for advice from legal counsel. 

Council never had an orientation,as such, after 2003.

Early In the single term, the Mayor and Councillor Mac Eachern had  a problem with my forthright style. The town solicitor was frequently solicited to advise limits.   

Finally ,the solicitor felt compelled to provide an opinion in writing . I received a copy. 

"Councillor Buck has a right to state her views . She goes right to the line but she doesn't cross it" 

I knew that. It was exactly my intention.  But I enjoyed seeing it in writing. The solicitor moved on soon after. 

One Friday night, a fire erupted in a rental town house. The Mayor arrived after it was out and the family had found shelter elsewhere. No-one knew where or anything about loss. 

The Mayor circulated an e-mail informing Council, she and Councillors Mac Eachern and Gaertner planned a fund-raiser for the family. I commended their generous intention and advised neither the Mayor's office nor staff could be used. The idea did not proceed. 

On a different occasion, planning a trip, the Mayor notified Council, Councillor Mac Eachern would be in charge during her absence. Deputy Mayor is appointed at Council's inaugural meeting .The Mayor was informed  by the Clerk, delegation was not within her authority. 

Later, the Mayor lamented to a resident in the Dominion supermarket that I was a senile old bag who wouldn't allow her to do her job and he couldn't imagine how awful it was. 

The resident was a prominent citizen who had been honoured for his contribution to the community. When he read of the litigation in The Auroran,he notified my lawyer he felt he had something to contribute.  

I had never met the man. He did appear as a witness on my behalf and repeated the supermarket conversation. 

The litigation took more than five years to come to trial. That's another story. As was my right. I requested a jury.

For five weeks immediately before Christmas, the jury attended, listened and watched the evidence. We had videos. 

Finally,the lawyers delivered summations and the only remaining  step was for the Judge to instruct the jury as to the law. The night before, defendants' counsel forwarded a motion by e-mail for a mistrial. 

The judge did not instruct the jury as required.  Instead, he dismissed the jury of six men and women and took onus upon himself to decide. 

He did not deliver the decision for almost two years during which time he continued to receive 
information and after which he found the defendants had authority to conduct themselves in the manner complained about.

He did not challenge my integrity. But he questioned my judgement. 

Yesterday, a Sudbury, Ontario judge dismissed a charge of bribery against two Ontario campaign officials.  A job or appointment was discussed  with a candidate for nomination if he stood aside.

The charge was dismissed on a motion by defence counsel that the evidence did not support the charge. 

The complainant  was disabled and needed communications to be recorded. 

A section of the Elections Act prohibits the offer of jobs or appointments to candidates. It was cited
verbatim in The Toronto Star news story.

It was not a civil action. The defendants were charged by Crown prosecutors. The offence carries a fine of $25,000. and a two year jail sentence. It was a serious matter. And expensive to the public purse. 

According to the Star story, one of the defendants is contemplating legal options arising from the decision, described by the press as "unusual" 

Monday 23 October 2017


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "BY WAY OF INTRODUCTION": 

Keep writing, keep talking. You have readers and listeners and hopefully some will learn from your experiences. I have, and I'm grateful. 

Posted by Anonymous to  Our Town and Its Business at 24 October 2017 at 06:53

Much as we hoped the election of 2010 would change things, it was not to be. Four of the gang 
of six were not re-elected and that was a plus. But the greenhorns had little concept of why they 
were elected. They had been paying little attention, the situation was exploited and the legacy 
lingered . 

Except for the lawyer, town advisors remained the same. Councillor Abel understood their functikn 
was to get members re-elected .The Mayor found the nest woven by his predecessor much to his liking and continued the process to render Council irrelevant. 

A consultant was hired to change the Rule of Order. Time allowed for a Councillor to speak was reduced from thirty minutes to ten. 

Thirty were never  used but  a Councillor always knew there was time to outline a well-rounded argument or strongly held position without fear of being cut short. 

This term, Mayor and Clerk have buttons on the desk, to cut off a Councillor's microphone.The 
power is easily abused. Today's Councillors don't even understand what they've lost. 

