"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Sunday 19 February 2017


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We have so many "arms length" organizations/groups like the OMB, all with no accountability to taxpayers. All appointed by government, their own boards or hired by their own organizations. Audits done with very little change if any at all. Giving elected officials more power and responsibility would at least give taxpayers the ability to throw these people out in an election. 
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Government boards and commissions appointed by the Province should not be confused with 
the wonky board that manages the Aurora Culture Centre or the Aurora Historical Society. 

The Library Board is not the same. It is provincially legislated with legislated responsibility. 

Each member is a government appointee for a fixed term based on certain credentials which might 
simply be good reputation and recommendation from a reliable source or sources.  It might be a pay-off. Either way , it is a political appointment.  Re-appointment is never a done deal. 

Remuneration is fixed by government. Funds are provided by the government. 

The Province and the Federal governments are one hundred per cent responsible for public services provided by a myriad of boards and commissions. 

 Municipalities also exist at the pleasure of government. Except for elections, responsibility is for  services that theoretically , can be more efficiently and economically provided at the grass rots
The Province is still responsible for over-all effectiveness  and integrity of services provided.

The history of Boards of Education is an example. 

In the beginning , municipal councils were responsible for education. Councils were generally 
comprised of representatives from local business. 

Property owners had a vote. Non-property owners did not.
Capital spending was by plebiscite. 

Local improvements were voted with seventy- five per cent in favour. That law is still on the books.

Back In the day, Councils tended not to favour education for children of the work force. 

As a result, authority was taken from them. School boards were created.

Education taxes became the greatest part of any municipal budget. 

Councils collected the taxes. Councillors carried the can. 

They were still complaining when I was first elected. 

In the nineteen-nineties, the Province finally took responsibility for education costs but not completely. The formula was, the Province would absorb all increases.

Education boards continued to be elected with authority effectively neutered. 

At the same time, Regions surrounding Toronto were compelled to pay the cost of social services in Toronto to obscure the real cost of that city's amalgamation. 

The province negotiates education employee contracts. They decide when schools are built and by formula, when they are closed. 

School boards  take the heat. 

In every meaningful way, local autonomy, simply and suddenly, vanished from the scene. 


Anonymous said...

It seems like no one is responsible for anything.

Somehow money gets collected and spent with "virtual accountability."

We appear to live in a virtual age free from those burdensome "facts" that used to exist.

Anonymous said...

I see no difference with the cultural center. They provide a bunch of duplicated services that the town also provides. Compete with private businesses in Town with money handed over by the Town with little to no accountability. Sounds like many other "arm's length" government group.

Anonymous said...

You're just parroting the moderator, 23:17; hitching a ride on one of her hobbyhorses.

You're both wrong.

Anonymous said...

Not parroting...just agreeing.
Both wrong eh? Sure they are...all fake news right?

Anonymous said...

10:31 We have so many that are looking for real quality of life improvements, that are being told "sorry, we have a culture program to fund before you". I know many that are hoping and praying that the government can help improve, prolong and even save their lives. You can read about it everyday. Here's one you

Anonymous said...

10:31 prove that the moderator is wrong!

Anonymous said...

23:01, whatever funding that is earmarked for "culture" by the various levels of government is a mere pittance in their overall budgets.

So, it is not an 'either or' proposition as in regards to cases like that of the little girl, and any similar examples we all may have heard.

Sorry, I just call BS on this: "...that are being told "sorry, we have a culture program to fund before you"."

Anonymous said...

BS? The cost of that particular operation is $50000. How many kids can have that operation from the half a million aurora hands out evert year? I suppose just a "mere pittance" of kids.