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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Not A Penny More

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Wasn't yesterday another court day for the town? Like maybe in the Kitchener Waterloo area

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 24 September 2014 18:28


Yesterday was another court date in Kitchener/Waterloo area. 

A new date was scheduled to hear arguments about why the Claim should be amended to $25,000 from $250,000 to allow the case to be sent down to Small Claims Court.

At this time costs of the proceedings are more than $25,000. 

It is the town's intent that the town will not shoulder any part of the cost of this action. 

Unlike the Town's Insurance Company which kept paying and paying and paying to the tune of a million dollars.


Anonymous said...

Completely off topic but I thought a bit of humour may be appreciated.

This is all rather tongue in cheek and I know rather cynical, but I just had to write it.

Visionary 2030 - where will Aurora be:

A. yet another downtown study will be commissioned to resolve the blight of vacant store fronts

B. developers have long vacated Aurora as the over-building of high rises has dried up - besides with the choked streets by the time the trades can get to the site it's time to turn around and go home

C. with the developers now out - the Town's annual double digit tax increase gets passed but barely makes a dent in the Town's ever increasing deficit

D. Sheppards Bush has been turned into a living zoo as animals of all sorts seek the only green refuge left in Aurora as crossing the roads is just too dangerous (at the demand of the province Town Council reversed its decision on green space in east Aurora in favour of more development

E. new retirees after spending a lifetime of raising their families in Aurora, sell off and pack it up to move beyond Elliot Lake (also long over-populated with retirees) - their fixed income barely covers the Aurora taxes and their offspring can't afford to run the family home

F. Rogers TV finally gives up trying to get it right with the streaming of council meetings and turns it over to HBO as a reality TV program

G. GO Transit appropriates the last of the corners around the Wellington station and has now mirrored the original parking garages 3 times over - problem is Wellington is still 2 lanes so it takes people more time to get out of the garages than it does for them to get to their GO destination

H. roadways such as St. John's, Bayview, Leslie, Bloomington & Bathurst are 6 lane clogged arteries transporting Aurorans out to lands beyond where they find their work. Flex hours takes on a whole new meaning.

I. 1 hour ride shuttle buses transport service workers into Aurora as those working the grocery & retail stores can't afford to live & work in the same place nor own a vehicle of their own

J. Those with homes of double door garages follow their neighbours trend of converting this last space into rental bachelor apartments as their 2nd child moves home after university. The 1st offspring still occupies the basement with their spouse & children. Aurora truly a place to raise your children and your children's children too!

K. Approval for winter tennis facility gets passed ... almost, it gets pushed to have the next council decide.

L. York Region decides to put Aurora out of its misery they annex north of Wellington to Newmarket and the south of Wellington crowd to Richmond Hill - Long live Aurora.

M. The region also resolves the downtown problem by running both a north-south and east-west tunnel so that commuters can just by-pass the Yonge-Wellington intersection -

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious but possible.

Anonymous said...

Super stuff ! Laughter on steroids !

Anonymous said...

Sort of "Wattsish" humour except for the funny part.

Anonymous said...

Onwards to 2030 continued:

N. Evelyn Buck has the longest continuous political blog - still strong & commenting on local politics - past, present & future.

Anonymous said...

Unnecessary dig. Not Watts.

Anonymous said...

O. Morris & Co are suing the town & its residents

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the "bit of humour."

Anonymous said...

P. Morris moved to Newmarket and suing the Town and its residents

Anonymous said...

You do appear to have a stumbling block with humour/

Anonymous said...

Man it would be really nice if she could schedule these things in local courts. Not like it's going to cost her less if the guy's an outlander.

Anonymous said...

It is looking like a good weekend for the United Church BBQ.

Anonymous said...

Not as great a one as 12:09 appears to have.