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Saturday 21 November 2015


UAnonymous has left a new comment on your post "IN AND OUT GO THE RUSTY WEEVILS": 

There was one time when the OMB came out here with all the excitement from a bunch of neighbours and council to
decide the mighty question of whether or not a lot could be divided into two. I think several lengthy council meetings
had already gone into the process. Those from the OMB knew zip about the local politics and cared less. No one knew
them. They looked at the plans, consulted with " their " staff, and uttered the magic words.
" Infilling " So because of the proximity of a major arterial road, one lot became two.
I think Highland is going to fall into a similar situation. 

Posted by Anonymous to  Our Town and Its Business at 21 November 2015 at 15:57


The comment is an example of nothing useful.  

The Committee of Adjustment divides property up to three lots. Anything  above requires subdivision

The situation referred to was a double lot divided  by the Committee. It was infilling. 

The town is always asked to comment. There was no reason  to refuse the application. The lot had access and frontage and servicing from two streets. Extra assessment to help defray cost of servicing. was a win-win situation. 

A  neighbour collected a petition in opposition for reasons not apparent.

The only objection I recall, is the property owner would make money from the second lot.  

The existing house straddling the lot was frame construction, without foundations. 

It was demolished and the lot cleared without a trace within hours. 

Neighbours appealed the Committee's decision to the OMB. Which body was obliged to hear the appeal. 

In the circumstance,the town had no reason to appear at the hearing. 

The property owner was the only one  inconvenienced. No doubt cost would be recovered when the lot sold. Last time I checked, it had a beautiful brick home built on one side of the property.

The OMB hearing was a complete waste of time and little more than harassment. 

At the time, connection to such from within the council was easily discernible. 


Anonymous said...

I remember that one. The neighbour and council were both ticked because the purchaser of the house on that lot knocked it down the night before it was to be tagged with a " heritage " label. It was kind of funny.

I Despair said...

Demolishing Aurora's built heritage is "funny" to you, 17:15?

Anonymous said...


The lot in question was located within lands designated "Suburban Residential" and in that context was required to have a frontage of 100.' The actual frontage was 155'.

I do not agree that "The comment is an example of nothing useful." Nor do I agree that the OMB was justified in its decision because they were following the province's dictat of "infilling." Is a golf course going to be plundered and turned into a future slum because of infilling? You really should see a large copy of the plan. And are the neighbouring houses going to appreciate in value or do the opposite?

The town is going to rake in millions of dollars in development charges so it can say we are all better off for this.

I'd like to see someone make Frank Stronach an offer that even he couldn't refuse, buy his golf course and turn it into four story high condos. The town would be licking its slathering lips as it applauded. Zoning be damned.

Anonymous said...

Loosen up, 17:49. The existing house was falling down. It had been on the market for ages. The purchaser
was allowing the sale to be accomplished and there were no heritage designation at that time. The "funny "
part comes from the rapid move of the incomer to prevent the planned designation. Council tried to sneak it
through on him and he out-did them. The house was there when I went past with the dog that evening, gone
the next morning before noon. So, yeah, we all laughed as we met on passing.
Today there are three decent looking, quite different houses on that property.