"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Saturday 12 February 2011

Aurora Citizen

I don't know why Citizen Blog has gone quiet. It is perhaps just a matter of time available.

Someone else is wondering why there hasn't been a post about Councillor Gaertner? Why the Mayor did not expel the Councillor from the Chamber for refusing to withdraw a false accusation  against the Municipal Clerk?

I don't know the answer to that either.

I do know the harangue and  attack on the municipal clerk should never have been permitted.

From day one of the new term, the Councillor has consistently demonstrated her intention to use council meetings to continue to fight the last  election on behalf of her defeated friends.Four years is a long time. It's doubtful the losers will maintain  interest.

Misguided loyalty is pathetic at best. Reading script prepared by someone else  beforehand is embarrassing for all. Except obviously for the Councillor .

The Clerk has been falsely accused of wrong-doing. The accusation still stands
It is now a matter of unfinished business.

It bodes ill for the future.

There are two aspects to maintaining order at a council meeting. First and paramount
is respect by all members  and understanding  the function of the rules.

The purpose is civility.

The role of the chairman is not of equal importance. There should be no need for an enforcer. It is certainly not that of referee.The idea that all members are entitled to complete latitude is nonsensical.

The object of a meeting is to complete town business before us within the time allocated.The hour of adjournment is intended to be maintained. 

Town business is our reason for being.

A Councillor cannot keep re-hashing the same issue. Six months must pass before a question can be re-visited.

Privilege to delegate is not a right or an open invitation to brazenly keep re-appearing at meetings to pressure the elected body to make a favorable decision.

That is an abuse of  the privilege.

Business of the meeting is to get the work done. Council meetings are not scheduled to cater ad infinitum, to special interest groups, at the expense of  town business not being completed.

Meetings are not for the purpose of  Councillors going after each other or a staff member to settle real or imagined scores.

Rules must be followed for an elected member to have a question tabled for debate. A rule requires members to be recognized by the chair to speak to the question

Another rule requires  questions to be directed to be answered through the chair.

No rule permits a member to endlessly interrogate a staff person for a purpose of discrediting  the  response.

Councillor Gaertner clearly believes she has that right,.The pattern has been consistent.

We are three months into the term of office. The situation continues to deteriorate. To the point now, a serious injustice has occurred and requires  correction.

Responsibility resides with the presiding member to disabuse the member of the error of her ways.

Failure to exercise  authority of the chair has  created the problem. It will not correct itself.

Councillor Gaertner has always looked up to those  members she considered better informed than herself for advice.

As it happens, despite and because of the Councillor's continued dependence, and the other factor, the councillor's defeated friends continue to wreak mischief by remote control.

Things can only get better ...and soon they must.


Anonymous said...

I think it is about time that all members at the table do something about the damaging yet ridiculous behaviour of Gaertner. Things are always better dealt with by an early, accurate and sharp nipping in the bud otherwise it will become unbearable for all, including those of us who voted for something different. Complicity has no place at the table from anyone.

Something Fishy in Aurora said...

Was the last council meeting (Feb 8th) televised by Rogers? It is not available on their website.

Anonymous said...

To you Evelyn, a great big St. Valentine's day kiss, a couple of days early.

Anonymous said...

"Meetings are not for the purpose of Councillors going after each other or a staff member to settle real or imagined scores."

I guess that's why you go after staff on this blog -- you've repeatedly attacked the credibility and/or hiring of no less than the CAO, the CFO, the town solicitor and the communications officer.

Anonymous said...

Dear Evelyn:

Tangentially off topic, I note in a brief report from Sean Pearce of yesterday's date that the "megabucks for Morris program" has now reached $70,000.

Can you confirm that this is up to end November?

Interesting that her junior lawyer Mr, Clark was unavailable for comment. Possibly he is refraining from saying anything until he gets paid. Hopefully he will have a long wait and that his client will have to do the paying.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Collins-Mrakas spoke at length about Gaertner's behaviour last Wednesday on "Our Town". I would like to know what tools and options are available to council members to put a stop to what is going on,now! Could you please explain?

Mr. Spock said...

"...I don't know why Citizen Blog has gone quiet..."

I suppose that's because the AC functioned primarily as a "we hate Phyllis Morris" blog, and now has pretty much run out of things to do...

It, like you dear Evelyn, will have to find other targets...

Pity that though, you both still have potential to be positive forces here in Aurora...

Anonymous said...

Hello Evelyn,

I would really like to know how many councillors and citizens of Aurora know the actual nature of the financial setup of the Hot Spot.