"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Friday 3 May 2013

Ye Shall Not Pass

I've said it before but never with such vehemence as on Tuesday

I startled myself.

I related an incident from  the term previous to last. Hydro Ontario proposed increased power
on overhead lines.

Tim Jones was Mayor. Morris took ownership of the issue. The pot was stirred to a roiling  boil.

A person with the title of doctor was invited from Trenton University to testify  children  could contract leukemia from hydro wires. The last time she was on the scene, a  pedlar's suitcase of gizmos  was displayed to protect people from "dirty" electricity in their homes. Like from light switches and wall outlets.

A particular meeting , organized by Morris, brought  enraged residents  to a face-off with Hydro officials . An angry male demanded the name  and address of an official  so that he could be sued  when the resident's ten year old  was diagnosed  with cancer.

The crowd  roared with laughter and applauded  the genius of his wit.

I thought; My God man, are you listening to whst you are saying?

My  reaction grows every time I hear someone use grevious  perhaps fatal harm to their
children as a reason for bureaucracy to  be doing something different.

Until Tuesday I've stayed  calm.  I've pointed  out choice of domicile is still a personal decision.  I've stated  if  I believed my child to be at risk, I woild not  wait for  bureacracy to make the decision  that would remove  the risk.  I would waste no time removing my child pretty damn fast.

On Tuesday night, driving home, I had to come to terms with my fury.

This argument  is constant.  We give it a pass.

I thought of parents and children who, every day endure the unendurable, the terrible reality of childhood cancer, the desperation, hope dashed  time and time again  and for many the inevitable end  and  the sadness that never leaves.

The  child who wasn't allowed to grow up.

I thought of the difference, ,if all  that was needed was a change of address .

I understood my  anger.

While so many  continue to endure the worst of life's experience, properly-owners casually refer to the awful possibility of harm to their children as a reason to bludgeon  bureacracy to bend to their will.

It cannot  and it should not be allowed to pass. 


Anonymous said...

Trenton has a university?!

Anonymous said...

They tried that with the piece of evil equipment in the playground. Experts of all ilk tore into staff and council. Staff held firm. Most of the councillors caved but eventually light got into their muddled brains. I think the equipment is still there & there sure haven't been a rash of accidents.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall who hollered first about Aurora's coyotes who were going to steal their infants. That one ran for a few meetings. Frank Klees basically told them off. The coyotes are still here. I expect that howlers are too.

Anonymous said...

Why do people not realize how ugly they look when they hurl abuse and fury?

Anonymous said...

Probably Trent University. In Peterborough.

Anonymous said...

A veritable witch's brew, "cauldron boil and cauldron bubble."

She should have jumped into it.

Anonymous said...

As long as all those opposing the tower for health reasons keep their cell phone to their ear, and lap tops in their face, the argument has no merit. As far as Hydro, just drive by the million dollar homes that sprouted up at Bayview and Vandorf whose back yards are nearer to the giant towers than any other building project I have seen, and they sold out quite quickly. The drama, hand wringing and emotional outbursts have got to stop. Please let saner heads prevail.

Anonymous said...

The reason that people resort to hyperbole and bogus issues is because gov't at all levels ignore what infrastructure people want or don't want in their communities. Mere wishes of what one wants the community to "look like" are dismissed as frivolous

Anonymous said...

The anti-train fanatics didn't notice that the tracks ran through their back yards? That they can rattle china & even blow whistles? How many houses sit right next to GO? Never a problem selling those suckers.

Anonymous said...

Have a GREAT weekend. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Scott's cartoon was right on the money. That tower was built to destroy Aurora. Not.

Anonymous said...


You have been involved in politics for many years, and are a seasoned player.

In an column in yesterday's Toronto Star, Chantal Hebert, a senior national affairs writer and recipient of the Order of Canada, comments about Stephen Harper's legacy in government, as possibly being nastiness.

Quoting from her column: "He promised to fix the democratic deficit that plagued Parliament. Instead Harper's contribution to that deficit already surpasses that of his predecessors.

The Conservatives were going to end the culture of entitlement that pervaded previous governments. Instead, some of Harper's senators and ministers have embraced that culture in relative impunity.

The prime minister also vouched to restore accountability to government. Instead, he has presided over increasingly opaque budgets and a Kafkaesque regime of communication designed to obscure rather than inform. The auditor general himself had trouble following the money through the federal system these days."

And on the provincial level you get the battle of the "babes" - Kathleen Wynne and Andrea Horwath. Wynne states that her government had already consulted 600,000 people when crafting this week's budget and throws down the challenge: She's prepared to "tweak" the Liberals' budget to win NDP support, but major changes are out. "Now is the time for decisiveness."

