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Friday, 17 October 2014

Questions without answers

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AYSC and AMHA must feel they have enough clout by their sheer size to not need Sport Aurora. Also, wasn't Sport Aurora organized in the wake of Mr Weese's ouster as president of AYSC? So, AYSC wouldn't be affiliated with Sport Aurora if there is still some acrimony there.

What is the governance model of Sport Aurora? It seems like they've only had one leader - does anyone know if they hold elections?

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 17 October 2014 11:17


I cannot answer any of the questions posed. Nor do I understand why Aurora sports organizations feel they need an intermediary to deal with the Town. 

The town operates a department to serve the interest of the sports community. I believe the service provided is first class. Sport groups in Aurora could have no better advocate than Al Downey our Director of  Leisure and Recreation services. 

No town in the Region  has a better managed Parks Department. 

The sports community has representation on Parks and Recreation Advisory committee. If there's a need for improvement they should request consideration. 

As far as I can tell, Sport Aurora is a magazine that sells advertising. Much likeThe Banner, The Auroran and Snap Aurora. 

The Town's Leisure Services Directory, published twice a year, also sells advertising to pay for 

That's a lot of competition in a small market. 

At Wednesday's all candidates meeting organized by Sport Aurora ,I was asked why I had put forward a motion  in Council to remove Sport Aurora from their office in Aurora Town Hall when town staff  had advised it was appropriate for them to be there. 

I had a minute to answer. 

Actually Sport Aurora does not have an office in the town hall.

Aurora  Council made the decision  to allow Sport Aurora to use Aurora Town Hall as an address.

The solitary  argument I recall was  to process successful grant applications. 

This year, Sport Aurora announced a grant from Trillium  of $75,000. That's a comfortable chunk of change. 

In my judgement , it is not appropriate for Aurora Town Hall to be used as an address by any person or group other than the  Municipal Corporation of the Town of Aurora. 

To do so is to set a precedent for any and all to make the request  for whatever purpose ,including commercial and financial benefit.

If we can't do it for everybody,we can't do it for anybody.

I should have asked the questioner why he thought Sport Aurora was entitled to use Aurora Town Hall  either as an office (incorrect) or an address.


Anonymous said...

It was good that you got all that info out at the debate = the moderator was quite selective in his enforcement and could have shut you down.

Anonymous said...

There were some very adversarial questions being asked. I think I can only recall a handful that were genuine requests for information.

Anonymous said...

More questions: Is it a registered not-for-profit organization? Is anyone collecting a salary?

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should goggle the information a Sport Aurora and the Aurora sports hall of Fame. I am sure some questions can be answered there.

Anonymous said...

Your answer to that question Evelyn was bang on. The Town offers exceptional cultural services as well that is offered through Town programs through the Parks dept., and private business owners. Yet a group of people sought out a building of their very own that is paid for by us.

Who is this mysterious "group"? said...

All done and dusted, 21:03.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 21:03, who exactly is this "group of people" and who is "us"?

Anonymous said...

Why was Ron Weese "ousted" as president of AYSC? Apparently so AYSC wouldn't be affiliated with Sport Aurora, the latter being far more important in the general scheme of things with an apparent $193,00 Trillium grant over three years. And its office inn the Town Hall is the equivalent of a P.O. Box, simply a mailing address.

It seems that some people have a proclivity for positions on various organizations. Somehow it makes them feel good as it is from these that they can exercise "power."

Is the expenditure of the Trillium grant funds audited and if so by who? Are the results made public?

There are too many Chairs of Committees/Organizations that don't seem to produce anything much that is of benefit to the community.

Al Downey is the best Director of any of our town's several departments and he should be allowed to simply do his job.

Anonymous said...

Someone put up a sign that just read
It was later removed so maybe one has to be a candidate to have signs but it seemed like a great idea while it lasted. We sure do not need a bunch of wards in Aurora.

Anonymous said...

The moderator was introduced as " their " lawyer.

Anonymous said...

09:19 would you like a list of names? You might want to ask the former mayor.

Anonymous said...

Sure, 08:36, a list would be helpful. No, thanks - it was your comment, so I'm asking you.