"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Friday 10 March 2017


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I think most would agree and are fine with the idea of generating revenue via some sort of tax for building transportation infrastructure.The problem is we all know the money is used elsewhere and whatever is used for transportation, it's always mismanaged. It's badly planned with huge cost over runs and can never be maintained at whatever budget they set. We have so called experienced and well educated leaders that we elect that pay huge sums of money to consultants, planners and civil servants that are suppose to take care of these projects, who fail everytime. Unfortunately I see no solutions to all this mismanagement at all levels of government.

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Maybe not all lie, but most do. And those that don't, cover the truth. 

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And were is the 4.3 cents a litre carbon tax that the province is taking from us since Jan. 1st going? or is it 4.3/litre? who really knows? I saw Ballard in the media getting accolades for $100 million pledged to combat homelessness, money this province doesn't have because of almost 15yrs of mismanagement. How much of this $100 million will the homeless actually see after everyone gets their cut in studies, consultations, administration and all those who were promised something or another?  

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Speaking of politicians....lying...educated and experienced .... and being elected.


Last week , I received a nice commendation from a resident on National Women's Day. Thirty years ago, I was the first woman ever who served as  Mayor in the Town of. Aurora. Before that, I was the first woman Reeve to represent the town on York County Council. 

I always considered being  Mayor of Aurora for two terms and Reeve and multiple terms as Councillor to have been the highest honours a community conveys  upon a citizen. 

I took it on myself to prove a politician can  be straightforward and honest and earn respect. Sometimes I was defeated but In the end, I succeeded more than I lost. At the end, I considered the point proven. 

These days, I almost never leave home still without being approached by someone, usually a young woman who wants me to know I was an inspiration. There can be no greater satisfaction. 

But it was very nice to see the post on Facebook from Rosalyn Gonzales.

Yesterday a piece of different information came my way. 

It seems Provincial Liberals held a dinner to honour specific women in the community.

Our MPP Chris Ballard chose to honor Phyllis Morris as the first woman elected Mayor in Aurora. 

Chris Ballard grew up in King City. He served a term on Aurora Council. Sat two seats away from me at the table. 
Though not  a Councillor,in the previous term, he was appointed chair of the Economic Development Committee by Morris. 

Every time he entered the Council Chamber  or a Committee room   he passed a wall of portraits of every Mayor who ever served Aurora.  

My portrait is there, hardly  to be mistaken for a man. 

Chris Ballard could not have been unaware  Aurora elected a woman Mayor thirty years before 
Morris . 

I spent more than three years at the Council table with Councillor Ballard. 

On occasion we agreed ,on others not.

 I never saw  evidence of outstanding competence, courage or judgement.

Nothing to warrant a meteoric rise to the responsibility of Cabinet Minister .

Signs of being a liar were not obvious either. "


Anonymous said...

Your kidding right?? How can this BS happen? Not only was she not the first female, she was an embarrassment to this Town. Her mistreatment of Town staff and especially to the residents of this Town was shameful. Although it's not surprising this was bestowed on her by Ballard. People like this always run in the same circle. It would be interested to know who was at this dinner?
Evelyn you have been and still are an inspiration to both women and men. You truly are a treasure to this community.

Anonymous said...

Ballard oozes slime, lies, incompetence and was and continues to be a Morris ass-licker.

He is the perfect sycophant, the only thing at which he excels.

The fact that Wynne elevated him to the cabinet just proves her excellence at the art of the maladroit.

After seeing the debacle that occurred to our south I have concluded that as a species we lack judgement and intelligence.

The only saving grace about Ballard is that he is going to have his ass handed to him at the next election and he will be able to return to private citizen ass-kisser.

Anonymous said...

They do run all in the same circle. You don't have to look too hard to know who was at that dinner. Just have a look at the 2006-2010 council term. He's a sad little man

Anonymous said...

Instead of "first", maybe he said "worst"?

Anonymous said...

Ev you needn't concern yourself with that mental midget as you said many times he was the hand maiden to the queen of clotheslines , can't think of one thing he did of his own initiative as a councilor and now a wet nurse to that incompetent excuse for a premiere. if it wasn't for bankrupting the fathers ,mothers children and grand children of this province it would almost be funny , he along with the rest of those losers will go down in history as the low of the low , sort of reminiscent of the Council of 2006 -10 , 23:17 hit it right on the head !

Anonymous said...

It wasn't enough that he gave her son a job after his election, he had to hand her some fake honor as well? It's hilarious how these people humiliate themselves.

Anonymous said...

An excerpt from the Auroran:

"Phyllis Morris, who from 2006 – 2010 served as Aurora’s second elected female mayor, following Evelyn Buck, was recognized for her work in the public sphere.
“Phyllis has been a leading woman within the Town of Aurora for many years,” announced emcee Vivian Risi. “Phyllis is a leading woman to be looked up to. She is an example to all women and young girls. Phyllis has continued to inspire young women in the community, teaching them not to give up and maintaining a positive attitude. Through her volunteer work, Phyllis continues to be a strong voice and advocate for Aurora and Newmarket.”?

Anonymous said...

A very sad joke. Ballard knows her legacy. Indeed an insult. Shows Ballard for what he is.

Anonymous said...

"Phyllis continues to inspire women" from England where she currently lives.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, 15:38, she's back and forth all the time.

Anonymous said...

she should be trumped and not allowed back here.

vile bitch!

Anonymous said...

If she is someone who women and young girls are to look up to, this community is in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. people are still bitter.

At least she did not sue the bunch of former and sitting councillors.

Anonymous said...


Well, maybe if those "women and young girls" aspire to be lawyers who are never out of work?

Anonymous said...

12:41 - She would have sued anyone and everyone that didn't kiss her ass if she could, using of course taxpayers $'s. She got booted to the curb and then got SLAPP'd, but not before causing 4 residents and their families financial and emotional turmoil for years. Let alone causing all residents of Aurora to question the integrity of their own Town. Those former and sitting ass kissing councillors were all part of that whole shit. "Bitter"??...maybe just a little.

Anonymous said...

I love it when most everyone can agree.

Anonymous said...

14:44: "4 residents and their families"

Please stop this madness - the former and sitting council members also had families but they never seem to be included.

Anonymous said...

7:42 - Did they have to foot any lawyer fees that could have impacted their families?

Anonymous said...

The well seems to have dried up.

Anonymous said...

17:20 - Another tempest in a teapot. Time heals all wounds, except in Aurora.

Anonymous said...

Wounds heal, but the scars will always be there.