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Sunday, 28 September 2014

That is not what I said

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A building on Yonge St. "to give young people who have fallen through the cracks in the education system a second chance to recover and discover and follow a dream"

I have to ask Councillor if perhaps you mistakenly picked up Councillor Abel's notebook and in the rush to do your blog used his notes? This does not sound like you. This sounds like some nonsense coming from someone with little regard for taxpayers' dollars.

As if a building on Yonge St. could do this. I think we need to know the scope of the problem, how it can be solved and whose responsibility it is to solve it.

Heaven knows, it could be a haven for those finding school a drag and finding a nice warm place on Yonge St. to meet their buds. All paid for by the taxpayers!

Posted by Anonymous to Our Town and Its Business at 28 September 2014 10:31


I am not talking about a building on Yonge Street. I am talking about the site owned by the town on Victoria Street. 

I am not talking about using tax dollars. I am talking about creating a self-sufficient  asset with  proceeds from the sale of Aurora Hydro.

I have been talking about it since Hydro was sold in 2006 when the Council of the day resolved not to allow the funds to be frittered away on stuff current taxes should cover.

Ridiculous schemes are not my forte.

Since  2006 , I've been saying the hydro asset should be used to create  a new asset.

It should be invested in business project we would never  even think of adding to the tax burden.

A  facility  that  would be a magnet for people of all age groups who are not playing hockey ,baseball,soccer,rugby,climbing rock walls, flying off roofs and walls on skate boards, or swimming ocean knots in Aurora swimming pools.

A centre for a different  kind of activity that could well  prove to be a stimulant for a niche market in our downtown core.

I have no access to  contents of another Councillor/candidate handbook. If  the ideas  don't  sound like me  it's because they are  not.

We have the land,  the funds and four years to get it done.

Not every Council gets an opportunity to  start and complete a project that will make a difference in people's lives for the foreseeable future.

The last Council  had  the opportunity and the Council  before . They didn't take it.

Now I'm saying enough of the lallygagging. Let's  get at it.

Let's make sure we have something to show for the proceeds of the sale of  Aurora Hydro.

Eight years ago.


Anonymous said...

Sad to say, the demolishment & rebuilding around the old library was one of the first items before this council - & maybe the last one too. The motion went south when one councillor [ I believe it was Cllr Gallo ] objected to the word " demolished ".
There were meetings for residents to give their ideas and the result was that the neighbourhood badly needed parking. From there the building to go with the parking was discussed. There were plenty of ideas.
Then things like the Fab Lab came along & then....
.... zip.

Anonymous said...

Evelyn you must know the developers have their own agenda.Forget your pie in the sky; sell it all and let the bedroom community go into a coma.

Anonymous said...

No. That is what the designation would have done to the s-e area, Stuck it into an expensive impossible time-warp. The residents vetoed the plan. Developers were not asked their opinion.

Anonymous said...

"I am talking about creating a self-sufficient asset..."

You're talking 'pie in the sky' - something like that will never be self-sufficient.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you 14:14...love it!

Anonymous said...

Evelyn, didn't the town borrow money from the hydro fund to finance their garage? If so, would your idea have to wait until the money is put back?

Anonymous said...

You mean like the Centre ?