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Friday 13 September 2013

Guest Post

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Now You See it...Now you Don't":

From the minutes of the most recent meetings of the two committees you mention, I note that Environmental has Clrs. Pirri (Chair) and Gallo (Vice Chair. The others mentioned may be members of the public and/or staff.

Trails is chaired by Clr. Gallo with Clr. Ballard as Vice Chair. Among (Other Attendees) is "Public Health Nurse."

From your description of the gift it could be nothing except the magnificent donation of something in excess of 80 acres of land by Mr. Frank Stronach.

I do not know the terms and conditions under which this donation was made although it would be very surprising if it did not contain certain desires on the part of Mr. Stronach.

You state that the two "committees met with a representative of the donor. Apparently some members had ideas of their own about the facility design.

I find it more than a little strange, and totally unacceptable that a gift to the town worth millions of dollars is being discussed in such a manner that the public has not heard a single word about the "ideas."

There are a total of three councillors on these two committees and I consider two of them to be losers. What input have other members of Council contributed?

Has Mr. Stronach, in fact, rescinded his donation?

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 13 September 2013 15:55

I have  told you what  I know.  A presentation was made to Council.  The amazing , incredible details of this beautiful gift were outlined by Mr. Stephen Hinder on behalf of Mr. Stronach. 

A motion was passed by Council to  refer  the the advisory committees. Why? I have no idea.

Why should any person other than the elected body have anything to say about receiving a gift.

But apparently they did. They had suggestions for changes  in the design for 
the donor's representative. 

If you read the comments you will see there are those who question accepting the gift. 

Who else had  authority?  Well.....citizen  advisors...and we gave it to them when we passed the resolution to refer the gift to them for their consideration.

I would not have thought anyone could have screwed this up.

Apparently I was wrong.

But it sure looks like they have.


Anonymous said...

This Council is like a bunch of insane chefs in a kitchen. They have access to all sorts of ingredients but cannot create a single decent dish because they are so busy throwing food at the residents of the town and each other.

Anonymous said...

Xhristoher is right. We have a bunch of ass-hats in charge.

Anonymous said...

20:12, are you calling Cllr Buck an "ass-hat"?!

Anonymous said...

Nope. Are you saying she is ' in charge ' ?

Anonymous said...

Well, 08:28, she is one of the nine elected to council. Are you saying Council isn't in charge?

Anonymous said...

Who would you say was ' in charge " ? Contribute for a change.

Anonymous said...

to both of the "A$$-Hats" at 20:12 and 8:28, Buck is one ninth in charge. That means the other eight ninths that she is always opposed to, are calling the shots.

Anonymous said...

Meow !