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Thursday 1 September 2016


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WHAT DO THE CANCER FUNDS ACCOMPLISH ?": 

If you look into the petition, the drug is approved by Health Canada but not approved for subsidy until each province body approves it.  

Drugs are expensive. No question, perhaps some of the money raised by people walking, running, biking, etc. should be directed to a fund that pays for expensive drugs.  

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My impression is Health Canada has approved trials in Canada. The Provinces have not approved payment of the drugs during trials. 

My questions are twofold.

Why are the drugs so horrendously expensive? It's almost like taking hostage.

Would they be so expensive if governments and health benefit plans were not paying bills ? 

And...how much if any...are the Canadian Cancer Society and Health Canada contributing to 

Certainly the impression of  devoted volunteers is that they are raising funds to find a cure.If that's not true,why do they believe it. Why are many dying, when there's a drug that can save them ? 

If Pfizer is free to charge thousands of dollars for one dose of the drug,does that mean they paid one hundred per cent of research costs . 

If they did, and found a cure, what is being accomplished by the millions  of dollars contributed by the volunteers ,here, in the States and elsewhere?

I don't know these answers . All I know is, year after year ,millions,if not billions , are being funneled into the hands of government and the Cancer Society  and when a cure is found, the cost  is prohibitive to  patients who need it for survival. 

I think that question needs to be answered .

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