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Thursday 24 February 2011

Bold As Brass and Twice As Brazen .....11

Susan Morton Leonard came and stated she was representing a Foundation for the Arts and Jazz Festival and asked for "Sponsorship " of $5K. at the general committee meeting on Feb. 15th.

The St. Kitts woman received a "sponsorship" of $2K from the Chief Administrative Officer last year.She requested delegation status to ask for more. She was advised not to. But she came anyway and changed her mind at the last minute.  That was weird.

This year, the application was apparently made to the Leisure Services Director by a representation of a newly formed foundation, Susan Morton Leonard.

The Director recommended $2K and waiver of the park user fee of almost a thousand.

Councillors asked some pointed questions and did not recommend approval. I was the presiding member so I didn't...ask questions.

The representative and another executive person of the foundation came back  this week  as a second delegation to Council to persist in their initial demand for $5K.

As a Patron of the Arts, Councillor John Gallo moved a sponsorship of $4,230.K.from the town treasury. The motion received a seconder and passed with only one member opposed. Moi.That was something of a surprise.

At no time was the St. Kitts name mentioned. Our former Mayor was there though....taking notes. What was that about?

Why did Council's direction change from the week before.

Damned if I know. Nobody told me. But now we do  know from Stephanie's link ,the St Kitts woman is still in charge. The Foundation and the Morton-Leonard woman are a front.

Morton-Leonard told Council a Trillium grant application had been made and $25K was anticipated.

Councillor Christopher Ballard said getting a Trillium grant is dependent on community support. Apparently, community support has to come from the town's tax collectors. Presumably sponsorships from those  usually touched up for financial hand-outs don't qualify.

Everybody talked about the great success and popularity of the event. It seems not to translate into increased revenue. A hand-out from the town treasury of $5k is still deemed to be an entitlement.

Money from the July 1st Parade has dried up. Shelley Ware our own event organizer whizz kid is in charge of it this year.

Money from the Farmer's Market vanished  as well when the Market declared itself independent of the taxpayer and undesirous of the paid services of promoter Ms St Kitts.

Adam's mother Heather who is also my daughter, knows a bit about Trillium grants. The Down's Syndrome Association applied for funds for a speech therapy program. That's when they learned only a handful are granted  out of hundreds of applications for people in need. The funds are really tight.

So the St Kitts crowd are competing with people with special needs for minimum funding available in the Trillium Grant program.

Another little tid-bit besides the invisible woman, is the town's invisible budget 

At first glance,as it stands,the tax increase for an average home is well over a hundred dollars. Council will be looking for places to cut. I have a number in mind no doubt other Councillors have as well.

One will be the line item in the Chief Administrator's budget that provides sponsorships without Council approval.

I never believed it was Chief Administrative Officer's purview.I suspected a scam to allow the former Mayor to dispense largesse without Council approval.

I note the "request" for "sponsorship" went to the Director of Leisure Services this year.

Morton-Leonard was a member of the Culture Centre Board that gave the St Kitts woman free use of the Church Street School facility for the pre-jazz festival party last year.

Also the delegate requesting funds in the budget for another consultant study for a new heritage neighbourhood. You know, like the one in the north-east quadrant with the quarter-million traffic calming debacle.

I hear a number of members on the Farmers Market Executive are cross members on the Board of the Culture Centre.

Talk about being taken over without a single shot being fired and your back's not turned.



Anonymous said...

I am involved with a group that is preparing a Trillium application right now. We are concerned that our application "hits" all of the touch points that the group looks for. (ie. community involvement, youth, volunteeerism, etc.). How can an event like this even think about a Trillium grant? It's a commercial event.

Anonymous said...

Evelyn you wrote, "The motion received a seconder and passed with only one member opposed. Moi" We know your MO is to be the single negative vote.., not this time Paul Pirri voted Nay with you.

Anonymous said...

They can think about applying because they want and they are going to get it one way or another. I am sure that the Trillium fund is brighter then they!

Sher Must Be Laughing Her A$$ Off said...

"The Foundation and the Morton-Leonard woman are a front."

...and an affront!