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Monday, 15 September 2014

Cain and Able and the biblical Mess of Potage

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"A politician worth his salt doesn't whine."

You mean like you did about Dawe and Abel after last week's council meeting?

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 15 September 2014 09:28


Bless your innocence. Did you think I was whining when I told readers what those two did.

Do you  think anyone but me would have brought it to attention. 

Geoff Dawe and John Abel are just a couple of guys in the last election who had the advantage of circumstances beyond their control 

The  prime  objective  of the election was to toss the incumbent rascals out. 

If I have a criticism of either, it is disappointment. I can't even blame them for that.

They had no reason to believe I would handle my responsibilities differently to any time in the past. 

I had hopes but no real grounds to expects anything from them.

Neither had political experience and sadly they took their lessons from those  who were  defeated.

John Abel moved a motion a number of months ago to have a representative from the insurance company come to Council and provide an explanation for the increase in premiums. The figures he apparently wanted  were not  disclosed on that occasion.

This time  it was the Mayor's resolution. Obviously it had more clout. Figures were produced.The purpose was served.

John was first to draw a comparison to my opposition to  paying the Feds  a half million for that old wooden shed in the corner of our town park.

Geoffrey followed up but with a little less assurance.

Once they had the figures there was little further interest .

Like why did the insurance company provide a person no longer in office with $143,000 to defend against a Conflict of Interest . Clearly the decision to sue three residents for millions in damages was  a personal action. The action was lost. The  court found it was intended to silence political criticism.

Why did the insurance company  pay $143,000. to defend the indefensible.

In the matter of $845,000  in other legal  fees , the  Vice  President  indicated   the normal process is to bring the parties together to seek a settlement early in the process. He did not explain why the normL process was not followed.

Nor  did he explain why the first lawyer assigned was replaced at the request of the defendants with a lawyer of their choice.

The boyos both, Dawe and Abel, with biblical fervour ,had no interest in anything but  figures and assigning blame.

The thought occurs; the  Honorable Member of the Provincial Assembly Premier Kathleen Wynn is suing for defamation, the Honourable former(?) Leader  of the Opposition. Tim  Hudak and a colleague .

The accusation was made that public records  in the Premier's office were shredded after Ms Wynn became Premier. It's a serious accusation because it's against the law.

The  relevant question.....

Is the provincial insurance company paying Kathleen Wynn's legal fees?

Or Tim Hudak's et al ?

Or both?

What  impact will that have on  provincial insurance premiums?

If there's an increase, is Kathleen Wynn responsible for the suit  to protect her reputation against Tim Hudak et al ?

Or is Tim Hudak  et al responsible for intent to damage the Premier's reputation ?

Maybe Wikipedia has the answer. Like the one about personal injury.


Anonymous said...

That bit about insurance companies being most interested in seeking a settlement is bunk. I would bet you have not even been approached over all these years.

Anonymous said...

Can't find the minutes. Is no one running the shop ?

Anonymous said...

What exactly do you think was the motivation behind "what those two did"?

Anonymous said...

The former has another court date on the 23rd. I do not know where this one is supposed to be held but it seems to be the matter in which she is suing us for more money,

Anonymous said...

If no indemnity insurance existed, courtesy of governments, there might be less stupidity stated and perpetrated by those elected to public office.

They might have to think very carefully before writing or speaking, as the financial consequences would come out of their own pockets.

How many are brazen enough to risk this?

Anonymous said...

It is not clear to me what Dawe and Abel know about lawsuits and civil proceeding, but from the last four years we know of their expertise in raising taxes.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Dawe was correct when he said that that huge expense doesn't provide any benefit to the Town and its residents.

KA-NON said...

Is the $845K an incurred expense, or is a large portion of it a reserve amount? Hard to imagine they have incurred that much in legal fees.

Anonymous said...

28 Candidates for Councillor ?
I am not in favour of a ward system as it is too restrictive & divisive but how in heck can one have a " debate " with 28 running for the few positions.
Heaven help anyone called in to moderate.

Anonymous said...

How does one fit all those signs on the corners without infringing on someone's space ?

Anonymous said...

Whole lot of shredding went on when the last few administrations were replaced. Even here. Not so easy now with e-mails & all the internet evidence. Still. they seldom got everything removed.

Anonymous said...

The minutes of that council meeting don't tell you a damn thing.

So much for sharing with the people who pay the bills.


Anonymous said...

17:44- There was a lot of expenses in these last 4 yrs that didn't provide any benefit to the Town an its residents....why stop now? Why not try to squeeze in that drill shed in the last council meeting for over 1/2 a mil.

Anonymous said...

Apples and oranges, 23:08. The old armouries will become a Town facility. Almost a million in legal fees benefits the lawyers and their clients - it does nothing for Aurorans but increase premiums and taxes.

Anonymous said...

The armouries have always been a part of the town. Not like they are going to get up and leave. We should not have to purchase them. A token payment would suffice.

Anonymous said...

8:52-We have enough facilities that we can barely maintain without getting hit with another whopping tax bill. The question should asked if we need it? or do we want it?