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Friday 27 September 2013

Rumours Abound

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Looking for Logic in all the wrong places":

Like that B.S. park plan.They kept.knocking and now it seems tax payers are fronting the bill for their business plan.

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 27 September 2013 11:25

I have some up to date information  about that.

I heard a rumour the funds approved by Council for the Consultant for the Heritage plan for the centre-east area of town ,were being used to develop a business plan for the real estate scheme for
the properties on North Yonge.

I called the Director of Planning and was assured there was no truth to the rumour.

Council to staff on a motion by Councillor Abel, directed  Director of Recreation  Services to provide a "feasability"  report on a "business plan ",  Nothing that would cost money.

I inquired  recently of the Director ;  how is that coming? He informed me the task had been transferred to the Manager of Special Projects.

That's the land use planner, expert on the Oak Ridges Moraine Act ,who was transferred from the Planning Department to the Office of the Chief Administration Officer.

I tell you this because this is what I know. And  what I know, you are entitled to know.

What I don't know  is what  skills a land use planner might bring to formulation of a business plan for a project that would involve  purchasing   sizable Yonge Street properties for several million dollars , removing them from the assessment roll , to develop  an airy-fairy Heritage Park with the Hydro Asset  Reserve Fund.

I have heard that the main protagonist of the scheme, William Albino, is actively promoting it wherever people gather.

It is fairly certain,  stuff is  going on behind the scenes that not all Councillors are privy to.

A hot rumor this morning  fresh off the grid, is circulating  Hillary House Ball will be held this year in  a facility in King. Because there is no banquet facility in Aurora to accommodate the event.

This year, the Chamber of Commerce will not be holding their gala awards dinner.  The last one was held in King Township  because there was no banquet facility in Aurora to accommodate the event.

Normally that would not be the business of the Town. Except that the Town is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and was in the habit of buying a "platinum " sponsorship to the  banquet to the tune of $8,500.

Holding the banquet in a neighboring municipality with a sponsorship  from our town was not well received.

But the banquet  cancelled will not save the town money. It is to be used  instead to publicize  the list of firms who have done well  in our town for twenty-five years or more.

We can always find ways to spend money.


Anonymous said...

Mayor Dawe has taken the lead on that Heritage Park since day one. He said his support was because it was a plan brought forth in response to Council's request for ideas for the Hydro Fund. That is not sufficient reason. There were other suggestions. He selected that particular one. I thought the concept for the land around the former Library had possibilities.

Anonymous said...

Globe Sept 26
45 contenders vie for vacant seat in TO Council
Elizabeth Church

45 ?

Anonymous said...

"A hot rumor (sic) this morning fresh off the grid, is circulating Hillary House Ball will be held this year in a facility in King."

Hardly a rumour - and not this morning, either. It's been advertised for weeks - there is even a mobile billboard on Yonge St. Yes, it's being held at King Valley, over on Dufferin.

Anonymous said...

Remember the fuss when the Jazz group celebrated their Aurora success with a dinner outside of town. Gosh, that was dumb of them.

Anonymous said...

What I don't know is what skills a land use planner might bring to formulation of a business plan for a project that would involve purchasing sizable Yonge Street properties for several million dollars

NONE! Does that answer your question

Anonymous said...

Hillary House might be biting off more than they can chew. Last event was not a roaring success. I wish them well though.

Anonymous said...

St. Andrew's College rents out their facility, how about Oakland Hall. Magna Golf Club is private, but I'm sure someone at the chamber or the Town is a member. There's also St. Andrews Golf Club, and the Leisure Complex. Recognizing our businesses that have been around for 25+ yrs is a great way of recognizing businesses here in our Town. In fact thank goodness for the Chamber who always try to bring local business front and center to the people who live here. God knows the Town has had a problem with doing any type of business. I’m surprised that the Town sponsors or donates to the chamber at all. They keep chopping the knees out of anyone who want invest and generate real revenue here to this Town, but have no problem throwing money at some twisted Heritage sham that the Town has no business in “investing” in. This is just like the arena deal that’s going on in Markham.

Anonymous said...

10:10, I think last year's lacklustre returns led to this year's change of venue.

Anonymous said...

Sad but true. there is the bizarre belief that Aurorans have money to throw around. Ballard found that out when he tried $300 for an evening with the Rangers. Someone suggested it was something in the Town Hall water. I guess Evelyn takes her own.

Anonymous said...

"This is just like the arena deal that’s going on in Markham."

I'm glad to see that you have a keen sense of scale, 14:48.

Anonymous said...

21:40 If you’re comparing the $ amounts of each sham, then you’re correct. The Aurora Heritage park proposal is a smaller sham for tax payers compared to Markham.