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Friday 23 August 2013

Stupid is as stupid does

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8:45, if you are referring to King Henry's Arms, my comment is regardless of the council of the day, you can't fix stupid. You have to pay suppliers, you have to pay rent.


Ah yes....  it's true ...Oh Dear  Lord yes, how true it is... .Council cannot fix  stupid.

That having been said however, the town has a department entitled   "Retention and Expansion of Business"

Every year, at budget time, this  Councillor  asks for a single example of "retention or expansion "of a business within the previous year.

This year, there was an example;  "AW SHUCKS"

Now......if the bureaucracy can take credit for one company expanding  into larger
space, could they not  also have  advised  management of the highly  popular King Henry's Arms
it's a good idea to pay the  rent?


Anonymous said...

That place must be jinxed. I cannot remember how many time I've seen their sign change. Maybe someone can find some spooks in the basement so we can declare it a ' historical site ' ? Seems cheap compared to some alternatives being flogged.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be neat if Aurora had a pub of its own ? Like those ones in Germany where everyone gathers & tourists come to wonder at the noise & colour. Of course that would require imagination - better cancel the thought. Just trying to think of ways to generate revenue for the coffers.

Lloyd L. said...

12:44 And it was one of our citizens who helped bring Global exposure to the Filly.

Anonymous said...

Aurora should have many things of its own.First we need ideas and the the politicians to present them as their own.

Anonymous said...

If we are honest, we must admit that retention of businesses in the core of Aurora is simply not working. This is the same in many small towns where shopping is more convenient &, frankly, cheaper on the outskirts.

Surely You Jest said...

Global exposure, Lloyd L?! Are you referring to that no-budget ghost hunting show on some obscure specialty cable channel?

Anonymous said...

And a big ' Meow ' to you too. Isn't there anything of which you approve? That was just plain fun and money went directly to a charity - none of that trickle-down nonsense we are now on guard against. Loosen up !

Anonymous said...

" Former Liberal senator Raymond Lavigne NOT granted early parole "
Hope that item pleases those who claim material is slanted against conservatives. We take offensive at both parties.

Anonymous said...

It might be more interesting to see the negative side of that employee's tote sheet - those businesses that were not retained or expanded. And maybe a presentation about what was/is being done to stop the erosion. Sometimes it would be beyond help, like that little sub place that tried so hard. But, yeah, an explanation might be in order.

Anonymous said...

No one has mentioned that Bridal Supply place on Yonge at Kennedy. Or how old that building might be.

Anonymous said...

10:01, I believe the owners of that building were retiring. They sold it for $1.2 million.