"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Tuesday 8 December 2015


OH HO HO ...we have a flurry of comments about the difference in the Mavrinac purchase 
of the School site and buying the golf course. 

The Town has a master recreation plan. Parks are more than amply provided in that neighbourhood.

Never at any time did the town anticipate a need for the property. 

Since before homes were built the site was posted as a future school site.

Whatever a real estate salesman told a buyer about the future  of the site, the buyer was simply not paying attention to  evidence before his eyes. 

If he was lied to ,he was a willing dupe. 

Neighbours were using it as a dump. Dead  animals dumped over the fence in broad daylight. 

The contract claimed by the town was challenged by the developer. 

Then for reasons unknown to the rest of us, he cut his losses and got  out of Dodge.

The fact  remains the town has no use for  the site. 

Potential revenue and development charges to control taxes  are lost .

Legal fees have been expended. The  price was paid out of a reserve created from taking fees in lieu of parkland from commercial or industrial developers. 

Not all Councillors were initially in favour of buying the land although the one I re-call did not, needs  to speak up for himself. 

I've read the latest Auroran story on line. Some  things don't connect. Seems an extra meeting took place to allow the developer to offer to sell the land at a price. 

Sounds  like  the President of the Ratepayers' Association was speaking as purchaser. 

Could Council have surrendered  authority to the Ratepayers? 

 Is the matter now theirs  to decide?  

Or are they planning a purchase with their own resources?

Why then would  a closed meeting  be scheduled  for Council to discuss potential purchase of a golf course? 

Where are  financial feasibility reports from the Town's Chief Financial Advisor? 

Where would the funds come from? 

How much assessment revenue would be forfeit? How  many millions in development charges?

Is it a sin to think like a business? 

What impact of expanding parklands by so many acres?  Would Parks Department budget have to be doubled ? 

Would the residents  be O.K. with soccer tournaments, baseball diamonds ,tennis courts and high-powered lights to keep the fields in use until late evening. Maybe band concerts  with space enough to cope with  crowds at Rib Festivals.

Ah yes Rib Festivals.... Carnivale.... traffic...think of all the tourists the town could attract to swell 
the coffers of local business. 

To compensate for loss of the Jazz Festival. 

Oh Dear Me yes....the smells and  noise and the traffic of fun and frivolity. 

A Community  Centre could finally  be built at the south end of town with. a casino occasionally to raise funds to pay for  SPECIAL  events like a traveling circus perhaps.... with clowns and acrobats and trailer homes 

A Race course would be nice for those with a gambling bent and slot machines. 

Or would the neighbours , like  the  Mavrinac residents,  prefer to keep the space vacant for their own private enjoyment. 

Like High Tor Farm at the south end of town. 

So  many exciting alternatives to quiet  neighbourhood streets .


Anonymous said...

I think the neighbouring residents are going for the High Tor concept.
They get their parkland surrounded by their homes and nothing happens to it.
Like not having those awful golf balls breaking their breakfast room windows all the time.
But nothing else would change in their vision. All peace & quiet with pampered protected trees to view.
Another weed and refuse nightmare on a much larger scale than Mavrinac.

Anonymous said...

Now that you are like the "rest of us" you are as in the dark as we are. It's fun to speculate. It's even more fun to let your imagination run wild. The truth is - as you well know - the speculation is usually just that.

I don't live on Highland Gate.... I actually live closer to HighTor. To be honest, I really don't care about Highland, HighTor or Marvinac. My voice will never convince anyone at that table now, past or present, what is right so I will let them run with it.

I pay my taxes. My garbage gets picked up. My street is plowed usually. I am sure a fire truck will come if needed. I don't use any other town service that is paid from my taxes.

I am getting tired of fighting about it. Let me be.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard that the town needed more park space although there are regular demands for more
soccer fields and the tennis people probably want more courts. Mavrinac sits collecting weeds but they
are in no rush to have anything there it can be avoided.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. I think the days start getting longer in just a few more weeks. High Tor is lovely in the spring if
you know a way in or can have a neighbour open their back gate for you.

Anonymous said...

" Going to pot ? Canada leads way in legalizing marijuana "

Anonymous said...

Ok. See ya!

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me whether the OMB can impose a compromise solution to the application?

i.e. half the number of home units and a five story building?

Anonymous said...

There are ways to get in with out getting a gate opened.

My point is that everyone comes to this site to complain. They speculate on what is going on - up to and including secret meetings and societies at play. The reality is that unless you are around the table and have first hand knowledge, you don't know squat about the topic.

Rather than speculate and complain, I am just going to give up.

Anonymous said...

I did know about going in near the tower but was unsure about sending you that route.
But don't give up entirely - drop by periodically and keep Mr Watts in mind too.
Sometimes, like with the Highland stuff, it is enjoyable to watch what council does or doesn't do. Without caring.
Beats the " real " world, hands down.

Anonymous said...

There is a path from the other street further east of the tower.