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Saturday, 8 November 2014

No Fair ...No Fair

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It is interesting. Those who lost, both here and in Newmarket, are blaming the uninformed electorate. I would lay the onus on badly run campaigns which frightened possible supporters.
And I am not including Evelyn in that list of whiners.

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Despite not being named ,I have to disagree about reasons for failed candidacies.

There's no great mystery .

Twenty -eight people  exercised their democratic right and offered to serve.

Eight seats were available.

Logistics dictate  twenty would not be successful.

They did nothing wrong.

They spent their own funds. Worked thousands of hours. Knocked on doors, wrote  speeches and stepped up to podiums.

At one all candidates  meeting, they were invited but served as nothing more than backdrop for the main players.

They must have wondered about that one.

Putting themselves out there and being  judged and rejected is not an elevating experience. They must find logic to carry them through.

Criticism is unwarranted. At least two candidates had done it all before. They worked throughout the term to establish credentials . .

I have done it around  twenty times. I've won and I've lost.

Winning is better.

But it's not a sinecure.

Nor a coronation .

And it doesn't carry tenure.


Anonymous said...

Only a tiny segment are involved in the blame game - the usual suspects so that must be expected. They may return again to claim to the voice of the people. ----Of the new crop, I am hoping to see a number around town over the next term.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there were a few unsuccessful, first-time candidates that I hope try again next time.

Anonymous said...

I have in front of me a hard copy of "Town of Aurora Budget Consultation 2015"

The first thing I did was add up all the numbers for the various services, The total was $1,478.

The figure that appear in the document is $1,476. I know the difference is only $2, a fraction of one percent. Still, this is disturbing. Did no one check before going to print and public release?

As to the format, in my opinion even members of council can not provide intelligent opinions unless they are fully aware of the details for each heading.

I certainly can't say anything sensible, because I simply don't know how much snow falls and time for its removal; how many dogs are likely to be found in breach of Animal Control; how many tons of solid waste are managed and will this increase; do we have to much or too little fire and emergency services, always a large budget percentage.

Directors and senior staff of the various departments need to sit with me and explain the detailed nuts and bolts.

It is only then that I could provide my best estimates in completing the Consultation questionnaire.

Anonymous said...

The online budget consultation 2015 is ridiculous. Whoever gave the green light to this feedback/survey should look for another job. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that Ms Wynne is doing things that do not cost her government much. Like banning smoking in playgrounds. Do you suppose she could be convinced to shorten the municipal campaigns ? It is probably within her scope and this last one really made it clear that they are toooo long.

Anonymous said...

I do not want to fan your flames but I think there might be a " telephone survey " in the works.

Anonymous said...

While I agree excuses are for losers I am still amazed how one holdover from the Morris era continues to get elected. If everyone continually witnessed.their performance in council I doubt they would elect this person.

Anonymous said...

With a exception of the loss of Evelyn at the table, we did not do too badly. I think 2 of the new ones show promise - not so sure about the 3rd - and the incumbents realize that it is not business as usual. That is not too shabby considering the other possibilities.

Anonymous said...

"...and the incumbents realize that it is not business as usual."

Why not? They got a 'stamp of approval' on October 27th.

Anonymous said...

19:38 I agree. Pathetic isn't it? I've watched her in council for years and I continue shaking my head with that one. She brings nothing to the table but confusion.

Anonymous said...

20:43- I see only one, and I see him as the lone wolf of the bunch.

Anonymous said...

19:38, apart from the MorMac loyalists, she does have support from all her years spent with the Hotspot; not only from the parents, but a lot of those kids who attended are now voters.

Anonymous said...

Gotta disagree. I always know exactly how she is going to vote. Hence disregard. So you really need only consider the others. There you can get surprises.