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Friday, 16 December 2011

Budget Back On Schedule

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Let Nothing Ye Dismay":

Does that mean there will be another chance to stop
the soft-ware purchase or is it cast in concrete like a
chicane ?


Unfortunately no. But it is not cast in concrete like a chicane. It will quickly be obsolete. The software cintract was part of  a  million dollars worth of contracts we approved  in the last month.

I did a little tally on Tuesday.  We spent in excess of  $440,000. on that one night.

Apparently there's an expectation of another budget meeting on  Monday.  We have calenders issued regularly.  The one I checked before I wrote the post this morning had no meeting scheduled for Monday. A special  meeting was called for 6.30 on Monday evening to  award a contract to service lands we are selling at Highway 404.

The  meeting is at 6.30 p.m. to award the  contract. Following which,  we are discussing budget again.

It seems. at the time the schedule of  budget meetings were approved, December 19th was scheduled "in case it was needed."

When Councillor Pirrie moved his motion to direct further details of " other expenditures over $25,000." be provided, the understanding seemed to be, the budget would not be approved before Christmas.

However, the Treasurer has circulated  the  figures  requested  by Councillor Pirri in an e-mail to  all members of Council with instructions to have all our questions of directors answered before Monday's meeting.

It has apparently been decided, without council participation once again, that it's O.K. to conduct town business by e -mail.

Just as an aside; the Heritage Advisory Committee  has their meetings on Fridays.   They have a full agenda to-night with delegations an' all.

There's a cry out  for Councillors to man the Salvation Army Kettle  at the Beer Store for a two hour shift.   Councillors Thompson and  Abel have volunteered.

And there's another  call out  for volunteers for Operation Red Nose.

I think maybe those guys don't have families.  Or they don't celebrate Christmas . Or something.

Of course, if the administration gets the budget  draft approved by Monday, they will certainly be able to enjoy their  twelve days off at  Christmas when  the town hall closes down.

Secure in the knowledge  they managed to get  your tax burden settled for 2012 , just as they planned all along ,without any interference from  the elected body.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope someone out there realizes that it doesn't
matter if you raise taxes if people cannot or will not pay them. It becomes academic and the treasurer has yet to earn respect the way the solicitor has.
It really is the economy for most of us with families.
Some of the councillors seem to be hearing the angry

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should deal with what Aurora really needs
instead of what the administration wants ? The sidewalks absolutely have to be done right now ? Not.

Anonymous said...

According to the Public Release of Special Council Meeting Agenda for December 19 there is one item. I'm not really sure what that is but the cost is $77,816.00 Is this that urgent that a special meeting must be called to approve same?

So how does the budget get back into the saddle?

It sounds as if Council members are being rushed to judgement, not the best way to spend taxpayers' dollars.

And it's great to see that as a result of email all the information is being provided to Councillors as well as answers to all questions through the offices of the Treasurer. What is he paid per year?

This begs the question: what if a Councillor has a "supplementary" question beyond those asked and answered? Will they be deferred into next year's budget on a rollover basis or will they cease with the end of this calendar year?

It strikes me that this is a BS and WTF way to run any level of government, although the present federal government seems to work very well that way - from its perspective.

Our sorry Defence Minister seems determined to get nailed for profligate spending, whether it be helicopters or hotel rooms. But he is ably supported by the PM who cares not a whit about the people of this country. We are at times both witless and gutless!

Anonymous said...

"However, the Treasurer has circulated the figures with instructions to have all our questions of directors answered before Monday's meeting"

I'm sorry should this not be the other way round "Council has circulated instructions that the Directors have all the answers on how to cut the fat by Monday"

Who's running it ????

Anonymous said...

Prenez-garde pour Le Renard !