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Friday 14 September 2012

The Process ??

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Oh What A tangled Web We Weave, When Frst We ...":

A query from an admitted legal novice:
Is there not a required stage between examinations for discovery and an actual trial that requires forced mediation between the 2 parties. Not knowing where you are in the process, I was hoping that a trial could be avoided. Like all Aurora residents, I have learned that justice is truly a cumbersome slow slog. 

I too am a legal novice. Learning as I go. 
And unlearning.
A step following the examinations for discovery would appear to be logical. 
We are not there yet. 
I was informed in the beginning that when  insured legal services are provided , the client does not instruct the lawyer. 
The lawyer instructs the client. 
That has not been apparent.
Metroland  of course, has their own law firm. 

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Anonymous said...

I cannot follow what has NOT happened to your case. By all logic, 2 insurance companies would want to cut their losses or the possibility of losses. Should have become a lawyer or married one. No. Bad idea. Please cancel that thought.