"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

It's all part of the process

Greetings Candidates,

Thank you to those candidates who took time to respond to our question regarding a Council motion for a multipurpose, raisable sides structure. The ACTC Board believes that responding to a question from voters shows courtesy and respect for public input. It is evidence of being welcoming, transparent and valuing community input into important Town issues. 

On our website, you can review our candidate recommendations and scoring on candidate responses by clicking here

Thank you,
Brent MacKinnon, President
ACTC Board of Directors


I offer the above as a sample of inquiries candidates are asked to respond to during acampaign.

It suggests votes  can be assured  for acceptable responses.

Conversely,support is withheld if response is not favourable to Mr. MacKinnon's intent.

Candidates receive many inquiries for commitment from organizations. It's part of the process.

The Tennis Club is a member of Sport Aurora . The organization claims to represent thousands of volunteers . An all-candidates meeting  was organized to obtain  favourable commitments to their

Provision of year-round tennis facilities occupied considerable attention  during the current term of Council.

A contract for  facilities was recommended  for approval in plenty of time for completion before the end of the term. A public-private partnership with the  town providing an eminently suitable site would have allowed  tennis to continue during winter. Months without interruption.

Needs met.

No cost to taxpayers.

But Oh dear me no.

That could not be allowed.  Mc MacKinnon had a different view.

The  bubble would be too hot in summer.

The real problem was rain.

The inconvenience if cancelling  a game because of rain is too much.

First , raised sides  of a facility were to overcome conservation principles in the event of flood in Fleury Park.

Then the purpose was to replace TImberlane's  year-round facilities when it closed.

Finally, after months of working  to establish  needs, inviting expressions of interest, receiving and analyzing  proposals, an award  was recommended to Council

Then the purpose changed. It was about being able  to play during the rain

Mr. Mackinnon did not like the contract.

The contract  was rejected.

Despite significant investment  of staff time and resources, nothing  was accomplished.

On the Club's web site , Mr. MacKinnon recommends candidates who have shown sufficient respect and courtesy for voters  based  solely on recognition of  the pressing need for tennis not to be interrupted by rain in the summer.


Anonymous said...

Interesting survey. However, the endorsement of the ACTC and $2 will get you a coffee at the local Tim Horton's. A niche group is trying to exercise control over something that they have no control over.

I don't but much stock in it.

Anonymous said...

Everyone want their chunk of the Hydro funds

Anonymous said...

I think the tennis folk missed the boat when they rejected the bubble. It would have been ready whenever they needed it. Now they are going to be dependant upon a new council with plenty of problems that are more important than year-round tennis. They are going to have to get in line and even then they will be sharing space with other sports. Heaven knows how long it will be before there is a place for them.

Anonymous said...

Constructing an ugly bubble is not even worthy of the word "architecture."

If Aurora is going to have a community facility of any sort it should be at least pleasing to look at. It doesn't have to be a Frank Gehry monstrosity of modern for the next five hundred years.

A bit of common sense taste would accomplish much.

Anonymous said...

And don't fuss about the cost, right ?
There are bubbles all over the Region and that site would have been perfect for one. It is useless for anything else.

Anonymous said...

The Auroran is up

Anonymous said...


What is the life expectancy of a bubble vs. a steel and concrete building?

If you are going to invest do so in something that will stand the test of time.

Otherwise you're just pissing money away.

Anonymous said...


What is the life expectancy of a bubble vs. a steel and concrete building?

If you are going to invest do so in something that will stand the test of time.

Otherwise you're just pissing money away.

Anonymous said...

12:29 - The cultural group succeeded with a town owned building. What's to stop another group from trying?

Anonymous said...

They can try but, with an in-coming council. nothing significant is going to get done for ages. In the meantime, if Timberlane moves ahead, they are going to be out of what should have been a guaranteed location.

Anonymous said...

It's not as if the tennis people are a huge group. Tennis at Timberlane was relegated to an outer edge of the facility when they brought in the exercise equipment which paid the bills. The outside courts have been under-used for the past few years.
This group wanting their own facility are ' banking ' on those from Newmarket & Richmond Hill.

Anonymous said...

Right, 18:52, just like the "hockey group" has a Town-owned building. Also, what about the "reading group" succeeding in getting a new library? Oh, and that "swimming group" that snagged another pool. I wonder how many pitches the "soccer group" really needs, eh? Let's not get started on the "seniors group" and what 'we' do for them, right? Plus, just look at what we're building for the "youth group" right now, too!

It sure would be a lot easier if there weren't so many active and engaged 'groups' in our community, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

You're kidding right? Hockey, soccer, swimming, seniors and the library. Everyone I know in this Town uses 2-3 of these groups a week. I don't know anyone who plays tennis. If you want to build this sport, you have to start somewhere. A bubble was offered and rejected. Shameful.

Anonymous said...


Don't forget the "culture group" and then that "garden group". I guess there was a "soldier group" too.

Give me a break people. Everyone is different. They have different needs and wants. Just because two or more people get together to ask the Town for something does not mean that there is some plot to get something for free. People pay taxes and they are looking for a return on their tac dollars.

For the record, I don't use the pools, ice rinks, soccer pitches or library.... but I don't fault those that do.