"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Right to Representation

 The Agenda  with Steve Paikin on Tuesday focused partly on the size of Toronto Council. John Sewell argued  45 members  is unwieldy. It should be reduced.

Mayor McCallion argued Mayors should have more power and noted  the city has an executive committee and used to a have a Board of Control.

Former MayorArt Eggleton noted he and Sewell had been Mayors of the city within Metro.

Immeduately before amalgamation  6 boroughs existed within Metro. Each with a Mayor and Council.

The city now  has a  population of 2,800,000 represented by 45 Councillors and Mayor
Five Mayors and five top heavy administrations were wiped out. That was substantial reduction in 1998.

A huge floating pool of redundant municipal professionals came into being. Consultant  firms exploded  and a new work load ballooned. Law firms sprouted an army of experts in municipal law.

New legislation created  hitherto unheard of opportunity

Where savings should have occurred ,they did not.

Mayors should have more power argued Mayor McCallion. An organization  of Mayors is needed  to wield more clout  with senior levels of government.

Persuading Premier McGuinty to cancel contracts for power plants mid-construction of power thereby plunging the Province into $ billions of debt would be an excellent example of the  benefit.

Certainly differences of opinion would be eliminated. Progress could  be as smooth as milk and just as transparent.

Meetings would  not  be required. Proclamations would be de rigour. Everything would be
calm and amicable.

In a mayoralty debate candidate Olivia Chow argued  all property owners should be entitled to vote in municipal  elections even without citizenship rights.

It 's a logical position.  Same as a hundred years ago, when ONLY property owners were allowed to vote.

A series of wars and several generations  changed that and extended the right to vote without property on the basis men were  required to die in defence of a country that did not allow them to vote.

The right belonged  only to men of property.

Tuesday's Agenda ended  with an interview about Mayor Mc Callion's book launch.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about reducing the # of politicians in TO but am positive that the # of "redundant municipal professionals " needs reduction. There are think tanks & consultancy outfits that benefit hugely from the ineptitude of politicians. And they can move from town to town, city to city, leaving chaos because they are not accountable to anyone.

Anonymous said...

It is ironic that the candidate who promised to " fight for Auroran " can't manage a bit of energy to collect his blasted signs........

Anonymous said...

I read or heard that Cllr Pirri wants to move right away to work on reducing the number of councillors. There is something at the back of my mind about needing a certain number of actual votes from the electorate before this can be done. The majority of those who did vote were in favour. Is that enough ?

Anonymous said...

An organization of mayors would just establish another bureaucracy. Like the Region. It is an ongoing disaster.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to the break-down of expenses for that one - how much it cost per vote received.

Anonymous said...

Any candidate who tried to use their kids was taken off my list. Tonight I can think of 2 or 3 youngsters who must be quietly relieved.

Anonymous said...

By now it should be obvious that there are those few who seek public elected office and are prepared to say anything, even do anything, that will advance their success.

Unfortunately this seems to resonate with us just during and shortly after an election.

And then we go about our lives and forget those who would be mayor or councillor.

But they don't forget and when the next opportunity presents itself they dig their weapons out from the back of the closet.

It's fascinating to watch a councillor who became an MPP, and the sudden seriousness that he drapes over himself.

Methinks this might be just a bit of hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

To 21:04

And for that those who ran in the past for his party in our area against the established incumbent. Secretly I'm sure that they are just kicking themselves as to how relatively easy he got in due to the circumstances of the now former MPP's retirement. But that's the way life goes.

Anonymous said...

Tonight is now called " Spooky Night " or " Orange and Black Night " in the public schools. No grave stones or spectres allowed. Like the kids might be frightened of Hallowe'en ?

Anonymous said...

Signs from a short trip in tow

Anonymous said...

$20.00 per sign & the one guy has double digits just on south Leslie

Anonymous said...

The councillor/Mpp has always been a performer, nothing genuine about him. That being said neither was the Conservative representative. Sad now, that when it’s time to choose a candidate in these elections it’s like finding a good apple from a bushel full of rotten ones. I was able to find 2 apples in this
municipal election, from the bushel of 28.

Anonymous said...

10:27- Very true. I declined my ballot in the last provincial election.

Anonymous said...

Ballard got it because no one else wanted it badly enough & his opposition self-destructed. Next time it will be very different for him.

Anonymous said...

That dis-qualifies you for complaining.

Anonymous said...

To Oct 31 - 10:27

Yes, I agree that there are some I wouldn't vote for but really 2 out of 28 - are your standards and expectations that high??

I think one of the problems is that in the past we've put our politicians and professionals like doctors, dentists, academics, lawyers (who make up probably a leading % of politicians) and the sports & entertainment people and even our police and teachers and perhaps other professionals on a pedestal. Just because of their profession or because they are in the public eye, we think of them holding higher morals and standards and being a cut above the crowd. Then we are aghast when we hear about their scandals and we can't believe their behaviour and what they have done. And we knock them off that pedestal. How could it be true, but they are a ...(enter profession). We can then become disillusioned with anyone who goes out into the public eye.

We equate the morality and character with the profession and not the individual. But regardless of their profession they are only people with all the strengths and weaknesses like the rest of us - they are not infallible though at times we want to believe that they are.

With the 28 councillor candidates there certainly was a cross section of Aurora with age, backgrounds & professions - perhaps a bit of something for everyone. And as some may express too many choices.

So what is it that you were looking for that you would judge only 2 out of 28 worthy?

Would you view yourself as a worthy candidate?

P.S. You might not like the candidates but they all put themselves out there to the scrutiny of Aurora. Kudos to them for trying their best.

Anonymous said...

Seems that you read an online article about ONE school in Paris, Ontario. You have now made a very broad statement that is false and adds fuel to the fear-mongering that we are loosing our past.

Way to distort.

Anonymous said...

12:02 Incorrect
I read nothing online about any school. My daughter & one son-in-law are teachers. Neither teaches in Paris, Ontario.

Anonymous said...

The only signs are see out are Pullano and Hoyes.

Anonymous said...

Also there are a significant amount of Kim signs in roundabouts and near schools. Funny how eager these 3 were to put up signs but not take them down.

Anonymous said...

Tom Pomdom, Gallo,Geartner, Pullano, Svetlna, and Desai still have them to! They put so many out they forgot where they put them all!

Anonymous said...

You are trying to discuss with a troll - can't be done.

Anonymous said...

Naw, they should have kept a record. It isn not exactly a space science. But Aurora by-law enforcement is complaint-driven. If you do not report the infractions, there will be no fines

Anonymous said...

I am interested to see how much candidates spent on campaigns. Some spent what looks like a lot, with shopping bags and all. Signs are not cheap and there were certainly an abundance of them for a few candidates. Then wine and cheese parties, freshly baked cookies by the dozen, buttons. It would seem they could spend! So my question, that will need to be answered by the new council actions, how many of them will spend our money just as freely! I mean there will only be six seats next time around and plenty of "I am the best thing since sliced bread" groups out there to give it to! Who will say no or will the bottom line be will you and all your friends vote for me next time round? Watch and make notes.
Don't forget to watch for the ones who spin an answer without ever really giving one and taking up tens minutes of the meeting to do it! You voted them in. Hope you will be happy with the results!