"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Thursday 6 October 2016


OAnonymous has left a new comment on your post "TAX DODGER....DRAFT DODGER ..YA DI YA...YA DI YA": 

Mr. Balz is out to sea with a couple of his "opinions" notwithstanding his 38 year career with the Washington Post, now an Amazon paper.

And your love affair with Hillary is degrading.

She may be all you wish to see in an elected representative but she must also have a likability factor, that she does not and never will. 

Her husband, on the other hand, is so likeable that he has been able to charm billions of dollars out of companies and countries for his fight against HIV/AIDS and other diseases (malaria) afflicting third world countries. Read "Man of the World" just published.

I will be glad when this election is consigned to the dust bin and you and we can get on with our lives, like picking the apples from the oranges in the next provincial election. 

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And a very good morning to you too. 

Mr.Balz opinions, his to express and he's being paid to do so, are no more out to sea than 
your own for example. That's the thing about opinions. They appear to belong to individuals though in this instance ,there's a common thread  that runs through.

Ii's the implicit bias being talked about during this campaign. By myself and others, if you like to know.

 I think your opinion about Hillary and Bill Clinton is all about implicit bias. 

You are biased against her and for him and you don't even know it. 

How d'you like them apples or insults? No better than I yours ,you betcha. 

Where do you get off saying  my respect for Hillary's competence, experience and accomplishment 
is a "love affair" ? 

Or that any love affair is degrading? 

Why do you take it upon yourself to speak for everyone? 

You don't even put your name forward to claim your own opinion. 

When this election is over ,thirty more days of our lives will be over. 

Thirty days of enjoyment watching the bellicose billionaire get knocked about like a penyatta with all his nasty, not -so -secret past, so far obscured by the media, spilling on the ground as they now try to justify promoting his candidacy.

Thirty days of watching them try to undo what they've done. 

Because if the world's worst fears are realised and that buffoon gets elected, the blame will be theirs,
one hundred per cent. 

No doubt the  implicit bias that yammers on about the ephemeral of like-ability .

They thought the boorish billionaire with the gold crapper was one of them until he trashed them as
he did his political opponents, to their huge amusement. 


Anonymous said...

Trump has finally done it. In coarse and vulgar language he boasts of his conquest of untold numbers of women, easy for someone in his vainglorious position as television personality and lecher, this in a video from 2005.

New tremors riffle through the Republican party membership although its political leaders are still unwilling to cut the libidinous carrot-topped buffoon loose, and still defend him so long as he apologizes for what he said.

But it's not just what he said, it's what he also did. This does not seem to seriously bother McConnell and Ryan. Who knows what they have done in their pasts?

There appear to be both principle and character lacking and the electorate is ill served by these people whose sole concern is getting elected and holding on to control of the Senate and the House.

May they all rot in hell!

Is it any different here?

Anonymous said...

Trump is an Ass, but pleez let him hang himself with something other than his non payment of taxes that he apparently didn't have to pay and this stupid tape that just came out. We would't have any politicans in this world if this is supposedly going to sink him.