"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Authority By Default

"However, the Treasurer has circulated the figures with instructions to have all our questions of directors answered before Monday's meeting" I'm sorry should this not be the other way round "Council has circulated instructions that the Directors have all the answers on how to cut the fat by Monday" Who's running it ????


From my perspective the bureaucracy is running it. By default.

The Mayor is at one and the same time, profoundly grateful and virtually ecstatic by the assistance and support he has received from the administration.

He graciously expresses his appreciation at every turn.

To the point of hosting managers for golf at an exclusive club during the work week.

You can't play golf in secret. I heard about it. I hear things in round-about ways.

It's not my job to cover any person's posterior. So  I asked. It was affirmed. But the entire question wasn't answered.

I had asked if the hospitality was during working hours or was the employee on vacation?

Since that answer was not forthcoming, I was forced to assume not.

But the Mayor does not, by himself alone, show warm appreciation to staff.

I personally choose to maintain arm's length distance from the administration.

If I were to spend inordinate time in town hall offices, listening to bureaucratic rational on a daily basis, it would be natural for me to think like a bureaucrat.

I see my job alongside those who shoulder the inordinate burden of taxation.

The Mayor is not alone in his selfless devotion.

On occasion,I find myself at odds with the administration about what's best. I opposed administrative re-organisation. I saw no merit when it was proposed nor have I noticed any improvement since.

Customer service was touted at no extra cost. Staff would be drawn from elsewhere in the administration. Two different accounts of where else were given.

In the current  capital budget, an expenditure of $120,000 for a new phone service to accommodate the customer service is identified.

If I draw attention to contradictions in blunt and simple terms, colleagues tend to follow up with abundant and effusive assurances to staff of  excellent work.

No question is directed without a prologue of grandiloquent assurance of massive measures of goodwill between council and staff notwithstanding my own perverse conduct.

It's not said directly of course. It doesn't have to be for staff to take their cue.

Don't worry. Be happy. If need be.

the Mayor will expound:

" I will  not allow the question" ......... "Mine is the opinion that counts."


Anonymous said...

A goose in the bush can still escape.

A goose in the hand is headed for the pot.

What sort of geese are these?

Maybe they function best via email.

Not even a recipe is required.

Their goose is cooked.

Is this relationship not coming close to being an incestuous one?

Wherefore art thou Council?

It appears that you are being manipulated.


Anonymous said...

Evelyn, I've admired your blog, your views, and your contributions to the well being of Aurora for years, but I do have a question.

Do you wake up in the morning wondering if it snowed in the night or do you lie in bed thinking of things to complain about here?

I've noticed the Aurora Citizen blog has pretty much gone dormant. I guess they feel that if you can't say somthing nice maybe it's better not to say anything at all.

Anonymous said...

Big sigh time. We have seen this all before. The former
Mayor thought that all those lawyers were her friends.
She basked in their attention and would never have dreamed that the day would come when they refused her phone calls and just sent bills.
The new Mayor is suffering from similar delusions. He
really believes that the staff are his friends and are working for him. And they do work for him but their main concern is job maintenance so that they will still be in place when he has moved on.
Big sigh time.

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous 2:34 PM

Obvioulsy your head is berried nuts deep in the sand just like so many others, How sad when people just dont get it

Anonymous said...

Citizen is quiet because they still have matters before the Courts. Can only post what is a decision of the courts. You can't comment on your own case but I would guess this will be a much better Christmas than the one last year for the 3 defendants.

Anonymous said...

Do you really expect Richard to revoke his vow to stay clear of Municipal politics after he was attacked for a report on the Aurora Council's regular televised meeting?

Anonymous said...

2:34 P.M.
Ignore the above. Doesn't realize that SOME people have to work to pay legal expenses, Maybe knows those who have the freight paid for them and can go on trucking ?

Anonymous said...

This is not meant to be cryptic.

Why do we need sidewalks on both sides of Industrial Parkway from Yonge Street to St. John's Sideroad?

Why do we need any sidewalks south of Wellington in a strictly industrial area? And if schools are built on an industrial road, perhaps it is up to the schools to provide for the needs of those attending.

A contract for design consulting for these sidewalks is in the area of $94,000.

What is the actual cost for the miles(kilometres) of sidewalks envisaged by this stupidity? Does anyone have the slightest idea? Does anyone know the distance?

What did it cost the Region for the little concrete bus stop pads?

Who comes up with these dumb concepts?

Blake said...

On a different topic,perhaps you could speak to your present members of council and past who were a disgrace at the heritage meeting Friday night.They were disruptive and rude and Mr.Gallo and Ballard and the Ex-Mayor should be ashamed of their behavior.

Anonymous said...

To Blake;
i heard about that. Imagine the ex-mayor calling out to tell Sandra how to conduct proper procedure. Isn't she the one being investigated for breaching Municipal by-laws ? Boggles the mind. What is sad, though, is that Sandra didn't ignore the outbursts.

Anonymous said...

Bullies Are Us is still functioning in Aurora. Nothing has been learned.

Anonymous said...

The former should be barred from entering any room where town business is being discussed until all litigation in which she is involved has reached an end.

And people who chair meetings, no matter how mundane the subject, should exercise control and discipline over same. If they are unable to do this they should stand aside for someone who can. This Mickey Mouse business has got to stop.

Gallo should have his silly little goat growth removed. This might ease the pressure on his brain and permit him to speak some semblance of sense which he currently seldom does.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the defeat at the hands of thousands of Aurorans was too subtle a hint for the former. Do you think she might not be totally sane ?

Anonymous said...

Ev, I'm honoured that you picked my post out of the twelve replies. If I was being critical it was constructive criticism. As is the criticism you level here on a regular basis I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous @ 12:58

re: banning the former until the litigation is complete.

i agree - but you will have to extend that to all members that have litigation in process. You would not get a quorum.