"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Saturday 23 May 2015


I love oranges. I start every day with a sweet juicy seedless Californian Sunkist and consider myself blessed. 

A couple of City news items caught my attention last night. Mayor Jiohn Tory was speaking of  better management of week-end traffic when major arteries are closed for marathons and for essential repairs and re-construction. 

He said groups should sit down to-gether and pull names out of a hat if that's what It takes to create order out of chaos. Nobody has ever accused John Tory of being impractical 

The most interesting  item that emerged was city revenue  of millions  from charity marathons. 

Users pay. ...Handsomely. ...Taxes do not subside charitable fund-raising.  Toronto property taxes are are lower than Aurora. 

Contrast that with various charity runs and Chamber of Commerce Street Sale and Rib Festival in Aurora. 

No user fee has ever been charged for  Yonge Street to be closed for the Street Sale which by any measure  is a phenomenal  commercial success. 

On the contrary, the town pays week-end premiums for employees to be on hand before and after for set-up and clean-up. 

Like the Jazž Ferstival ,we hear about great advantage derived from the event. We see no signs of it. Yonge Street  Aurora is still the saddest, loneliest place on a Saturday. Wherever they are, Aurora residents are not crowding the sidewalks of any section of the  main thoroughfare. 

Councillor Abel and Humpfreys always find it in their hearts to waive fees for the charitable runs. 
"it's for a good cause " is they emotion expressed. "These people do good work" 

It means the funds collected for charitable causes are augmented by support from town coffers, are derived from taxes imposed on the same people running and sponsoring and voluntarily contributing 
to the cause. 

It's double-dipping. 

Council's role in operating corporation's business efficiently is not a consideration. Lady Almoner and Bountiful is how they see themselves. Doling out money they took from other people's pockets. 

The city is considering increasing  separate charges on water bills based on the square footage of roof. Run-off  from property contribute to flood problems . Infrastructure,neglected for years is in desperate need  of renewal . 

After the Region was created forty-four years ago, Aurora undertook to re-construct all roads in the old town. At the same time storm and sanitary sewers were separated. 

 Storm water ponds are constructed in all new subdivisions to deal with run-offs from roads and roofs .
Cost  adds to home  prices. Property taxes paid for ever and a day reflect those hidden costs. 

The town spends a million dollars iannually lining pipes with plastic

Despite infrastructure improvements adding  multi million dollar to the tax bill, water bills were deliberately increased 100%  in four years . 

One explanation offered  to explain the increase proved not to be factual.  Others were refused by the administration for  fear of how the information would be used .

iLike maybe telling the people who pay the bills how the money is being used.  

Toronto has authority to impose  a variety of levies. 

The city draws millions every day to work,and play. Toronto has expenditures nobody else has. 

It cannot be suggested the tax rate is readily comparable . 

At the same time, the idea that any part of the function of  a Municipal  Council is to distribute largesse from taxation to everyone who " does good work " is monumentally idiotic. 

Volunteerism is an essential part of any family community. Some being compensated while others not 
is anything but practical,sensible or fair. 


Anonymous said...

Wow !
Lots of meat in that post.
I will settle with agreeing that Cllrs Abe & Humfyres always find it in their hearts & our funds to support every darn cause every darn time.

Anonymous said...

I think the free fresh orange hand-out is about to end with the altered voting pattern- sure hope so.

Anonymous said...

And for this exact reason, I don't give a dime to any charity organization. I've known for a long time that all levels of government use my money to pick and choose the organizations they deem fit to donate tax payers money.

Anonymous said...

Water rates will continue to be a problem when no evidence is given to support them. That mayor's belief that Aurora gets a good deal is patent nonsens,

Anonymous said...

Charity begins at home and is very personal.

Each of as members of our community should find a charity that we can support within our means to do so

It is somehow gratifying to know that one of our fellows or a local organization will receive some financial assistance that will permit them to continue in their good work .

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Still it is not council's job to decide which charities and organizations should receive extra taxpayer money. It is beyond their remit imo.

Anonymous said...

There are organizations that I don't want them to receive one red cent of my money. Municipalities should be taking care municipal services only.

Anonymous said...

It would be easier for all if ALL councillors having charitable impulse attacks would reach for their own wallets. Then, there could be no cause for complaint.

Anonymous said...

17:07 - Best comment yet!