"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Thursday 27 June 2013

Late Night Tuesday

 Council didn't end until midnight on Tuesday. A considerable amount of time was allocated once  again to the real estate scheme  that would siphon off the $34 million Hydro asset if the Mayor has his way.

We also had a request from orner Ridge Road residents for a judicial inquiry into how the town handled the  issue of the cell tower in King  Township.

Councillor Gaertner changed her vote on the real estate scheme for a park on Yonge  Street.  Mayor Dawe is now allied on this issue with herself, Humphrey's Gallo and  Ballard.

If I were him,that alliance  would give me pause. They are not his friends.

$25,000  was approved for a "feasibility"study. The promoters  have been back again and again and again. Something a Council  member would be unable to do.

The meeting will be shown  on Friday  afternoon at 3p.m.  It will also be available  on Roger's Cable website .

There was a fibre optic problem on Tuesday. The Town does not pay Rogers for Council meetings  shown on T.V.

They do it  as a community service

Last term  Rogers sought permission to install  new cameras in  the Council Chamber  The last Council   contemplated  asking them to pay for the privilege.

I suspect there were a few Councillors  just as  happy  not to be on television.  There were always others who preferred to believe nobody was watching.

I had an  e-mail from a  taxpayer  furious  about fire department plans to install water softening equipment at fire halls so tat the pumpers don't have hard water spots when they are washed He thinks Council would likely take up the issue on behalf of the taxpayers.

I'm not so sure . I've  received information about excessive spending on unnecessary vehicles in the fire department.

I doubt  the  public  majority would be interested in  an analysis of  the service provided and the cost of the same.

The fire and police departments both do a pretty good job of promoting their services.

It's not of course a simple matter of comparing cost to service .

It's a matter of share of resources. The exorbitant cost of  both services means programs to provide assistance to those in need  are reduced  while their needs continue to grow.

I am talking about children, the majority of people in need. 

Council will not meet again until mid July.  Lots of time to talk about stuff  that neds to be talked about, 


Anonymous said...

Kind of figured we would have a switcheroo there. It was even possible to guess the switcherees. So far it is only the ' feasibility ' but I am learning about politics.

Anonymous said...

Depending upon the results, perhaps taxpayers will be able to nominate that Feasibility Study for Best Fiction of the Year.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the mayor and four councillors are not cognizant of the fact that they are supposed to be stewards of the public purse.

From my standpoint that means investing taxpayer money into projects that will be of benefit to the community at large and will enhance the town's provision of services to its residents.

The thought of spending $10million, give or take a few, on a defunct Heritage Theme Park on some of the most valuable land in downtown Aurora is not just inane, but borders on the criminal.

What statistical research data has been carried out to demonstrate the financial benefits of such a project? Does such a project exist anywhere else?

Is $25,000 now going to be pissed away on a feasibility study instead of being spent on something that would benefit the town? What consultancy of morons exists that states it is capable to conducting such a study? Will the town be equally vigorous in establishing its bona fides as it was in gutting the Music in the Park group? Possibly this consultancy will similarly blow up.

$25,000 might sound like chump change when related to $34million in the Hydro fund, but it is not if you ask any resident. They unlikely will say that this amount is of no consequence.

How did we get such a group of failed intelligences to occupy five seats on our council, including the mayor, who disappoints more with each passing week?

Anonymous said...

The softener salt issue was simply a try-on to see how gullible Council would be. It worked so others will use the same methodology. Ask & you are likely to receive. Doesn't work in our family. So be it.

Anonymous said...

CBC News
" Hospital parking tickets incense dad of dying child"
Perspective, please, Councillors.

Anonymous said...

Christopher has been busy & creative

Anonymous said...

I don't wish to be seen as dim but couldn't someone have activated the streaming when they discovered Rogers was kaput? Residences would have found it & a notice on the Town's web-site might have been seen.

Anonymous said...

to 12:48...

You don't appear dim.

Rogers shows the council meetings as a service to the community. There is no obligation to do it. If they encounter a technical problem like a fibre cut, too bad it's not their core business.

If you really want to watch something that rivals drying paint, maybe when you realized there was no streaming, you get in your car and drive over to 1 Municipal Drive and take a seat around the lions' den.

I wish people would stop thinking that Rogers is obligated to provide this. If they had better content, you would see it moved or removed in a heartbeat.

Self promotion guru said...

8:38... thanks for letting us know Chris.

Anonymous said...

3:21 PM
Been there; done that. It was dreadful, maybe because there were so many balls in play. A Councillor was making some sort of apology which I simply could not hear, another was shouting at an audience member and a lady sitting next to me appeared to have a script because she kept nudging me and saying " Wait until you hear this ! " Whatever I was supposed to hear did not materialize and she stormed out.
So, if you don't mind, I will stay safely close to a washroom and hope council provide the meetings.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:42 PM
You are quite wrong. That was my comment & I've never met nor spoken to Christopher. The reason it was so basic is because someone like you will take offence if I am in any way supportive of what he does. I don't understand a lot of it but enjoy what I do. Get over yourself. Meow!