"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Tuesday 4 August 2015


Toronto Deputy-Police Chief Peter Sloly gave a media interview today in response to  the latest shooting  deaths  and injuries in Toronto. He gave an outline of the department's extensive plans to deal with the willingness of ever- younger individuals to use firearms. 

Mayor John Tory said he had spoken to Police Chief Saunders this afternoon and declared violence  is unacceptable in Toronto's safe neighborhoods.

"They should be put away where they belong " he said. 

The Chief and Deputy Chief are Canadians, born in Jamaica . 

I listen for a hint that  they understand the heart of the problem. 

The silence is deafening.

I attended a panel discussion once on cost of policing at the Federation of Municipalities. I have referred to it  previously in this Blog. 

Three Police Chiefs and a staff member of  Kitchener-Waterloo Social Services Department made up the panel ; three men,one woman. The woman was the last to speak. 

None of the chiefly comments stuck except for defensive tone and support for continued Increases in police numbers and spending. 

The research provided by the  Social Director was indisputable. 

Numbers in detention and similarity of backgrounds provide a factual base of evidence.

By Grade 5, ten years old, the likelihood of incarceration is predictable.

Written off by the school system because they cannot read or write ,the most significant lesson learned is their own worthlessness. 

The facts are clear. The fraction it would cost to provide kids with help they need to learn versus the cost to maintain them as adults behind bars. 

Cost  and commitment to teaching versus cost of policing, custodial detention and the  immeasurable cost of tragedy. 

Full and productive lives for disadvantaged kids as opposed to lives spent locked up with armies of police and custodial guards costing billions to keep them "where they belong" as the Mayor says.,

Last week a rally cry went up in Toronto :  "Black lives matter "

Do they matter enough with all the other ten year olds,to rally to demand the help they need  in school before they slide down the  proven path of inevitability? 

The research has been done. Over and over. Facts speak for themselves. 

Who will speak for the least among us ? The kid who isn't making it in school who learns the most important lesson we have to teach is how little his or anyone else's life counts? 

Politicians troop in their thousands to annual conferences. At great expense evidence is compiled and presented in pleasing and sumptuous surroundings. 

Hearing and listening are not the same thing. 

I didn't see anyone I knew in that workshop.


Anonymous said...

The violence in our schools is not going to be controlled by drugging the students either. But it too will continue.

Anonymous said...

You are right, as usual.

But politicians and the upper level of civil servants don't want to get their hands and feet dirty by dealing with the reality and the solutions that are necessary.

"The research has been done. Over and over. Facts speak for themselves."

Anonymous said...

If no one actually does anything, we will simply continue to watch the violence escalate. Coming to an area near everyone .

Anonymous said...

There was a stabbing at the plaza at Haida Dr.two Saturdays ago.
Police activity at Dunning and Yonge also related.

Are we being informed?

EMS calls since 2010 are up 40 percent due to mental health responses.

We are heading to that place in a hand basket.

Anonymous said...

We also know that when government throws money into a problem, it doesn't work. The money that is spent on policing and in the justice system is scandulous. We've never spent more money in education than we do today, yet the problems continue to grow. When there is no accountability what are we to expect? More money?

Anonymous said...

We have a mayor who believes and writes that no taxes would be wrong. He thinks that money solves everything and certainly does not follow the emergency crews around to see their days.

Anonymous said...

Well 8:51

You nailed it.

One day at the Food Bank, Police ride along,EMS also, and a dinner at a church for those in need.

Oh and not for a photo op like Clr.Abel is all about.

Anonymous said...

Instead of Policing, courts and prison for detention - why not invest in programs and facilities to educate and develop youth at risk.

Makes sense.

Anonymous said...

19:23 - Believe me, we have enough of them as well. It starts at home. When some (most) of these kids have to go back to their original environment, it starts all over again. All the "experts" know that as well, including our justice system.

Anonymous said...

If it makes sense, it will not be done

Anonymous said...

@ 10:44
Now, do not be cruel. He rode with a couple of councillors with the Markham garbage guys so he could tell me the man doing the pick-up on my street separates the recycle stuff/ That is simply not true.

Anonymous said...

whats not true 11:09

He does the photo ops all the time.

Lots of people are aware and see the quick changes etc.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's " not true " that the mayor does not do any ride- arounds. He just does not seem to do the ones that might enlighten ?

Anonymous said...

I really think he should reconsider how he spends his time. Aurora is not just made up of comfortable charming people who are delighted to meet with him. That person who aimed him at EMS, the Food Bank, and one of the groups what provides meals for those in need was correct. We have two of those last ones now, I think. Even a bit of time with Meals on Wheels might help.

Anonymous said...

"Aurora is not just made up of comfortable charming people..."

Anyone who reads this blog would know that.

Anonymous said...

8:39- Name me a Town that all are charming.