"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

It's All Interesting And It's All Real

Anonymous said...
Interesting body language on the Council Meeting.
From the rhetoric, Dawe would appear to be doing
better but he looks like a dog's breakfast Evelyn would
appear to be losing every round and she looks great. So
what does that tell you about the inner workings of
these people ? One is comfortable about herself, the
other really uncomfortable in his own skin. One will
sleep well tonight. Psychology 101 Really basic stuff.


People often  comment  things are the same  at every level of government.  I agree.

Except where government is closest to  people as in a small town like Aurora It doesn't have to be as it is at every other level of government and institution.

In  the last election, Aurora folk  took control. Almost a complete  council  was ejected and replaced albeit  with new and inexperienced members. Because of inexperience , there is almost complete dependence on  bureaucracy. It may stay that way.  I'm betting it will not.

There is much goodwill in the community towards  Mayor and Council. Yes, there's disappointment as well. But we have three more years to correct  that and build on the goodwill. I believe the intent is there  The community will influence town affairs for the better.

Stay involved.

My chronicle  draws a picture. It's only partial. It will grow and improve.

I read  in the Auroran last week about the Town Awards ceremony. I had to read it  to discover what had been going on in the town hall for months . 

A division of  Leisure Services  has been handling special events for years. Everyone is familiar with the spectacular work of  Shelley Ware and her small staff .

The Easter Egg Hunt,  Santa Claus Parade Under The Stars, July 1st Celebrations in the Park, Summer Concerts in the  Park,  Haunted Forest, and  the spectacular Winter Festival of Lights in the town park.

All enjoyed  by thousands. All  acclaimed for excellence. All provided at  minimal  cost.to taxpayers.

The Annual Awards night was also a joyful annual celebration in the Town Hall. The place would be teaming with families. Council  always fully engaged.

This year it  changed. The communications division had charge of the event. A single Councillor and  the Mayor were involved. A partnership with Neighbourhood Network organised.

Strangers were at the town hall to  greet  guests.

I was greeted at  our own  town hall by someone who did not know me and whom I did not know.

When I inquired as to the role of  council, I was told to find myself a seat in the gallery.

After fifty years of vigorous, forthright, few holds barred participation in  town affairs. I am not inclined to  be easily offended.

I could be described as a battle- scarred veteran.

I do not seek affection
 I  expect respect.

 I am offended in the lack thereof within the town hall on that occasion.

I am disturbed by  disregard for town policy.

Only Council  directs staff and authorises use of town facilities.

Process is  governed by the procedure bylaw. For  change or action, notice must be given, a motion  duly  moved and  seconded,  tabled, debated and voted on  for direction to staff.

None of that happened.

I had to read  in the newspaper  how  the new awards ceremony came about. 

None of  it engenders warm and fuzzy feelings of appreciation.

Quite the opposite .


Anonymous said...

"there is almost complete dependence on bureaucracy. It may stay that way. I'm betting it will not".

and in fact it appears as though, true to form , your prediction is proving to be correct , from word on the street and those close to the pulse including right here in this forum a rising tide of political dissatisfaction is in the air , much more subtle than the total outrage that was expressed last term ,but none the less it’s there and unless history is to repeat its self , it should not go unheeded

Anonymous said...

You are saying that people were brought in, either
paid or not, and provided with make-up and costumes,rented or not, in order to honour local
volunteers at the Aurora Town Hall. Staff were on hand,
which costs money, and it was presided over by two
from the Council ?
Simply Does Not Compute !

Anonymous said...

O.K. It was tactless and probably cost the Town some
money but people are more concerned about big
expenditures that might be avoided. That evening
sounds like a plan conceived by a councillor which is
what we want them to do. It back-fired so will likely be
done more appropriately in the future.
Still i t was better than the $300. event produced by
another Councillor. A for Effort for first time try.

Anonymous said...

Totally off Topic. Google the Righteous Brothers and
their music before going to bed. There is n one out there to replace, " Lonely River, Wait For Me ". A Pox on
all this other stuff. We need the music.