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Monday 26 September 2016


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Question for the Real Estate agents.... 

Why do you feel the need to show your picture on your ads and signs? And when you do, you appear to be over the top. 

If I am approached by a real estate agent and he or she appears to be a bit of a show off from a status point of view, I am turned off. Sure, you make 3% on a sale (a #million house grosses you $30,000) but don't forget that I am paying for that. So, that Mercedes or BMW that you drive and the "glamour shot" photos of you come out of my pocket. I would be more inclined to use an agent that does not surround himself or herself with the trappings of money. Do that on your time. 

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Houses don't sell themselves. 

The agent bears the cost and often the house is not sold. 

I don't know all the expenses. 

 I know they are substantial.

 I posted the comment to provide  opportunity for a real estate agent to respond.                              


Anonymous said...

Now a days the only significant expense an agent has is his/her time. The sign is put up, pictures taken and put on the MLS web site, maybe an open house and then your wait for the feeding frenzy (in Aurora anyways).

I look at the flyers that I get in the mail from agents. They all seem to show the agent as living a pretty good (sometimes extravagant) lifestyle. They don't have to sell many houses in a year to make a 6 figure income.

Anonymous said...

I'm not an agent,but have family members in the industry. Every agent works with a broker and part of their commision is shared with that broker. How much? That depends on the agreement that's signed and agreed between the two. There is also licensing fees, broker fees, course upgrading fees, staging fees, advertising fees, lunches, and dinners expenses just to name a few. Their hours can be pretty shity. Evenings and weekends is the norm. Like all occupations, there's up and down times. Easy clients to work with and difficult ones. Bottom line, good agents work hard for their money.