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Saturday 27 July 2013


Toronto's Board of Health wants Police to check for how many cyclists are hit by car doors opening.

That reminds me of a question . Public Health Nurses are esponsible for the health of children in the Province.

The program was started during the  Depression in the thirties  in Canada.

Since then we have had  health and hospital care program.s.

How much responsibility does that leave for Public Health  Nurses?

When  so many small children were suffocated to death in locked cars recently, why were the Public Health  Nurses not in evidence ?

Why were they not calling for  police taction. then?

What  service are we receiving from Public Health Nursing Services?


Anonymous said...

Whoa, Nellie ! Give us some time to catch up !

Anonymous said...

And the fox quietly chuffs with glee as he pads his way homeward from the hen house,

Anonymous said...

First of all, what do Public Health Nurses have to do with Aurora municipal affairs?

Secondly, I recall about 20 years ago a visit by a PH Nurse after the birth of our first child to make sure everything was okay at home. Now I know that was 20 years ago but is that still not part of their mandate?

Anonymous said...

If I read the story correct, it was the Toronto Health Board that asked the Police to "track" dooring.

The Health Board is responsible for a lot of things, including PHNs. Are you suggesting the PHNs should be out patrolling parking lots?

As a member of our government, please tell me what is the mandate of PHNs? I am sure it's something that you have readily available.

But, in case you don't, this is from the ONA website.

The Public Health Nurse (PHN) is an integral member of the public health team and provides public health nursing services based on the principles of Public Health, health promotion and disease prevention. Inherent in this role are the knowledge, skills and attitudes specific to health promotion and disease/injury prevention.

PHN roles include service provider (Healthy Babies Healthy Children, Sexual Health Clinic, Communicable Diseases follow-up, Travel clinics, Injury Prevention, Chronic Disease Prevention, etc.) consultant, educator, case manager, community developer, facilitator, advocate, counselor, communicator, coordinator, collaborator, researcher and evaluator, social marketer and advocates for and participates in policy formulation.

Anonymous said...

11:08... well done

PHNs are only a small part of Public Health units however. It was not the PHNs that asked the police to track the car door incidents, it was the Public Heatlh Department

Anonymous said...

There you go, 4:00 PM, you have to start bringing facts into the discussion.