"I'm not afraid to go to an election."

Horwath replies by saying that the NDP Friday launched her "consultation" with voters using a toll-free phone line at 1-877-341-0244 and online at www.yoursayontario.ca.

Is this how one leads and governs?

This is all truly pathetic.

And at the municipal level "despair" might be the most appropriate word to describe our council's incompetent everyday function.

Is the above all that have to look forward to in years ahead?

Anonymous said...

I saw a great big bumble-bee today. There is hope for us yet.

Anonymous said...

My computer is whacked so I am not sure if I sent you a comment about the Mayor of London, Ontario ? Article in the Star. He is in trouble - again. This time in connection with a supposed charitable organization. The money meant to help those in need appears to have stayed local. The CRA has him in their sights. But will he serve any time?
Probably not given the track record.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 6:41 PM I have to do the Devil's Advocate here. The CRA established those entities which no one understands & which they cannot enforce because of cut-backs. We have at least 2 in Aurora playing their cards carefully/. That London guy has just wrong-footed himself & a lot of others. It is up to each individual & town to wade through the swamps. How are we doing?

Anonymous said...

I am not getting computer with any consistency tonight either. Peace. A quiet day works for me. Take care. Sleep?

Anonymous said...

While you and the partisan Chantal Hebert talk about
Harper and the "Democratic Deficit" remnants of the
Chrétien era of "Financial Deficits" ie the misdirection of
our hard earned dollars continue witness Joe Fontana
In london
I'll take a perceived democratic deficit anytime
Especially one a Tory (in your world liberals and Dippers could never do that) over the
Misuse of tax dollars anytime. Sounds like you
Have been reading the Star too long
Just ask Margaret Best

Anonymous said...

It's all the fault of that Bell Tower.

Anonymous said...


Harper is really a loveable, huggable Ken doll. Yeah, sure. And what's a billion dollars to host the G8/G20, with Tony Clement getting to furnish his riding to the tune of $50million? They should all join the armed forces and paddle around in their leaking subs or hover in their creaking copters.

Chretien merely choked people who got in his way. Much more effective. Wynne looks like she would be happier doing that than admitting to $585million gas plant cancellations.

As for the NDP their latest election tool is a phone-in love-line. I hope people calling it remember to disguise their phone numbers. Or they will be on the next robo-call list.

Anonymous said...

To 8:08 PM
A " perceived " democratic deficit ? No wonder Harper's #'s are dropping like flies.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that under the Chretien and Clinton administrations millions of jobs were created and the budgets went into a surplus.

Then along came W. and Harper and reversed these two things.

Does that say anything?

Anonymous said...

Aurora/Newmarket Liberals are awaiting patiently to see what the local riding does about their current management. For the first time, Frank Klees could be vulnerable but it would have to be a TEAM effort. Frankly, some of the team in place stink. Just saying. I'm only my own vote- not speaking that of anyone else.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day to start the month off !

Anonymous said...


Yes it does say something
If during the Chrétien/Clinton era things were so good
why didn't you include Harris and for the downside
why didn't you include McGuinty
Failure to do so indicates bias or worse

Anonymous said...

3:03 PM
Perhaps we should deal with the cards currently on the table? Plenty to play with across the country. No one deserves a free pass.

Anonymous said...


Why don't we cut out all the middle-men and go back to the beginning?

John A. Macdonald and George Washington.

Then everyone can fill in the gap between then and now with their favourite winner or loser!

Anonymous said...

Everyone has been so busy agonizing over that tower in King that they haven't noticed the plague of dandelions in their own back yards.

Anonymous said...

CBC News
Enbridge breaks safety rules in pump stations across Canada "
Their excuse is that they did not know the rules or that they were not being enforced. Although the rules are on the books.
Is it not their job to know the rules of regulation for their business?

Anonymous said...

" On the first warm day[s], on the first warm day[s] of May.............."

Anonymous said...

Time to start another Post.

Takes too long to get to the end to see the latest.

Anonymous said...

11:48... What planet are you from? I think you have facts reversed.

Anonymous said...

Interesting testimony by Mcguinty today infront of the Justice Committee.Took the entire rap for the power plants holding Wynne blameless.Also his point about saving the children and the health risks associated with the relocated power plants raises the questions "doesn't the same risks apply to the king township power plant being built" or "because it is located in a Tory riding does that mean the same dangers don't exist"
Sounds like typical Liberal logic.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:44 PM
Two senators have been ordered to return money for housing expenses. According to your sociological labeling, that would be called " typical Conservative logic ." Did you have a point 0?