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Friday, 23 May 2014

Cronyism and Entitlements

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Even if the entitlement trend continues, the flow of money from governments
cannot. We just have a particularly virulent strain of it due to

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This comment brings  a particular issue  to mind.

A  land parcel in Mavrinac was relinquished by the Separate school board.

The town has no purpose for the land. The neighbourhood  is fully serviced with parks according to approved standards.

Councillor Gallo hand-delivered aletter advising  neighbours  the land should be a park

He reserved the Council chamber and residents were invited to rally in support.

It had been done before.

Hydro One planned to distribute increased supply  in the  Hydro corridor.

The alarm was sounded. A ferocious campaign ensued  starting with the Council Chamber being reserved to rally the forces.

Aurora  joined the Town of Markham and a $100,000 was used to oppose the proposal.

The Ontario Power Authority, a second government agency was  eventually created a committee was   formed to develop an alternative to Hydro One's plans. They met over a period of months.

Natural gas fired generation plants were the agreed alternative.

An election was held. A promise  was made by the challenger to bury existing hydro wires.

A  partial slate was elected. The Mayor's office changed hands.

Councillor Gallo was a first-time candidate  in the election. The votes that changed the Mayoralty came from his neighbourhood.

He was appointed to fill the vacancy when Councillor  Marsh resigned

A site was chosen by the Ontario Power Authority and a natural gas fired generation plant designed and presented  to Council for approval.

No doubt land  had been acquired and contracts signed.

It was opposed by Aurora.

Had to be built in the neighbouring Municipality of King

The promise to bury hydro wires was never raised again by the  promised  ones or those who made the promise.

The story  continued to and the  Mayoralty changed  again. A further chapter is on hand and once again the Mayor's office is subject to challenge,

A successful strategy has been re-played.

Willing residents responded to Councillor Gallo's enticement.

Councillors nimbly leaped into the wagon.

The Town is in the process of litigation to compel the property-owner to sell  land to the municipality  for a fraction of its value.

The litigation could extend over years... with everybody on side ,it may not be an issue in the election.

All that's  at stake ?...public resources....tax dollars.

Peanuts in the grand  scheme of things.


Anonymous said...

Even if that property were to be eventually obtained by the town - at a price plus the cost of litigation - there is absolutely no guarantee that it will be used for a park. By that time, the council of the day may decide that they don't need another park, do require revenue & sell it to a developer. At the rate we are going, revenue will certainly be needed. Those residents could be merely putting off the inevitable.
Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they would like the medical grow-op in there. There is no provision for a new park but we need potential sites for the other project which would bring in revenue. No traffic problems, no noise or light pollution, just a place that grows plants.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he has aspirations that one day the local residents will gather up enough voices to coerce council into naming it Gallo Park.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath on the medical pot growing plan. Staff will be sent to do a report and there is a clause that nothing be done for a year. Other towns have already studied what is required. We could maybe borrow a copy the way one library sends a book to another ?