"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Sunday 26 May 2013

The Scene Is Set

The Ford  Brothers have to figure out the  real enemy. There's plenty to choose . 

The Star and The Globe might just be  a front. Or, not. 

In the first place ,their business is selling advertising. If circulation drops ,they  lose sales. 

Was  the Globe selling fewer copies .?  How was the Star's circulation.

There's nothing virtuous about the newspaper business.  Business is business. 

Today we heard a  reporter  who could not  have been more than thirty, vouch for the truth of an allegation of something said to have happened thirty years ago. How could he ?

The  Globe states ten people told them Doug Ford was  a go -to  dealer for Hash when he was sixteen.  Only  hash heads could  vouch for that    Hardly likely  to be  choir boys or the local Boy Scout troop.

Both newspaper's stories have the same foundation. Shallow to say the least. 

The new Premier  Kathleen Wynne clearly does not recognize the  need  for good working   relationships with non-Liberal movers and shakers  in Toronto.  People do understand municipal government is little brother to the  Province. The relationship, therefore assumes a particular perspective. The slightest move can look like intimidation and or extreme bullying. 

The  Premier fired Paul Godfrey , the chairman of LGO, a prominent former city politician who worked productively with the  previous Liberal administration

Rob Ford defeated George Smitherman  for the office of Mayor . Mr. Smitherman  was a former  cabinet colleague of the new Premier. His greatest support came  from Provincial  Liberals. 

Doug Ford  has declared he will be a  Conservative  candidate in the next Provincial election.  He might be a  candidate for Party leadership.

The Liberal government is not secure.  Tim Hudac may be the best  thing they've got going  for them. 

Doug Ford would undoubtedly be a threat. 

Today we heard  about city services being transferred to  private contracts   from union and how many millions of dollars in savings that means to the taxpayers. 

CUPE might well be on the look-out for opportunities to discredit the Ford Brothers.

 Bob Rae has still not recovered  from his brush with CUPE . It was  twenty years  ago and he was leader of the NDP. 

We should not forget the  real cosy sweetheart deals possible within a massive administration like the City of Toronto. 

Remember the millions overspent on computers by a city employee beiing wined  and dined and   bedded by the computer salesman .It took a thirteen million dollar public inquiry to bring out all the sordid details but there they  all were,complete with elected officials.

It would be fool hardy indeed to imagine  it was a solitary  opportunity.  How many high-priced personnel  and city business associates would be more comfortable if the Ford brothers with  their inclination towards  blunderbuss politics were not in charge. 

Murdoch's Mysteries is  a favourite  program. I love the authenticity. The recreation of life in Toronto at the turn of  the century. They have pens and ink wells but they have overlooked the  blotting paper. 

The drama shaping up inToronto right now  is better than anything that could be imagined. 

And by the way ,Murdoch's superior, The Inspector , is typical Torontonian . The only thing missing is a Belfast accent. Does he not remind you of a couple of characters on the  real stage today.


Anonymous said...

And how much has been squandered on Aurora's hi-tech inventory program mandated by the province and that doesn't work anywhere?

All governments piss away money, be it thousands or millions or even billions.

But then they have the taxpayer to fall back on.

It's time for tax payers to say enough.

The report that Macsquinty (on purpose) commissioned from the eminent economist Don Drummond to solve Ontario's fiscal problems, an excellent document, has been turfed into the back of the biggest drawer in the darkest filing cabinet. Why? Because it provides tough solutions for today's problems. Not politically acceptable.

Newspapers are always suspect sources of "news" as are all the media, including and especially many blog-sites.

How many drug dealers have to certify that so-and-so was pushing or dealing or buying what and when? They should all be eradicated.

As for political history, all this does is make one want to throw up, on many of the people whose names you have mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Your reach seems to be exceeding your grasp.

Anonymous said...

10:13 PM

Anonymous said...

This all makes me equate politicians with another age old profession beginning with 'P'

Anonymous said...

I think I can maybe answer your question about the Star/Globe thing although it is very convoluted. Last week the value of shares in the Star fell as the investment reporter from the Globe placed them on his ' Buy ' list. He claimed that they represented value & quality!

Anonymous said...

I would far rather the provincial Conservative have a leader along the lines of William Davis.

But Doug Ford?

That's jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Or as you say "blunderbuss politics."