"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Sunday, 30 November 2014

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

No snow on the ground. Grass is still green, Birds find plenty of seed on the ground for daily sustenance.

 That 's a good thing. It's cold  but another decent day before summer's  return.

My eye fell on the last Council agenda this morning. No more of them. Space around my chair will be tidier. Wikipedia will be the magical resource.  Like going into the temple and seeking advice from  the oracle.

I'm  not proud. I don't mind asking.

Got to ruminating this morning. How many councils ?

Two in  the sixties. Two in the seventies. Three in the eighties and three in the new millenium.    Four two year terms. Four three year terms. Two four year terms. One term as  the last Reeve and  County Councillor . Two terms Mayor. The town's first woman Mayor.

Twelve times elected.

Twenty  eight years in all.

Not to be sniffed at. A goodly number. A round dozen. I am proud.

Mayors were...Clarence Davis, Dick Illingworth, myself, GeorgeTimpson, Dick Illingworth again, John West Tim Jones ,Phyllis Morris and Geoff  Dawe.  The last was not the worst.

The Final  community event of the last term was the Santa Claus Parade. I wasn't part of that.

I could get up into the Irish Jaunting Car council usually rides in the Parade. It's uncomfortable to be leaning to the side and waving for an hour . Hard on my ribs.

Last Christmas there was a blizzard. Snow flakes were  big soft and fluffy . They landed and melted on my eyelashes  There was a magical softness .

It's hard to get down from the cart without hands helping from behind.

After the first time using my own scooter, second in the horse-drawn cart, I  was provided with a golf cart.

I didn't ask for it. Shelly Ware ,special events do-ordinator arranged it . Shelley is  thoughtful and kind. Exactly what  might be expected  and more of a special events co-ordinator.

This year the election was just past. Eight thousand people did not cast a vote in my favour.
Temperature forecast  was really,really cold. I was inclined not to join the Parade.

The decision was made for me. There was no phone call asking if I needed Diane Buchanan to drive the golf cart for me.

The Jaunting Car had a Banner  attached wishing  Aurora Merry Christmas from the new Council and
interim Councillor Don Constable.

Councillors Gaertner and Gallo were not in the habit of joining Council for  the Santa Parade.

For the new arrangement , warm-hearted  Shelley had to be directed not to call me.


Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see Cllr Gaertner in attendance but quite understood why you were absent. I doubt if there are a lot of missed Santa parades in your terms.

Anonymous said...

If this was an oversight it was thoughtless.

If this was intentional then those in the town's employ and those who will be governing the town's affairs on its council are ignorant and an abomination.

Take your pick.

While you no doubt wanted another round at the council table you will probably be far happier without the thousands of pages of material that come to councillors annually.

And you will be at ease of mind not having to "debate" with others who are either ill-prepared or know virtually nothing about a given subject.

You couldn't get me to sit at the council table for $100,000.

I simply couldn't take it and would no doubt be asked to leave after I had vented my displeasure and disgust. Three trees would have had me out the door in thirty seconds.

Anonymous said...

An "abomination"?! Really? Unfortunate? Sure. Insulting? Yeah, probably - but an "abomination"?

Anonymous said...

It was not a great evening for kids or seniors. November seems to have last forever.

Anonymous said...


outrage disgrace

The matter was far worse than unfortunate or insulting.

Take your pick.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. We are arguing about what to call Council when they act like a bunch of idiots ? How about " typical " ?

Anonymous said...

& the minutes are not up yet..........

Anonymous said...

I don't look at the vote count the same way you do. To me you were only a few votes short. Certainly not to be sneezed at.

Anonymous said...

" Egregious "

Anonymous said...

That's quite an accomplishment - 28 years on council. It must be some sort of a record or at least among the top few in our province.

Anonymous said...

Oh, for a good night's sleep away from Our Town and its Monkey Business.

Anonymous said...

I would have used a few other colorful words, but being the class act that Evelyn is, she wouldn't post them. Everyone should be treated equally, but if the town treats a councillor like this, so much for the regular resident. I know that the accessibility committee was only formed because it was a provincial mandate, but common on!... How pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it was an oversight. The parade is for the new council. I find it strange that the "fill in" was there... he should have excused himself.

Anonymous said...

One. Side. of. the. Story.

Anonymous said...

Then. Give. Us. the. other. Side.

Anonymous said...

The parade is for new council? Really?
New council has not been sworn in yet. the new council doesn't get sworn in until the 2nd.

Anonymous said...

Not. My. Story. to. Give.

Anonymous said...

I know you do not read the papers much, Evelyn. But perhaps you could get someone who gets the Globe online- I do not- to print off their article on how the new mayor of Brampton is planning to clean up the mess she has on her hands. She is going to use the first 100 days & wants an integrity tzar that cannot be ignored. They sacked one already there.
sound familiar ?

Anonymous said...

"The last was not the worst."

That contest is over. You can retire the trophy - I can't imagine any that would follow being worse than the present's predecessor.

Anonymous said...

12:22-Well this is Evelyn's Blog. So if you don't want to tell a story, because it's not yours to give... Comment on another Blog.

Anonymous said...

The former appears to be twitting from Old Blighty. I sure hope Aurora isn't paying for that too.