"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Thursday 14 April 2011

A Plot For The Play

Last night I heard something.  Actually two things . They may be true. They may not.  I wakened up  with a  theme for the play.

It's a military take-over of Aurora. By a cell of the Harper Regime, commanded by the Mormac Regime.It's the beginning of the take-over of Canada by Right Wing Supremacists.

The first clue was  Mor of Mormac  in her office  after the election, until the small hours,  door  locked. furiously shredding documents by the hundreds, sweat dripping from her forehead, smoke rising from the shredder.

Conrad Black carried his out in boxes. He   was photographed.

Second thing is a fund-raiser  organised by Councilllors Ballard and Gaertner,  Lieutenants in the Mormac Regime. A gala event is planned.  The Honorable Lieutenant Governor David Onley is invited as  guest. He is an innocent. 

The  town's Mayor is Honororay Colonel of the Queen's York Rangers.  He  has  not received an invitation.  He is expected  to buy a ticket.

Queen's York Rangers have been taken over by look alike robots. Real military would never commit such a gaffe.

Mor of Mormac is the Honorary Chair Person of the Fund-raiser.   Thirty tickets have been sold.

Yesterday  a defence was offered  for  $50million federal dollars  spent in Huntsville.

They created an artificial lake.....for God's Sake..... In the Muskokas!!!!!

The defence was  the money  wasn't taken from widows and orphans.

Maybe yes.  Maybe no.

The fundraiser in Aurora is for families of servicemen serving abroad.

Since when  are fund-raisers  needed  to sustain  families of Canadian military serving abroad? Did  the Right wing Prime Minister divert their allowances to fund the Muskoka boondoggle>

A fund-raiser  was held for the July 1st Parade in Aurora. It  usually raised between eleven and twelve thousand dollars but last time, nothing, nada,nil,zilch and zero. Prizes solicited for a silent auction must have been silently given away.

I heard the Legion was paid $5Ks for use of the  party room. A diversion of funds perhaps.

The town leased a property, probably worth $10million on the market,to the Federal Government , for $139K a year.

Spent $176K on the building  partly putting in a sprinkler system, as a requirement of the lease. Terms of the lease are confidential because of national security.Why the secrecy? Why a sprinkler system?What are they planning to do in that building?

The lease was announced in time for the election in October. Rent didn't start until February. It's April now.

The only signs of activity  so far has been installation of a sprinkler system. Cost the town about a hundred Gs. Guess the federal government didn't have any money left over to do it themselves.

Mor of Mormac announced it would be occupied by "kiddies" Maybe that's a code name.   The week-end child soldiers are commanded by an official at the Aurora  Legion.  The only identified beneficiary of the fund-raiser for the July 1st Parade for red-hot Canadian Patriots.

It's  a wealth of evidence. Maybe a court case could be made of it. Or a Farce.

The  uniformed female  with  pointed blades  stuck out from the toes of her shoes  from the James Bond movies could fit in somewhere.

Helga  the Gestapo Moll, from the Britcom  featuring Rene's cafe in occupied France during the last war.

The female  member of the French underground "Listen to me carefully...I shall say this only once" in a  beret, a trench coat and a heavy British/French accent.

A stolen painting of the Maddonna with the big boobies constantly changing hands.

Yes...Oh yes...We have a plot... for the boys with  sharpened pencils...we  could  have summer  Theatre in the Park . Maybe we can take it on tour to Newmarket.  Hey... why not the Muskokas.....New York Broadway...here we come.


Anonymous said...

There was once a councillor called "Mac"

Who treated each lie as a fact,

Like a trooper she swore,

Threw staff out the door,

It's too bad she won't ever come back.

Anonymous said...

There once was a councillor with bad hair

Whose thoughts were not always there,

From her mouth there flew words

That were usually turds

Upsetting the gentle night air.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remeber that Gaertner referred to Mr. Onley as the governor general at Tuesday's council meeting. Her mind really does not get any clearer.

Anonymous said...

There is now a councillor called Ballard
Who constantly preens like a mallard
He smirks ear to ear
It's really quite queer
'Cos he really is nought but a dullard.