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Thursday 7 November 2013

Tune in on Tuesday

KA-NON has left a new comment on your post "Lavender's Blue, Dilly Dilly----Lavender's Green":

I am not sure I understand this clearly. Are you saying that a $323,000 project was cancelled, or that we incurred costs of $323,000 for the Town Hall renovation, a project that was eventually cancelled, and that cost ($323K) was not referenced on the list?

The figure of $313,722 was made available to Council on November 5th, last Tuesday. The
number difference was my error. I was going by recollection. 

Because of the two hours spent on the question of an unwanted school site on Mavrinac Boulevard, the agenda was not  completed even though the hour of adjournment  was extended until 11.15p.m.

Monday night's report to  the budget meeting was  the  financial status of capital projects; completed, underway, not started and cancelled. It included various expenditures for projects that did not materialize.

In a separate report  on Monday. council were informed that because of a   projected 2013 budget deficit,  projects had been deferred  and other actions taken to "mitigate " the deficit and allow the year to end with a "surplus"

The figures on the cancelled town hall renovation project were not included in Monday's report.
They were not available when the report was compiled.

Although ....I  did ask a couple of  meetings ago... what had been spent on the town hall renovation project before it was cancelled?

The Treasurer answered  immediately, without having to check, $300,000;  to be just as quickly contradicted by the CAO.

The following week I submitted  Notice  of Motion to direct  a report  giving the figures to be provided.

The Motion was withdrawn with indication that a report was  forthcoming.

The report was on Tuesday's agenda.

We didn't get to it.

It will be on  next Tuesday's Council agenda

Council meetings are normally shown  on  Cable 10  

See you there


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty darn sure that I heard staff tell council at their last Council meeting - not the GC - that the figure would be available for the GC. You are quite right. The first figure was given with authority & then taken back with the promise of ALL the #'s being available. The councillor to whom that assurance was made was Cllr Thompson.

Anonymous said...

Not much got done given all the preparations by staff & councillors. Somehow they have to figure out how to side-track the side-shows into a special slot of their own. Streaming an hour and a half of an empty chamber is not constructive.

Anonymous said...

It's gotta be pricey when they add in all the construction work in the old library. I think that lower number was probably only ' studies ' and ' planning '. Designing stuff.