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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Signs and Portents

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Are you coming back before the election?

Miss  you
Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 7 October 2014 14:

I've been out  delivering leaflets with Heather, Robyn, Stephanie and  Mickey the dog. Me on my scooter" The scooter is useful as long as the  mail box is at the  side of the house .Otherwise I am just part of the retinue. 

Just had a phone call from Alison. Tom was at the regional depot to pick up lost signs and my big sign is up there. Not lost at all. Just a few inches beyond the  permissible line. 

The Region wouldn't let Tom have it because he is not part of my campaign.

the owners if the property at the north-west corner of Leslie and Bloomington. Allen to say we could put signs on their property. So now e have a big one we can put the big  on Leslie frontage .

Being out and about makes us very aware of  signs. I have to fight the urge to join the merry throng. Gut instinct tells me it would not be helpful. 

Voters expect a campaign. Signs are expected. But before long they become an irritant and they wNt them gone. A candidate has to strike a balance. Sticking to a budget helps with the resolve. 

Sunday's all -candidates meeting at  the town hall was  terribly civil. There were no fireworks.I had a struggle with myself. 

Moderator Bob McRoberts was probably  Star of the Dhow. Bob has a measured and deliberate wit and all the confidence of a man successful in life and career.

He  may be the best Mayor Aurora never had.

As always Library staff did  a great job of organizing. It is the one meeting  that can be said  with certainty to be strictly kosher.

Probably  most significant was the number of candidates. Twenty-eight is a record. As many as twenty-two have run in the past.

It can only be seen  as a positive.  People must  be watching Council  at home and thinking(;

"I  could do that.  I would like to do that . Dammit, it's worth the effort"

The Council chamber was full .

The  reception area was also at capacity.

People  stayed till the end.

That's a good sign.

Maybe this will be the year property-owners will increase participation in choice at the polls. 


Anonymous said...

What a lovely ending for the missing sign story - it gets a new safe home.
The debate's only sad note was that so many candidates were unable to speak before the room as well as they have been doing one on one. But I suspect that comes with time and some of the more glib ones went to the other extreme.

Anonymous said...

"He may be the best Mayor Aurora never had"

It's not too late - he may still...

Anonymous said...

A wet dog night & you don't have to go out into it.

Anonymous said...

Did you have to make bail ? The Region is in hock up to its ears.

Anonymous said...

All spoke well, but one candidate was exceptional and received a well deserved round of applause

Anonymous said...

There were a number of photos of you floating around during and after the debate. Too many of them were sideways and I do not have a printer which makes it hard to track individuals. The bright top helped.

Anonymous said...

17:46-would really like to know who? Couldn't make the all of candidates, and would really like to hear from commenters from this blog their insight on who did well.

Anonymous said...

A whole bunch of signs were trashed last night - a total cross-section but one individual is taking it very personally. Figures

Anonymous said...

It is becoming second nature to drive thru town in the mornings & access the damage. There does not appear to be any specific target.

Anonymous said...

I do not know what it means but a contender is purchasing Facebook Likes. My daughter says this is a no.

Anonymous said...

You can visit the various sites where candidates have posted their material. Or you could check around Aurora where I think you will find that it is business as usual. CHATS had a special event and a new business opened. I think comments here might put Evelyn in an awkward position. We know her position on town affairs. I support her views. She has to make the call. Just a suggestion.