"Cowardice asks the question...is it safe? Expediency asks the question...is it politic? Vanity asks the question...is it popular? But conscience asks the question...is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because it is right." ~Dr. Martin Luther King

Thursday 12 September 2013

How Great We Are Not

Universities are going to review  student orientation in wake of chant promoting non-consensual sex.

We know headlines don't  always capture the full essence of a  news story.

But it does seem to me after a week of watching the news has not captured the full essence of this. Particular story.

Everything I've seen or heard indicates the chant referred  specifically to 'under-age girls"

That's a child,.

"Non-consensual sex"

That's rape.

First year  university  students  are young adults. They are not from the class of the unwashed masses.

 They are from the middle classes;  the  offspring of doctors, lawyers, clergy and
cabinet ministers  and various  public servants.

The chant wasn't about the Joy of Sex.

It wasn't  about furtive, secretive, skulking sleazy  making of child pornography.

It was  public raucous chanting ,by scions of the high and mighty. about raping a child.

Just what kind  of a culture is  our modern  multi-cultural society?

When was the last time we  really looked at what we have wrought?

Instead of   a steady diet of pontifical political mouthings  of how great we are.

Only in Canada Eh!


Anonymous said...

But they have to be allowed Freedom of Expression.... dontcha know? Back in the old days the worst the older students could make the new ones do was climb 4-5 long sets of stairs on their knees. Now it seems to be required that one get blitzed & chant ugly nonsense.

Anonymous said...

"Just what kind of a culture is our modern multi-cultural society?"....Liberal

Anonymous said...

Vicious is nothing new. A bunch of frosh were set loose in TO on their own with no ID, phones or money & told not to return without a black cat each.

Anonymous said...

You ask "what kind of culture is our modern multi-cultural society?"

For those of an age where they see themselves still alive in 25 years you MUST read a book called "The New Digital Age." Its authors are Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen. The former was CEO of Google for 10 years and is at present its executive chairman. The latter is director of Google Ideas, a foreign relations specialist and an expert on counterterrorism.

The digital future makes Orwell's "1984" look like a stroll in the park.

Unfortunately the genie has long since been let out of the bottle and there's no stopping it now.

But let's turn to something that we can all understand. In the past couple of days the premier of Ontario has met with the chairperson of the TTC to discuss a subway extension to Scarborough. These two senior executives have come away without the smallest concept of what will be involved, disagree totally, have no idea as to cost or funding, while Toronto's traffic problem continues to escalate along with the provincial population growth figures that look ahead to 2041.

We seem to be getting progressively stupider.

Anonymous said...

It's the herd instinct. Supposedly intelligent individuals sign off on stuff that they do not understand and later argue that they maybe, perhaps, should have paid more attention. Sound familiar ?

Anonymous said...

But sometimes we get something right. A policeman was convicted of unnecessary use of force. { plans to appeal ].

Anonymous said...

What exactly does "Multi-cultural" have to do with what happened? Are you saying that those responsible were not WASP?

If you think it is a cultural problem, perhaps these kids grew up in an environment without a cultural centre?

Anonymous said...

Caledon has dug its heels in at the # of people to be foisted on them. Now they are caught between a rock and a hard place. They either get the development south of Bolton or a massive Canadian Tire warehouse terminal.
While Aurora doesn't even notice Timberlane headed for condos. Sigh.

Anonymous said...


Well Timberlane going to condos be a bad thing? Development charges and a larger tax base can't be be bad for Aurora.

Timberlane is a pretentious club anyways. Don't really need it. Let it go!