"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Friday 21 November 2014

Facebook...Open Book....Few Surprises

 Facebook is not yet a routine  I have not adjusted to the discipline.

Recently my finger hovered with no purpose in mind  and auddenly  "Like" activated .

By the nature of  Facebook, it would not normally be an issue.

But it was a political statement. Councillor--elect Mrakas posted an anonymous leaflet rallying home -owners to an organization  meeting at the town hall on Monday night.  The golf club  closure is the issue.

Two options present as future use;  high density residential or a passive park.

Councillors Abel, Humphreys,Mrakas and Thoms have been consulted. They look forward to meeting with residents at the meeting.

Before the issue hits the fan,I wish to note IPad is a highly sensitive instrument. Too damned sensitive.

I did not intend to click on Like.

The suggestion Highland Gate  Golf  Course  does not come as a surprise.

If a redundant  6 acre school site, why not a 98.8 acre golf course ?

Endorsation  by  Councillors is hardly unprecedented either.

The town is currently engaged in litigation to compel  the developer to sell the property to the town for a fraction of it's value for an unidentified need with no documentation to support a park.

Mayor  Dawe is responding to golf course neighbours on status and the requirements of the Planning Act which provides  ample opportunity for input.

Councillor Mrakas is quoted this week on how well things go when everyone is on the same page

I suppose  he could have been referring to the Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

The Highland situation is still in its infancy. Yet already there is a ' head ', probably self-appointed , for the residents. And mention of the Hydro funds. Should be fun to watch as we have all these groups with high expectations.

Anonymous said...

You can just as easily 'Unlike' a Facebook post/comment.

Anonymous said...

Given the lay-out of the course. there are sorts of options including a mix of housing & parkettes .[ stupid word ]

Anonymous said...

I think all this meeting and discussing is somewhat premature since one really has to wait and hear from the landowner.

But there are a couple of possibilities that might be considered.

Access to the golf course land can occur south of Kennedy Street West via George Street and Highland Court as these latter two streets abut Highland.

It should be possible to create a couple of islands of substantial homes in keeping with the general nature of the neighbourhood. Interwoven with open lands should remain, whether specifically designated as parks with facilities or left for people in the area to walk, jog or whatever.

These lands should never be considered for infill "affordable" housing. That would be a desecration and the complete opposite of what the neighbourhood presently is.

No doubt there will be all sorts of ideas that erupt from the greater community, so let's wait and see what they are and if they may sense.

I look forward to the landowner's initial proposal.

Anonymous said...

No one is going to like the landowners initial and few with the final proposal. The question is… what’s it going to cost the tax payers in the fight?

Anonymous said...

The town can and will be part of any negotiations with a purchaser who wishes to build but cannot afford to become a "player " itself. That land needs too much maintenance. And the housing can be " compatible " without being identical.
First council has to deal with the properties it already owns and the old library area is long over-due some attention.

Anonymous said...

The tax-payers do not need to be involved in any " fight ". That was shown quite clearly by the last administration trying to block a project again & again & more recently in Newmarket. You work WITH or step aside.

Anonymous said...

In that article in the Auroran, Frank Klees made a lot more sense than Mr Ballard. He was always pretty good at figuring out what could be done as opposed to what a few though should be done.

Anonymous said...

17:04- your right there was no fight. It was all a theatrical performance.The Glenway residents thought they had a chance to win with the OMB with the Town support. They were either mislead or delusional. The developer made some offers that they all refused. The should have negotiated with the developer. They lost + $million and the # of homes increased.

Anonymous said...

Of only one thing we can be certain. With the course laid out as it is, some homeowners will be satisfied. They will be the ones along the very narrow portions. Others will be infuriated.

Anonymous said...

I had to vote for Geoff Dawe. But he has a mind-set that I find troubling. The Hydro Fund does Not have to be brought into every discussion. It is Not necessary to make Any decision on whether or not to use it.
Every time he mentions that money, a group or groups come forward with some sort of plan to spend it. Most of the ideas so far have been frightening.

Anonymous said...

9:30- There will be some sort of interest group who feel they’re entitled to that money. People have been screaming about the parking and congestion in that down town corridor for years. I don’t remember if I have ever heard council once talking about possibly building a multi-level parking garage.

Anonymous said...

There were a number of missed opportunities. I feel a bit responsible because I cut a lot of slack for it being such a new council with all the garbage from the last.