"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Wednesday 9 September 2015



I am not blaming Rae for my life. I am just stating the facts of how this province was left to rot under mountains of NDP debt. I have a spouse that had to take "Rae Days" so it was close to home. 

Trudeau has already stated that he will go further into debt. We all know that is the NDP mantra as well. Amazing how they are both calling out Harper on debt but both state that it will get worse with them.  

My fear is my ability to keep my savings if an NDP government is in power. We all saw the hit the markets took when they took over in Alberta.  

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That's odd. Bob Rae had one term in office . If memory serves me right, David Peterson's Liberals were responsible for the NDP Election. 

I do not re-call a significant decision of the NDP that plunged the Province into debt.

They inherited debt.  They  sold the first provincial toll road to reduce debt. For less than it cost to build. Like in a bankruptcy sale. 

The  Rae days that earned him the enmity of every public servant in the Province was a rare example of government thinking outside of the box. 

Debt was so crushing ,reducing cost of the public service had to be contemplated. It's always the largest component of government spending and the only one under their control.

Bob Rad came up with a humane alternative. He asked public servants to take two or three days off without pay to save jobs. 

He didn't ask them to work without being paid. Didn't impose a pay cut. He required them to take two,or three days off without being paid. 

In unions ,it's last hired,first fired.mbKb Rad was asking those with seniority to make a small sacrifice 
so that the least of their members could keep their jobs. Like a brotherhood might ...eh 

They defeated Rae in the next election.  RAn him into the ground.,They continue to recall  Rae Days as if they were the greatest  crime of the century. 

Sid Ryan,President of CUPE did much the same thing to Andrea  Hirvath in the last election. Stood behind Kathleen Wynn and supported the Liberal  budget. 

 Aurora has a food bank as do most other towns in Ontario. Canadian citizens are reduced to the indignity of asking for food  hand outs. Mike Harris reduced social benefits in his time in office. 
They were never restored under the Liberals. 

While particular elements of public service amass more wealth than government has debt. 

The commenter is worried about his investments and blaming the NDP....only weeks in office in Alberta.....for the drop in oil prices. 

Bob Rae came from a Liberal background. Though not immediately and without fanfare, he returned to the Liberal fold, ultimately without further political success. 

Recently.....so fleeting I'm not sure when.... I'm not  even positive it was Conservative or Liberal......so unbelievable ......it seems I may have dreamed it.....a wholesome young woman gazed earnestly out from my TV screen  and said::

"Justin Trudeau doesn't get it. I'm a teacher and my husband's a firefighter."

Intimation being.....as a couple, a teacher and firefighter are suffering financial hardship. 

WHAT ! ! ! ! 

I haven't seen it again. I watch for it. It certainly indicates teachers and firefighters associations have been persuaded Harper's re-election is in their interests.

 It probably means third-party advertising. 

It's hardly likely an individual teacher would take personal responsibility for the ad. 

Wouldn't that be a slap in the face for Premier Kathleen Wynn after everything she and Dalton McGuinty before her, have done for teachers and firefighters in the Province of Ontario. 

They created their own worst nightmares. 

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might have seen the ad or know how to discover 
particulars of it. It ran in the wee small hours of the morning. Possibly as a test. 


Anonymous said...

"The commenter is worried about his investments and blaming the NDP....only weeks in office in Alberta.....for the drop in oil prices. "

I have not blamed the drop in oil prices on the NDP in Alberta. That would be a stupid thing for me to do. My reference however was, as soon as the the NDP won in Alberta, the TSX dropped mutltiple percentage points - all pointing to a negative change in provincial economic policy in Alberta.

Anonymous said...

That person's savings are already being hit by the current economy and governments.
And not a single NDP to blame.

Anonymous said...

That person's savings are already being hit by the current economy and governments.
And not a single NDP to blame.

Anonymous said...

Oh for Pete's sake! We all know what the NDP and the Liberal governments want to do, and that's pour money into services. And that's what "apparently" people are wanting. Whether that's to stimulate the economy, help out much more needed services, or whatever flavour of the political day reason. The point is, we are going to have to pay for them. There will be no cost cutting measures in government personnel or departments. So, yes! Savings will be diminishing for those who have savings, and for those who don't? Well...cost cutting measures will be done in our homes.

Anonymous said...

ah, the " perception " of a negative change.
When the " reality " is the reason and this would be the same under any party in power.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the opinion of a blinkered, partisan neo-con desperate for Harper to stay in power?

#timeforchange #anybodybutharper

Anonymous said...

Anybodybutharper? Really?? You don't work do you?

Anonymous said...

After more than five years the U.S. Federal Reserve has ended its "quantitative easing" which created more than $4.5 trillion of "paper money" - i.e. printing it.

The results of this radical program have seen stocks surge in price, an economic recovery that was patchy, a sharp drop in unemployment, interest rates that have dropped to virtually zero and an inflation rate that has fallen and is a problem in its own right.

The above was as of October 2014.

Since then the American economy has strengthened dramatically with housing undergoing strong growth, likewise auto sales and a whole bunch of other areas bounding ahead.

Politicians and the public are neophytes when it comes to understanding those things that make an economy function. Former Fed Chairman Bernanke was a student of the Great Depression and it was President Franklin Roosevelt who used massive government programs to halt the rot and start to turn around a situation that could have bankrupted the United States. Bernanke's quantitative easing was an unpopular and misunderstood tool that reversed the economic disaster of his time.

And certainly there are features that people do not like, me included, such as "zero" interest rates.

Anonymous said...

Now that was just plain silly

Anonymous said...

"The Conservative campaign has come utterly undone"

Headline on John Doyle's "Television" column in today's Globe and Mail

"The TV commercial campaign is cited as a success by its creators, the agency Reason Partners, who said, "The campaign was created to address the political opposition and media portrayal of Mr. Harper being "scary, cold and aloof" and at the same time attract more female votes."

Things change. The Conservative campaign needs more than a sweater now. Watching it unfold last week on TV was an eye- opener, an insight into a disaster. Clearly, there is no plan for dealing with media questions and coverage, and on the evidence of the Harperman's insistence that bombs, not shelter and kindness, remains the primary answer to a heart-scalding humanitarian crisis, there is no moral authority to govern us."

Reason Partners should head for the hills and hide for at least six months. What a stupid bunch of ninnies. Typical clueless political hacks.

I wonder what viewers would think if they saw the body of a 200 plus pound man with grey hair wash up on a beach?

Anonymous said...

Yes, 16:02, I work as Stephen Harper's charisma coach, but I think I'm about to be laid-off.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps a bloater floater.

There seems to be too much hot air and no substance.

Anonymous said...

As you should.

Anonymous said...

And we are only half way through !!!