"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Monday 24 June 2013

Still on the Code of Ethics

Clause 11. deals with harassment. After stating it is prohibited under the Ontario Human  Rights Code, It continues  on for four  more paragraphs. 

It defines harassment as "offensive to another person on the grounds of race,ancestry,place of origin, colour, ethnic origin,citizenship, creed, sex,age, handicap,sexual orientation,marital status, or famiy status and  other  grounds under the provision of the Ontario H uman  Rights Code. 

I was complained about  for harassment during  the last term of Council. But not for any of the reasons above. 

Th complaint was from a probationary  employee. Loss of  job confirmation would  certainly be an easy means of persuasion. 

I met  the employee six   months after the election at the  town booth at the Aurora Home Show . He showed his cell prone record of e-mails to indicate  the source of coercion. Still ongoing. 

His complaint was processed  by the Director in charge at the time. 

The Home Show  was the only time ,after an initial introduction, I ever spoken to the man. 

It was  probably  also the only time a harassment complaint  was ever filed by an employee against a Councillor. 

Code of Conduct  complaints with  their potential for "punishment"   show a similar record. 

The first, announced during public forum by the complainant, was withdrawn when the complainant learned her identity would be revealed. She had already publicly declared her intention. 

It was also against myself. 

The second  was by  former Councillor Al Wilson  accompanied by signatures of  five individuals who also happened to be Councillors and the Mayor.

 It was  proclaimed with great fanfare  and read into  the record by Councilor Gaertner in 2009.  Extensive  and continued publication followed. 

It was also against moi. 

The  next two received by  the second Integrity  Commissioner  in 2010 , were from former Councillor MacEachern. 

Both against myself. 

The  contract for the new  Integrity Commissioner was signed in April 2010. 

A further complaint filed by the probationer employee on July31st  It was withdrawn and replaced by the  Harassment complaint. 

Both  against myself. 

The town solicitor informed Council  because  of the election, a moratoriu was normally implemented from  August 1st. 

It meant  no more work for the Integrity Commissioner but  the contract continued for  the full year anyway.  

So keen was Councillor MacEachern to make her bid for  punishment against myself.

Before  there was a Code of Conduct , a formal letter was circulated to Council by a previous town solicitor. 

Obviously in response to a request. 

It stated; Councillor Buck  has   every right  to express an opinion.   She goes right to the line. She never crosses the line. 

It wasn't good enough. 

There  had to be punishment. 

No matter how  much it might  cost, 

The last complaint was filed by a friend and associate of Councillor MacEacherh in the week before he Code of  Conduct  Bylaw was rescinded. 

Against moi of course. 

It too was withdrawn within days. 


Anonymous said...

You seem to have been, and continue to be, a very interesting individual.

Presumably because you speak your mind, which in the great majority of times happens to be correct and accurate with respect to the facts, you must be regarded as a pariah by those who do NOT.

This makes them jealous and they feel you must be punished for their personal insufficiencies.

It's too bad that there are not more like you, and far less of the other kind, who have to huddle together in clumps for self-preservation.

It would be far easier to catch a clump with a butterfly net than chase you all around town in your chariot.

Anonymous said...

They compiled quite a track record when they should have been minding the store. Had they not launched their various vendettas, they might all still be in office. Now, that is a scary thought!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the total would be for legal fees blown by Aurora during that futile pursuit of you.

Anonymous said...

"Barkeep, another pitcher of Kool-Aid for 10:56 AM!"

BTW, 11:31 AM, the pursuit of vendettas isn't confined to MorMac.

Anonymous said...

That lot really were not that bright, were they? I recall one council meeting after a list of their legal bills had appeared in the Auroran. Total consternation. No one had even seen such numbers before ! Oddly, councillor Gaertner stepped up to the plate. She vowed to check out the offending numbers because they could be open to mis-construction. She would, she promised, find the ' proper numbers ' & post them on the town web-site for all to read.
I'm still waiting.

Anonymous said...

Political Points
Andy Radia
" Maxime Bernier's traffic ticket could prove costly to his career "

Anonymous said...

Hey, 3:58 PM, Any time they would like to fade peacefully into the sunset is fine with me. Just pay all outstanding bills & don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:58 PM
" You cannot be serious. " You are comparing apples & oranges.

Anonymous said...

Poor 3:58 pm

Takes another torpedo amidships!

Anonymous said...

Hey, 5:13 PM, like you, I'd be very pleased if "they" were gone. I'd also be glad if there wasn't still such a preoccupation with them.

Serious about what, 6:42 PM? Vendettas? What I stated is true - MorMac aren't the only ones pursuing them. Also, apples and oranges may be different, but they're both types of the same thing.

@7:03 PM: Ha! Not even in the same ocean.

Anonymous said...

To: 8:22 pm

We're in space, not water, dummy

Anonymous said...

8:22 PM
Let us take one bit of irritation at a time. Try a 24 hour break from the Blog. We can manage without the ' educational series ' . Pretend you are the Mayor of Calgary who has earned the rest.

Anonymous said...

See, anonymous comments can carry some weight.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Calgary.... I wonder how our council would perform in a similar disaster? I am afraid that there is no one around that table that could step up and be a leader.