It's a far cry from the days when the clerk would subtly slide a note to the Mayor to indicate the need to advise council. 

Not so far from the Cojncil meeting when the Mayor and Councillor MacEachern chatted cheerfully to each other,oblivious to all present and regardless of order. 

I thought of leaving. Then I slid down in my chair and pulled my jacket over my head. 

Laughter caught the Mayor's attention. That might have been a moment she hoped I had 
expired. "So rude " she said.

Last week The Auroran had several news stories perfectly illustrating how Council is manipulated.

Page 6 had coverage of council debate on a recommendation for limited audit of the JOC. 
project. The CAO has been replaced since the project began during the Mormac years.

 A financial audit, limited or otherwise ,will not tell the story. 

What went on behind the scenes when Morris was Mayor may never be known. But enough is and understood to track responsibility. More, much more, than could be told in ten minutes.

Against regulations, the Hydro property was transferred to Queen's York Rangers with no benefit 
to the municipality. It was perfect accommodation for the Parks Department. 

About the same time, a totally unsuitable site was purchased . On the ravine incline,on a dangerous curve on Industrial Parkway. 

Also outside regulations, a commitment  was made to sell the joint Works and Parks site to the 
abutting property  owner. 

The  CAO's authority to spend from $75 to $250 thousand without requiring council approval...
was approved.  

Without a published report or Council authority, renovations  in the old library proceeded to accommodate town hall staff while the town hall was being expanded. That didn't happen. 

$350 thousand was spent and plans for that project received bids. The estimates exceeded 
budget approved. 

Council received a report notifying the project was cancelled by the CAO. 

The  plan for the JOC included two extra floors without designation

The spacecraft currently accommodates administrative staff . 

 A ledge had to be built on the ravine slope to create a building platform. A road had  to encircle the property for access and egress to an exceedingly dangerous curve on a heavily travelled artery. 

Parks and works departments are entirely heavy vehicle and  equipment operation. 

Estimates kept rising. From $13 million.to $18 million ,to $26 million. Council just kept approving
 new figures. 

Enormity  and complexity did not phase our doughy crew.  

The project was placed under the same supervision of the youth facility addition to the Family Leisure Centre which was was well over budget and consideraby beyond schedule. 

Provincial regulations govern public works as they do public property sales. 

Plans and specifications are prepared,cost estimates are calculated, budgets are set and tenders called with deadlines. Bids are opened in public and recorded. Then referred for careful analysis to determine prices are realistic.

The lowest bid is not necessarily accepted . Huge differences are a indicatin of miscalculation. 

Performance records of the company with the winning  bid must be checked. 

The project needs to be supervised  throughout.

Change orders are anticipated. Expediency funds are budgeted.  

Not building the floor in the greenhouse and eliminating the environmental roof  do not fit the definition of change orders. They indicate serious miscalculation of estimates, of bids, and a contract wrongfully awarded 

We now know,two floors constructed without purpose always had a purpose. Council was mis- informed. Funds had to be provided for the space to be equipped . What budget ?

So the Joint Operations Centre accommodates  Parks and Works and town hall 
Administration. That was not be the plan publicly proposed. . 

A financial audit with columns of figures will reveal nothing of the hokery-pokery.

If Council were in on the secret ,they would hardly be seeking an explanation. 

That leaves the Mayor and Councillor Abel as Harbingers 

 Bafflegab  from the CAO in the last column of Brock Weir's story indicates Council is on course to spend another $29 thousand to be none the wiser. 

The tortuous route has taken  a long time getting to this point. 3 Terms of council.,

The CAO ,with Certificates of Excellence from an Institute of Excellence with  a membership fee of $12,000. a year, paid by the town. Director of Infrastructure and Environmental Services , with Business Administration Degree from  a "Distance" university in Scotland, are no longer in the town's employ.

The Director responsible for the  plan to expand the town hall  that had to be scuttled  after $350 thousand was expended has been promoted. 

And Councillors' role has been reduced to Social Conveners.