"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Saturday 2 May 2015


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Oh Goodness there's been a lot missed opportunities for our down town core. But of course there is the issue of the # of parking spaces that are required to develop an opportunity. If you're missing one or two that are required...no problem! The opportunity will cost you $$$$'s to build in lieu of those parking spaces, and of course the opportunity I

It's a sample of policy that discourages business from locating here, while millions need to be expended to entice customers and business to the Heritage Core. 
A zoning-change requires  x number of parking spaces. If the site is too small, the town takes $13 k in lieu of each space and stashes it in a reserve fund. 
But space can't just materialize . 
So, the application gets approval  without the 
space and town pockets the dough knowing full well parking cannot be provided. 
The policy was struck forty odd years ago
An office suite was vacated on the second  floor of the building on the south-east corner of Wellington and Yonge. 
The Banner was on the ground level. Sounds emanating from above signalled construction and brought the town galloping to stop that. 
A re-zoning was processed and $13 k pocketed by the town in lieu of a parking space. A reserve fund was established. No parking space then. Not now. Not ever.
Y'know, if there is no space , there is no space. 
It's bureaucracy gone wild with no judgement in play. 
Unless  you have friends in the right place. 
Like St Andrew's College. Despite town bylaws, a permit to build was issued to St Andrew's without the development charge being paid.  
It doesn't have to be until the property is sold.
The Salvation Army  was similarly excused.  
But not the Separate School Board. When  St Max High School was built, they were over-charged and had appealed to the OMB to get that fixed. 
The town lost the argument. 
Both  town and board paid legal fees. Out of the same pocket. 
The Aurora-King Baseball Association got a sweet deal from the town as well this week.  
Initially, a request for fees to be waived was refused. But a way around was found.
The town will pay the association to maintain the mound. The association will use the money to pay students to maintain the mound. Then they will use the same money to pay the user fees. 
The association is no longer local. They are the Aurora/King  Baseball Association. 
So, as with the Culture Centre, largesse from Aurora treasury is spread around to all who come.

It's one term since we built a million dollar 
facility for Aurora ball players. They complained about having to go elsewhere to play. Now they complain they don't have enough numbers and fees are a hardship. 
And a way has been found for them  to evade paying.
Instead of paying to use the facility ,they are being paid to maintain it to their higher standard.

What a crock!

Six  Councillors bought the mullarkey. 
The Mayor did not. 
Unfortunately the guidance and leadership function as spelled out in the Municipal Act has never been his choice. Too late to try it now. Only Councillor Gaertner voted alongside so the story goes. 
Councillor Humfreys is quoted arguing against but  voting in favour. A well-established political tactic. 
Other than the "sports tourism" ballyhoo  trotted out by Councillor Pirri ,no arguments are cited in favour of the deal.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Rust-D’Eye is back in the news.


Anonymous said...

"Sports Tourism " is the new buzz-word. It is being presented as something that MUST be good for the town regardless of what flea-brained idea is being floated.
As for Cllr Pirri and his votes, the man spent most of his first term hanging out with staff while looking for a job. He found the job and appropriated staff view point on a number of issues.

Anonymous said...

Council did a complete flip on St. Andrews. At the GC, councillors made clear why the exception should not be made. The same individuals took the opposite approach at Council shortly afterwards.
I do not think that any pressure was put upon them to change their votes. St Andrews does very well on their fund gatherings. It just looked like a bunch of cowards to me.l