"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Saturday 27 July 2013

Beatitudes are Blessed ...

Tyler Barker has left a new comment on your post "Guest Post Councillor Abel":

my reference to a political agenda was not in regard to Mr. Abel but in regards to his comment that people that are against the youth center all have one I believe his intentions on this matter are very sincere this will be my last post on the matter


Tyler  Barker is a  young man in his mid twenties  and a member of the town's accessibility advisory committee. He often delegates to Council on  mobility matters. As with many others in his circumstances, every day  of his life is a challenge.  He  needs help.   John Abel helps .They are friends. 

I welcome Tyler's participation in the conversation here. I hope he continues. With or without his signature.

I find John Abel's  dissertation on the AFLC site for a youth centre and defense of  immediate and unquestioning support of an additional  $2.6 million over original estimates to be without merit.

Clause 11 of the Code of Conduct deals with Harassment in the Workplace even though  it is covered under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

John offers a bunch of sanctimonious, holier than thou claptrap to explain the difference between his position and those who disagree.

C'est moi.

I do not take insult lightly.  As a politician perfectly capable of defending myself, I am here to  declare:



If a fight is what you want  it's  what you'll get. 

I don't care how sincere your intentions are. Pick on someone your own size why don't cha?

Like  Da Code tells us to, I'm  here  to tell you,



Anonymous said...

I agree that Tyler should continue to contribute. Going anonymous would swiftly eliminate any link between his comments & Councillor Ballard. There would cease to be even an appearance of agenda.

Anonymous said...

Councillor Abel was elected to serve the taxpayers of Aurora in a prudent and financially responsible fashion. He was not elected to solve all the problems youth face such as a reported obesity problem. This is better handled by the schools, public health authorities and of course the parents.

A center for youth to "hang out" at a cost of some $3M prior to construction is a non starter.

Councillor Abel and others have their collective heads in the clouds when it comes to paying for their wish lists.

We need some people at the Town ( aside from Councillor Buck) who have the collective interest of the taxpayers at heart. Waiting for budget time for the Treasurer to calculate how much money all of this is going to cost the taxpayers is too late.

I am very disappointed in the performance of our Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Councillor Buck it may be time to give Councillor Abel a lesson in reality. His foolish ideas, if left unchallenged, could created real financial problems for this town.

I suspect he will not be around after next election to deal with the mess so best to stop him in his tracks now.

Etobicoke: Your kind of Town? said...

"Councillor Abel was elected to serve the taxpayers of Aurora in a prudent and financially responsible fashion."

No, I think that describes your (and other so-called "fiscal conservatives") perception of what a councillor's duties are: do whatever they can to not spend any money.

Anonymous said...

2:11 PM
I see no problem with that attitude. Until we have a decent tax rate, there is no justification for tossing money away, especially money which will not be regained. As minor examples of excessive largesse, I would note the Centre - which John did not support- and that reduction for SAC of all their fees - which he did. And that Historical project lurks large - so far he is demanding sustainability.
So your generalization does not work.

Anonymous said...

One thing I am sure about is Clr Abel sure has a short fuse.He is slowly becoming Grangers mini me.

Anonymous said...

"So your generalization does not work."

But it does, because it was applied to those, like you, that "see no problem with that attitude." I didn't make it in reference to the councillor.

Anonymous said...

5:22 PM
That is total piffle.