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Monday 11 April 2011

You May Have Heard About This

Susan Morton Leonard approached Council some weeks back and stated a charitable foundation had been created this year and requested the town buy a $5Ks Platinum Sponsorship for the Jazz Festival.

Staff recommended something different. But Morton Leonard came back again and demanded the full $5Ks. Council voted to accede.

A press release was forwarded to me last week  announcing a Trillium grant of $25Ks.

Not a mention of a  charitable foundation anywhere in  the press release. No sign of the Morton Leonard  name either. Note the  e-mail contact

.“The AFA is thrilled to receive this funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation,” said Sher St. Kitts, Chair of the Aurora Festival of the Arts. 

 This grassroots festival also supports charities: Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness: www.abusehurts.com and Safehaven: www.safehaven.to Volunteers & Sponsors are invited to contact sher@stkittsmusic.ca


Can't tell you.... said...

I was very disappointed to see that this group received a Trillium grant. I work with another local group that applied and we were refused a grant. Because we are seen as a successful group, they felt it was not warranted. Meanwhile, the St Kitts group rolls on.

I certainly hope that this money is not used for peroxide or silicone.

I also find it disappointing that one of the charities that are supported is the CCAA. This group is linked to a DJ at a Toronto radio station whose Christmas campaign consists of asking listeners to provide things that kids want (ie. electronic games, new TVs, etc.) because they had suffered some sort of abuse. I personally do not think they are entirely legit but I cannot prove it.

Anonymous said...

This music festival was launched on funds from The Aurora Farmers Market.

Mike Moran proposed a music festival first to LSAC and guess who was invited to that meeting.

The Snowball Queen.

An email was sent out by a local politician saying the Farmers Market needed to protect their music festival.

There was support needed to oppose this event by Mr.Moran.

A very sad state of affairs when you look at the promotion of the Farmers Market over the period that the Snowball organizer was the "Special Events Chair",the public was directed to the chairs Web-site.Not to the Town of Aurora site or any market advertising.

The Farmers Market was used.

They still may be at present.

Anonymous said...

W T F !!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Cant tell you" ....I thank you for your concern.

I am a survivor of sexual abuse in my teens.

I went to this organization on two occasions for help.Both times I was turned away.

I have since met several females and males with the same story.

I know of a man in Aurora who is passionately trying to get help for others by starting a foundation to help survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

He keeps running into hurdle after hurdle.

I think I know why.

Elizabeth Bishenden said...

I would be interested to know if those charities operate in Aurora.

As many of you know, the Town does support a few Aurora-centric (sorry for inventing a new word) registered charities and not-for-profits, including the Aurora Cultural Centre, the Aurora Public Library, and several other sports, cultural, and general membership groups.

While some people believe that the Town should support no charities, I believe the Town should develop a policy that treats all charities and not-for-profit groups equally.

Councillor Michael Thompson has made a notice of motion to Council that he will be asking them to address this particular issue.

Be sure to let Mr. Thompson and the other councillors know your thoughts. Undoubtedly the Town will be looking for a variety of points of view.

All the Councillors can be reached at allcouncillors@aurora.on.ca.

Anonymous said...

What difference does it make Elizabeth if these charities operate in Aurora or not? The Trillium Foundation has a provincial mandate and clearly these charities operate in Ontario.

I take exception to your statement that the Aurora Library is a charity. As someone who sat on the Library Board, I would expect more from you. Library funding comes from higher government levels and is funneled through municipal budgets through the library board.

As far as charities getting funding from government - Any government - I am dead set against it. I already pay a significant amount of taxes and I have no control over where they direct my money. The last thing I want is some town staffer or councillor or even the Mayor decide which charity is worthy of receving my money.

Charity begins in the home and it should end there too.

Word on the Street said...

The St. Kitts are touring Europe. They'll be looking for the sponsorship cheque when they return.

Anonymous said...

Call me a doubting Thomas.... but does Mr St Kitts have any music ability in the first place? I've seen the resume, but I look at others that have won Juno awards or even nominated for them, and stellar talents they are not.

I mean, if it was that good - would Snowball be their place of residence?